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How to make bombs
I think that information should be avalible to anyone. People with bad intentions are always dangerous. They will always find ways to practic there evil nature. Eduction without wisdom is deadly. Making bombs without eduction removes evil nature. First of all bombs are very dangerous. Second this is what happeneds to people who make bombs. Third if your interested in pyro-tech get into it a legal way. Fourth make a bomb and the following picture might be you.
“Peace cannot be kept by force.
It can only be achieved by understanding.”
-Albert Einstein

At the very end is a picture of someone who made pipe bombs and thought he knew what he was doing. The picture is very gory so please dont look. It might give you nightmares but if youre ever going to try making bombs you must see it...
This is a photo of the left hand of an 18 yr old. His ring finger, little finger, and a portion of his palm were blown away when a pipe bomb detonated ( metal 6" x 3/4" in diameter). He was attempting to close the pipe bomb when it went off in his hand. His eyes were also destroyed.
Easy Pipe Bomb
This is very easy if you have an elementary knowledge of PVC pipe(or the ability to read the label on the pvc glue can).
I have done this so I know it works. First you will need a PVC ridged hose connector. These can be found at your local hardware store and come in many sizes. The best sizes are 3/4 and 1/2 inch. Next you need PVC pipe caps of the same size as you hose connector. PVC glue is a must. Next you need either a fuse or some way of igniting the powder without killing yourself (from a distance). The powder can be black or smokeless (I used smokeless) or even ground up match heads. Now drill a hole through the connector, it should be about half way between the ends. Do not drill through both sides. The size of the hole should match your fuse or the wires for your igniter. Glue one of the caps (you may have to tap it carefully with a hammer) onto one end of the connector and allow 5 or 10 minutes drying time. Insert your fuse and pour in the powder. Glue on the other cap (hammer again) and allow to dry. It is also a good idea to seal the fuse (if it is water proof ) with PVC glue. You may have to use several coats. Now have fun. Be careful these suckers throw shrapnel everywhere. Get back at least 200 yards.

I got this off a website. Do you really thing this is a good idea. Hehehe (Hammer Carefully)
[It's the same bomb that fucked up that guys hand]
How to make a CO2 bomb
You will have to use up the cartridge first by either shooting it
or whatever. With a nail, force a hole bigger so as to allow the
powder and wick to fit in easily. Fill the cartridge with black
powder and pack it in there real good by tapping the bottom of the
cartridge on a hard surface (I said TAP not SLAM!). Insert a fuse.
I recommend a good water-proof cannon fuse, or an m-80 type fuse,
but firecracker fuses work, if you can run like a black man runs
from the cops after raping a white girl.) Now, light it and run
like hell! It does wonders for a row of mailboxes (like the ones
in apartment complexes), a car (place under the gas tank), a
picture window (place on window sill), a phone booth (place right
under the phone), or any other devious place. This thing throws
shrapnel, and can make quit a mess!!  -Jolly Roger-

This is a frag bomb made with house hold materials and is truely brillient in design but fucking dangerous as hell.
This bomb requires a foot of steel pipe(big enough for a vile or baby food jar to fit in), a baby food jar filled with vinegar, a box of baking soda, and many small, sharp rocks, like gravel.
One caps one end of the pipe and pours baking soda into the end of it. Sharp rocks are placed on top of the baking soda, followed by the baby food jar. Now the other end is capped. (Empty space in the pipe is filled as in the above example with toilet paper or another substance.)
To use this device, smack the end of the pipe on hard concrete so that the baby food bottle breaks. The vinegar and baking soda mix, causing the release of gases which build up pressure until an explosion occurs. It sometimes takes considerable time, but when it goes off, it has been measured to throw fragments as far as sixty feet. This means that one should be very far away from the device and preferably under cover when it detonates. If one is unsure whether or not the internal reaction has begun, the device should be placed in a safe, isolated area and watched.

Chlorine Pipe Bomb
What you need:
1 Plastic or steel threaded pipe 2 inch or 1 1/2 inch diameter and about 1 foot long.
2 threaded caps that fit the pipe
Tissue paper
Chlorine tablets
Pure Ammonia
Cap one end of the pipe. Then fill 3/4 of the pipe with ammonia. then put the
tissue paper on the open end of the pipe do not let the paper touch the ammonia.
make a pouch at the top of the bottle and put alot of chlorine tablets on the top.
Keep the tissue on the sides and screw the last cap, but keep it standing up. To
set it off turn it upside down and leave it on the floor and it will blow up if you
did it right. This is a good bomb to leave the Bomb Sqaud with just tape it to a
pole by a public building and hold it up the right way so when police take it and it moves
sideways or shakes a little..... KA-BOOM BACON BITS!!!!!!!

Taken from a web site in angelfire(I'm  thinking a terrorist type)

Here is how to make a toilet roll bomb!
fix a flat bomb: 1rst you get a toilet paper tube and fill the bottom with adhesive and let dry next you fill it up with that fix a flat foam crap for your car and stick a fuse in it next let it dry put adhesive on top of the fix a flat crap let dry get some play dough or any kind of quick drying clay and cover the out side of the tube in a thin layer of clay let dry.. light fuse in a open field and haul ass!! ive done it its cool but get like 100 feet away cuz it makes a big boom!!!!!

Light bulb incondecent bomb
This is an oldie but a goodie..
First off Go to victims House or Office Go to his desk or wherever he Sleeps
Eats Drinks Plays Espically good in the Living Room. Find A Lamp Take the Light
bulb out and get your hyperdermic Needle and fill it with gas and inject
the Gas into the Lightbulb very Carefully. Before Putting the Lightbulb
Back Please Make sure the Power to the Lamp is off, Or you will find it isn't
easy Picking Florecent Glass out of your asshole. Leave the General Vicinity.
When your Victim Turns on the Light Pooof, no more victim.

Hindenberg Bomb
Needed:1 Balloon
1 Bottle
1 Liquid Plumr
1 Piece Aluminum FoilL
1 Length Fuse

Fill the bottle 3/4 full with Liquid Plumr and add a little piece of
aluminum foil to it. Put the balloon over the neck of the bottle until
the balloon is full of the resulting gas.  This is highly flammable
Now tie the baloon.  Now light the fuse, and let it rise.
When the fuse contacts the balloon, watch out!!!

Atomic bomb making instructions
Byproducts of Atomic Blasts
While the mere explosion from an atomic bomb is deadly enough, its destructive ability doesn't stop there. Atomic fallout creates another hazard as well. The rain that follows any atomic detonation is laden with radioactive particles. Many survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts succumbed to radiation poisoning due to this occurance.
The atomic detonation also has the hidden lethal surprise of affecting the future generations of those who live through it. Leukemia is among the greatest of afflictions that are passed on to the offspring of survivors.
While the main purpose behind the atomic bomb is obvious, there are many by-products that have been brought into consideration in the use of all weapons atomic. With one small atomic bomb, a massive area's communications, travel and machinery will grind to a dead halt due to the EMP (Electro- Magnetic Pulse) that is radiated from a high-altitude atomic detonation. These high-level detonations are hardly lethal, yet they deliver a serious enough EMP to scramble any and all things electronic ranging from copper wires all the way up to a computer's CPU within a 50 mile radius.
At one time, during the early days of The Atomic Age, it was a popular notion that one day atomic bombs would one day be used in mining operations and perhaps aid in the construction of another Panama Canal. Needless to say, it never came about. Instead, the military applications of atomic destruction increased. Atomic tests off of the Bikini Atoll and several other sites were common up until the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was introduced. Photos of nuclear test sites here in the United States can be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.