Getting Hooked on the World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an online community game that has been around since 1994. With over 12 million subscribers to the game as of October 2010, according to Blizzard Entertainment, it is the most popular online game today.

getting hooked on wow

With a subscription base of over 62% of all massively multiplayer role playing online games (MMORPG). There have been three expansions released so far and some consumers who were excited for the Cataclysm find themselves disappointed.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm and Disappointment

In an online forum where people can write in their opinion, over 39% of the contributors claim to hate the Cataclysm expansion. Many have stated that this expansion has ruined what World of Warcraft was about and downed it to the market of elementary children versus being suitable all the way to adults. Some complain the heroics in Cata are too hard.

Whatever the complaint is, you're not alone. While subscriptions have yet to dramatically fall, many gamers are disappointed and hoping for some things to turn around or change in the near future. For those with complaints on the heroics and dungeons being too hard in the latest expansion, here is a thread full of Blizzard's advice on how to proceed. Originating from, this thread may prove helpful.

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Why Pay Subscription to a Game that's Not Fun

Are you part of the problem in the latest expansion? Do you log into the toon and immediately start trashing on how much you hate this or that? Do you stay aggravated the whole time online? Perhaps it's time for a break. World of Warcraft is a game and one people pay at least $14.99 for every single month not including extras and expansions purchases.

If a game isn't fun anymore, why waste the money? If unsure, put the account on hold for a time. The account doesn't have to be deleted to stop paying for it for a time. Simple log in to the account management page and cancel the subscription or stop paying for time cards depending on the method used. Sometimes taking a break can be all that is needed. People will either come back with a new outlook or find something else entirely worth their time.

Don't bring others down too. Logging in to complain to friends and guild members really doesn't solve anything. In fact, it escalates the problem. If there are genuine questions to ask, feel free but leave the hate spam behind. Most people don't want to hear it and that's not what they came on for. It will annoy people and just get you added to more ignore lists.

Cataclysm Changes to Stay

Complain, groan, gripe and anything else to the right people: Blizzard. Go to the forums where a mature voice can and will be heard. It may not change anything. On the other hand, if enough people are complaining about the same things, perhaps it will. Remember that WoW is totally a profit game. The makers want the majority of people to like it so they continue to earn their paychecks.

Some changes that people hate may be there to stay. Decide whether or not you can live with the changes. Research, spend some time figuring things out and see if they can be worked around or playable. It's a personal choice. No one is forcing anyone to play the game. It's up to the person to find a way to make it fun and stay fun.

Cataclysm Expansion is not the Last Expansion

Some fans may want to hang in there for another year or two. At BlizzCon, just months before Cata released to the world, J. Allen Brack, WoW lead producer, revealed that there is going to be yet another, fourth, expansion to the online game.

Those fans who want to stick it out and play may be rewarded come 2012. For the online gamers out there, if you don't like something, change it. World of Warcraft is not the only option out there. Pick something fun.