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Derek's Tri Gear Checklist

I always keep a set of basic bike tools in my car for last minute repairs.







I use a water bottle to store a cartridge pump, patch kit, all-in-one bike tool, emergency money, and sports slick. Wrap all of the items in an extra pair of socks, and secure with rubber bands to prevent rattling. I also wrap 3 feet of electrical tape around the recess of a tall water bottle for emergency repairs. I have enough room left over for house keys and a power gel. I use this for training and racing.




Pack all of your equipment the night before the race.Use a large duffel bag that you can throw on you sholder.


S=swim B=bike R= run C= good to have in car
<> = must have ! = good buy * = good for new triathlete

Download the Excel 97 Version to customize your own Triathlon checklist.

Cat Item  
S <> tri suit  
S <> goggles  
S spare goggles  
S swim cap  
S sandals  
S ! wet suit  
S ! body glide  
B <> bike  
B <> helmet  
B ! cycling shoes  
B <> water bottle(s)  
B <> emergency kit - see note below  
B <> sunglasses  
B * cycling shorts  
B * socks  
B ! drinking system  
B <> singlette  
R <> running shoes  
R socks  
R race belt  
C bike tools  
C full size bike pump  
C flashlight  
C bottled water / fluid replacement drink  
C healthy snacks  
C race info  
C local map  
C first aid  
C alarm clock  
C post race clothing  
C disposable camera  

Last Updated on 1/23/99
By Derek Fitzer