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About Us Hot College Jocks

This page is for those who want to get to know the jocks who have been wearing the gear a little better.  We all met in college and hit it off right off the bat - Josh, Aaron, Kyle and me, Jared.  Josh and I were on the same football team and the same soccer team.  After winning our '02 championship football game, we decided to trade our lucky game socks as sort of a momento.  Well, I game Josh my socks and he gave me his; I'll never forget how good it felt to put his warm, smelly, sweaty socks on my feet.  It felt so good, we decided we should do it more often.  But we didn't stop there; we started wearing eachothers boxes, shoes, boots, cleats...It made me feel so good, I thought I should let some of my other buds in on it.  Now the four of us have a place together where we can wear eachothers footwear and underwear as much as we want.  Needless to say we don't have too much to do for laundry :-)  One of our favorite things to do is to have group wrestling matches.  I love it when Aaron puts me in a head lock, with my face pressed up against his tight abs...but that's our story, maybe you 'd like to get to know us each individually?

The Studs:


This is me, Jared.  I'm 6'1", 155lbs, with dirty blond hair and green eyes.  I'm 22, and my hobbies are wresting, soccer, football, hangin' with the guys.  Shoe size 13, waist 34".  Turn-ons:  Socks, cleats, game-worn clothes.


This is Aaron.  He's 5'11", 165lbs with brown hair (when it isn't shaved!) and brown eyes.  He's 20, and has a size 11 shoe and 32 waist.  He spends a lot of time working out, and it shows!  He's definately built, and looks hott when he wears his football uniform and cleats.  His hobbies are football, ATVs & dirtbikes, video games, chillin'. Turn-ons: Feet, hot muscular guys, beatin' the piss out of dirt bikes, worn jeans.


And this is Josh.  He's 21, 6'3" with  brown hair and brown eyes, with a shoe size 12 1/2 and 34" waist.  You haven't seen a stud as full of himself as Josh.  He used to be in the Army, but he left due to a little asthma (*cough* Wuss!)  LOL Just kiddin' Josh, ya know I love ya!  Anyhoo, that didn't stop it from goin' to his head, tho!  He's always wearing his camo BDUs around the house and randomly wrestling the rest of us to the ground...I think that's so hott!  His turn-ons are boots, trucks, fast cars, and smelly worn footwear.


And this is Kyle, the 'redneck' out of us, I guess you could say.  He's 22 with blond hair and blue eyes, he stands 6'4" weighing 165.  He has a size 12 foot, and a 34" wasit.  He's always going out muddin' with his truck, or just beating around in it.  He looks really hott when he wears his carhartt pants and his worn, muddy, abused boots.  Turn-ons:  boots, sweaty, smelly feet, jock straps, doing burnouts, going muddin', hanging with the guys.

Well, that's it about us!  I hope you like, and feel free to e-mail us at  We are trying to make a little extra money for college, so we're selling our hot used & abused gear on Ebay.  But to save on listing fees, we will sell our stuff at a set price through Paypal.  If you're interested in some worn clothing, .  We have a few different items that me and my buds wear between us, and if we have enough requests, we might start adding more.  A lot of these items have a ton of memories, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do, right?  Feel free to make special requests on your items :-)  Thanks for looking, hope you like!   Feel free to e-mail us some of your pictures; we always like to hear from other hott guys who are into the same stuff.


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