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Back in the day, around 1979 and continuing through the early 80's Mattel Electronics introduced it's version of a video game system, called Intellivision. Looking back I realize how significant and revolutionary this system was when compared to the Atari 2600 and Magnavox's Odyssey II. With its superior graphics and complex controllers, the Intellivision quickly became the next level in home video game system. One of the most ingenious designs of this system was the numeric keypad overlays that came with just about every game. Some were for decoration; others were an intricate part of playing the games. With Mattel's own in-house software company, along with Imagic, Activision, Parker Brothers, and Coleco, Intellivision soon had an impressive game library. They still fell short of the huge Atari catalog, but when comparing the games, especially the same one on both systems there was no comparison as to who was the winner. In my opinion, Intellivision always came out on top. On the following pages I pay tribute to the great INTV, and it's games.

Now I am kind of a collector, but not a completeist, I buy the games to play, so I don't care about box condition, label variations, or rarity. Sure some of the rare games are great, but then again some just suck. Look at Turbo, this game was terrible, yet it's price on E-Bay is always high. My ratings are based on the gameplay value of the carts.

All screen shots, overlays, and box art were borrowed from various Intelivision web sites, all of these will be put onto my links page soon. The majority of which came from INTV Funhouse and The Blue Sky Rangers.

Since this is my web page, I am going to use this opportunity to give critics on music, movies, and TV. I am also including some of my favorite Nintendo game reviews and memories, since after my INTV died, I got the NES, and continue to stay loyal to Nintendo to this day.

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