A new update February 20, 2002
I got a letter from Donny telling me that the attorney (Gary Diamond) allegedly retained by his mom will not "start" his case until he is paid in full.  It's a bunch of hogwash!  I do not believe his mom is doing anything to help.  I do know that she (Donny's mom) is active with the California Prison Focus, but to my knowledge they do NOTHING to help any prisoners.  I did ask the CPF what hey do and I was told they "interview" prisoners.  Is that suppose to help any prisoner with anything?  I don't think so!
Let's face it America, Donald Johnson has been locked up in SHU for well over 10 years.  No one cares, not his family, friends nor any of the "Prisoner Rights" groups!  Donny will die in Pelican Bay's Segregated Housing Unit unless someone hires a real attorney for him!  Please help Donny.  He does not deserve to be there.  
Thank you.......

Donald Clayton Johnson, serving life at Pelican Bay in solitary confinement.

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