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Nobita (Da Xiong)

Nobita Nobi, he is the main character in the story. He is the MAIN character in the story, as oppose to Doraemon and everybody else. Anyway, he is a pretty irresponsible boy. He gets 0's on his tests, and that really hinders his chances of getting hooked up with Shizuka. In the future, Nobita and Shizuka are set to be married, but it seems like Shizuka is too good for Nobita. Strangely Nobita always seems to interrupt Shizuka while she is taking a bath. Well, anyway, whenever he falls into some kind of trouble, he always wants Doraemon to get him out of it.

His daily life consists of :
Being late for school
Getting yelled at by the teacher
(occasionally) yelled at by his mom because of his test grades
Get bitten by a dog
Getting beaten up by Jyian
Making Shizuka mad at him
Sleeps until dinner
then he wakes up in the morning and does it all again...


By the way, Doraemon brought Nobita to the future using Taimu-mashin: the time machine, and they realised that Nobita's future wife is Shisuka! Since then, Nobita fell into a deeper love with Shisuka...