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                Performance Photos

  Performance is my favorite part of showing; real, photos and live.  So I decided to include some of my photos here.  All pictures were taken by Dora Reeves.


Western Pleasure:

Golden Double loping in a circle


All in His glory jogging over poles

Golden Double loping over lope overs, which culminate in a small jump (less than 1 foot high)

Jafar's Redemption trotting over poles


My Music Man starting into a run down

KC's Ratchett standing while his rider removes bridle

Golden Double sliding to a stop

Cow Work:

KC's Ratchett watching calf after untying

My Music Man chasing down the steer

The Hitman, bringing home the cows

Oklahoma Cowgirl holding steady for branding

Dancing Silhouette holding the rope for vaccinations while Royally Smart keeps "Mom" at bay.

Other Western:

Jafar's Redemption trotting from cone 1-2 in a horsemanship pattern

English Pleasure:

Golden Double starting into a circle at the canter

Cantering in the grass on an afternoon jaunt


Golden Double approaching a small picket fence in Working Hunter, 18"-2'


Golden Double Pole Bending

KC's Ratchett standing during the boot race while his rider has trouble getting the boot on.

My Music Man heading for home in poles


Jafar's Redemption leading from the off-side at judge's request.