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Christmas 2000
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Welcome to the Dowell Family Christmas 2000

Christmas at Lake Tahoe has become a family tradition with the Dowell family. We have been going there for the past 12 years. This event was the idea of our dad, Ralph Dowell, who was able to attend three of these annual events before he passed away.


The group at Pam's House on Christmas Day

This is the part of the family that gathered at Pam and Dave's house for Christmas. Several members of Kimi's family were there, too.

From left to right. First row: Pam, Aaron, Cara, and Jeannie, Second row: Laurie, Yasuko, Tsuneko, Judy, and Cosmo. Third row: David Dowell, Dave Martin, and Chris with Sloan. Fourth row: Dick, Kimi, Michael, and David


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