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Ed, Edd n' Eddy: Jawbreakers "R" Us
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Updated on September 3rd, 2009
I added some of my fanart! The most recent one took me forever, so check it out on the fanart page and see a few new ones from me or click here to see the most recent fanart by me. Hopefully you all think I made some sort of improvement since I was 12! That appears to be the last time I uploaded any fanart!
Hello out there! Oh it's been a while. Is anyone even out there anymore? haha, if there is maybe I'll try to update my site a little. There are so many broken pictures and links, if anyone is out there email me, and if i get enough emails I'll fix them. If not I'll just let them be. I got an email from geocities saying that my site may get shut down, but I'm using tripod so it might not effect this. But just in case now you know. If i get a lot of emails back I'll actually try to keep up with events too, because I still miss EEnE! But no matter if you guys still watch my site or not, enjoy watching the random EEnE episodes they still show on cartoon network! and hope that they come out with the movie sometime soon...
Alright.. tripod made everything HTML, and do I know how to use html? ..Not at all (i'm typing this on a complete guess of if it'll turn out). But here i am again, I shouldn't say that I updated, but i changed all my e-mails, since I dont have that edds_angel one anymore, just my jet one. Sorry if anyone sent my any fanfics there.. they're gone. And so is my youtube page! Because of "copyrighted material" which sucks because people put complete episode of stuff on there, and did i do that? No i didn't.
I noticed this place reeally needs fixed up, and I'll do that eventually, haha. I also have some fanfics to put up, and they will get put up, just.. blake and tyler need to annoy me about it :P
But I'm in college now... which means I am a lot busier then i used to be, which sucks, but I'll still try to keep up.
AH! I'm alive!
Ok.. i know i have  about 30 fanfics to put up.. and.. ill do that sometime soon.  But i wanted to promote my EEnE movie!  It's been on you tube for a while but I'll post it here
yay! Watch it.. expescially if you like Eddy, it's more of a fun thing so...
You can check out all of my video if you want to, and I also have two other EEnE videos that aren't on You Tube.  But if you comment, fav and rate my video.. with good comments then I'll put them on there for you all :D
..and I'll do a real update soon and put this video in the..."EEnE Movies" section .. and stop using "..."'s so much :P
..Just the look (STILL needs more work on it), fanfics or anything.. i added a little.. "link me" picture in the link me page.
Well.. everypage is different now so...
go explore :D
Danny Antonucci was at the comicon convention in San Diego recently and announced that there will be an EEnE movie!!!
We don't know if it's going to be in theater, on TV, or go straight to DVD... but we don't care now do we.
There's going to be a sixth season, then two specials, leading up to the movie.
And.. it's supposedly going to come out sometime next year.
I'll keep you informed with more information...
and I learned all this from ..which has more info on it than I do... and it's just about the best EEnE site out there.
(and ill put all of this info in the news part of my website too.. if you care)
ok... I can almost tolerate the main page now!
..but i will edit it to make it.. so much better.
This is just.. a little change :D
Updated fanfics!!! And.. Added things to Episode stuff... and... added a link!!
yay!!  Soon... I'll change the whole look of the place.. cause its getting old and nasty.. so.. that prolly wont happen soon knowing me.