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Ed, Edd n' Eddy: Jawbreakers "R" Us
Happy New Ed!

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Happy New Ed! (Part 1)

By  Yami Lauren
Double-dee loked around. It was about 6:30 P.M. and he was up in his room scribbling on his notepad. Eddy had "Ordered" him to come up with a 5 star, fail-proof scam. It was December 23rd, the kids in Peach Creek Middle School  and Elementary School were on Winter Break. "Hmmm...this is uderley annoying. Curse my need of friends, as Eddy would put it I have a "Scam-block". Well....hold on....theres snow on the ground and then....yes of course this IS IT!" Double-dee saind and started to write like crazy.
       "Edward get down here this instant!"
       "NO way Mom!" Eddy yelled.
       "Eddy, he's going to be here any minute!" Eddy's dad called.
       "He'll be happy to see you!"
       "No he's soo not!" Eddy sighed.
       "Hey pipsqueak get down here!" A voice called.
       "Oh no" Eddy breathed.
       "Hi Eddy!" Ed all of a sudden said next to him.
       "Ed! How did you get in here?"
       "I uhhh..think.. oh yeah I rode Hegong the Pi Fowl from Space Clam 3, the musical" Ed said.
       "Do you have corn in your ears again mister? Whats bugging your lunch?"
       "It's my brother, he's at the front door!"
       "You're brother!?!"
       "Yes lumpy, we're doomed." Eddy said nervously. He heard the wooden hallway floor creaking.
       "Get under the bed!" Eddy said quickly and they dove under Eddy's bed just as the door opened.....
       Knock, Knock Knock the door went. Eddy's mom opened the door."Hi Eddy's mom" Double-Dee said.
       "Oh hello Ed"
       "How's everything?"
       "Good thank you."
       "Can Eddy come out and hang out"
       "No his older brother has come back from St. Joseph's. He had a great time and wants to tell him about college."
       "Did you just say, EDDY'S
?!?!? Uhhh, sorry I have to tend to my spider, Mildred! Uhh nice seeing you bye!
       Double-Dee ran away as fast as he could. "I have to warn the others!" he  gasped. He ran up to Ed's house. He knocked on the door. Sarah and Jimmy opened the door. "Sarah! I know you didn't believe Eddy when he said it, but I'm telling the truth! Eddy's brother is back at Eddy's house!!!!"
       "Sarah protect my undies, he can give me another mega-wedgie!"
       "Okay then Double-Dee I believe you but do you have any proof?"
Out of nowhere Ed ran through the outside wall of Eddy's house. "AAAAAHHHAHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ed bellowed. "Sarah hide hide hide! Double-dee, Jimmy, hide hide hide!"
He ran through the wall of his house and Double-Dee heard a ton of loud thuds. "What an idiot" Sarah said."I can't believe he ran through 8 walls and probably fell down two set's of stairs in one minute."
       "well, oh yeah we hae to tell everybody else!"
       "Double-Dee hold up I'm coming to, Jimmy go down stairs with Ed!"
       "Pardon me?"
       But Sarah and Double-Dee were already running as  fast as they could telling everybody. After they gathered everybody they started debating."where should we hide?" Rolf said.
       "How about the craters of the Wibel moon, Heckoo 1-2-3-4-5?" ed all of a sudden said walking up with Jimmy."ED!!!!!!! WHY'D YOU BRING JIMMY!!!???"
       "Sarah, I always put down my foot to put down the seat to put down the...uhh what am I saying again?'
       "Nevermind now where can we hide?" Kevin said.
       "I got it, Double-Dee said. We will construct a big hiding fort by the playground, we would need it counting on the Kankers and when Ed was a monster and that stuff...."
       And with that they grabbed some shovels, gloves, and dashed off to the playground.



Happy New Ed! (Part 2)

       "Okay people keep it quiet and keep you're cool!" Double-dee said.
       "It's pretty easy" Nazz said.
       "Yeah since Dork Number 3 over there is carrying all of our stuff, heh heh" Kevin laughed.
       "Boy Plank I can't believe that Eddy's brother came back" Johnny said to the peice of wood.
       "You're such a jug-head" Sarah said.
       "Okay we're hear, Ed if you'd please" Double-Dee said.
       "You're task is my lunch" Ed said. He took one shovel and jumped on top of the huge clump of snow blocking the way to the main peice of equipment.
He Grabbed the shovel, put it under the pile, and lifted all of the snow and threw it next to the kids.
       "Okay I told everybody there jobs so lets get to work!" Double-Dee said.
       "But where is the short stuff-pink Ed Boy?" Rolf asked.
       "Well, I guess he wasn't so lucky with his brother" Double-Dee said sadly "But we can't let that bother us now, let's get to work."
       First, Jimmy and Nazz went to get twigs and leaves. "But Nazz, doesn't Eddy's brother like you? Don't you climb with him or something?"
       "Well if he's mean to some people, he may as well be mean to me.'
       "Alright girlfriend! Way to ROCK ON!" Jimmy yelled. Nazz stared at him."Let's keep working" they said and continued to pick up twigs and leaves.
       Kevin, Sarah and Johnny had to gather a ton of snow, bring them to the main area, and after that make snowballs.  "Snow is Papa frosts blanket of love, dont'cha think?" Johnny said.
       "O-Keyay" Kevin said. They grabbed all of the snow they could.  Johnny dove into the snow."Okay now he can swim in the snow" Sarah said.Johnny all of a sudden surfaced with a ton of snowballs. "DONE!" He yelled.
       "Fat-head...." Sarah mumbled.
      They dashed over with a wagon full of snow and dumped it by the "fort in the making" just after Nazz and Jimmy dumped all of there stuff.Double-Dee looked through his notepad he had written his scam preperations on. He took out his ruler and his compass.He started working as if there was paper in the air."Okay, right there," he said and Ed dumped it onto the "pre-fort".
       "Is everything looking good?" Double-Dee called.Plank,the security guard, looked at him. "I can't belive I'm talking to a chunk of wood....okay then Ed..."
       "HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPP!" Eddy bellowed all of sudden. "what the heck is going on in the rasberry garden of the fort?" Rolf said running back.
       "Ka-ka-ka-ka-KANKERS!!!" Eddy yelled. "Kankers?" they all said. There was silence. Something had to break the silence, and some rustling bushes did.
       "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Everyobdy yelled running around. Johnny just realized something, PLANK WAS RIGHT BY THE RUSTLING BUSHES!!!! Johnny remembered how May Kanker used Plank as a back scratcher. Johnny quickly ran towards Plank."JOHNNY NO!!!" Double-Dee yelled and dove for him but he missed.Johnny dashed as fast as he could for Plank. He was going to make it! HE MADE IT!!! He grabbed Plank and turned around. "I got him!" He said.
       "Yeah weirdo!" Kevin said.Johnny kept standing infront of the bushes waving Plank in the air.But all of a sudden, two pairs of hands grabbed his legs and dragged him in."RUN FOR IT!!!!!!!!" Kevin yelled. They ran away and heard the Kankers and somebody else burst out of the bushes with a knocked out Johnny with a ton of lipstick marks on his face. They ran for there lives. Jimmy panted "Sarah go on without me,"
       "sorry Jimmy, I'm gonna have to!" Sarah said and dashed away with everybody else.He tripped over a clump of snow. He just realized something, the clump of snow was sheilding his body from sight."Phew," Jimmy gasped.
But all of a sudden the top of the the clump got knocked over on top of him. "AHH---" He was cut short from the Kankers and Eddy's brother grabbing him and covering his mouth.....

TO BE CONTINUED........ IN PART 3.........

Happy New Ed! (Part 3)

The kid's continued to run as fast as they could."Wait! We have to split up! They'll have more trouble finding us!"
       "You got it dork!" Kevin said and ran off.Double-Dee and Ed ran off in the same direction. Double-Dee was gasping for breath and slowing down. "I can't go on!" All of a sudden Ed lifted Double-Dee and held him like a football while he ran. "Thank you Ed, you're a true friend."
       "Yup Double-Dee I'm the true friend like somebody you could snuggle and kiss and love, just like scalloped potatoes with a touch of gravy."
       "I guess you're right Ed...."
       "HEY!!! WAIT FOR ME!!!" Eddy all of a sudden yelled from behind them.
       "Eddy, keep it down, they'll find us" Double-Dee whispered. He looked around. "Where to hide, where to hide?" He saw a large searies of bushes. "Ed!" Double-Dee said. "In those bushes!" They dove in the bushes followed by Eddy. "What are we gonna do?" Eddy breathed.
       "Maybe we should help the others..." Ed said.
       "Ed.... You grew smart, now lets see if you grow a chin!"
       "No Eddy, it's too risky but the Kankers and you're brother came from the direction of the cauldesac so they're heading to the woods, everybody else might manage to make it to the contruction sight. Maybe we should try to get there."
       "But how do we find them?" a voice all of a sudden said. The voice was familiar, it was Lee.
       "Don't worry, we will" Eddy's brother said.
       "How do you know!?" Marie snapped.
       "Trust me, if we find Eddy or that braniac boy Double-Dee we'll find them."
       "They'll tell, once I provide a convincing reason to."
       "We have to warn the others" Double-Dee said almost silently.
       "Yeah, for two jawbreakers at the price, why don't you two distract them while I find them!" Eddy said with a small chuckle. Double-Dee looked at Ed and they locked their eyes on Eddy. They got up on their knees and grabbed him. They looked past the bushes to make sure they had their backs to them and they threw Eddy out of the bushes. Eddy landed with a small "Thump" and the Kankers turned around.
       "Well what do we have here?" Lee said.
       "I would have prefered Double-Dee but the short yappy Eddy is good enough!" Marie said and started laughing.Eddy's brother turned around seeing his brother. "I love it when you have that look on you're face," Eddy's brother said laughing.He looked around. "Hmmmm..." he said. He looked at the bushes.He took a step forward. "Come out, come out, wherever you are."
       "Ed when I say now, run towards the construction site." Double-Dee said.Eddy's brother took another step, "NOW!" They all of a sudden got up an bolted away. They ran for about a minute when Double-Dee again lost his breath. He turned around and saw the Kankers gaining up on him!! "Ah!" Double-Dee yelled. "Come back here muffin!" Marie called. "AAAH---" Double-Dee banged in to Eddy's brother. "Heh heh, hello." Double-Dee said. "It's all fun and games 'till somebody bangs into Eddy's Brother heh heh."
Double-Dee looked up. "Put a smile on your face... He looked around and saw Ed hiding behind a tree. "ED!! GO FIND THE OTHERS!"
       "But Double-Dee, I can't leave you, gravy."
       Ed then wheeled around and dashed off.  "Run ed!" Double-Dee called.
He then saw the silhouette of the Kankers over him. "Oh dear..." He said.....