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A good source of MIDI files is the newsgroup alt.binaries.sounds.midi. You will need a UUdecoder to get a wide variety of MIDI files. Here are some sites to try also.

Absolute Midi Movie/TV themes and games.
Betty's Midi Mania:
Classical MIDI Archives Classical MIDI files. This site is in the US It is mirrored at Hong Kong and Italy.
The Classical MIDI Connection Classical MIDI archive sorted by time period.
The Classical MIDI Resource ziped MIDI files broken down by period and composer.
The Complete MIDI File Directory
Digital Music Headquarters TV, movie, and video game themes.
Game Music Homepage MIDI game files.
Glenn's 70's and 80's Rockin' MIDI Site

Using Drgn software Live Music Corner plays music created "live" in a collabrative effort by musicians from all over the world.
Fresh MIDIs Songs sorted by genre, artist.
Harmony Central: Almost more than you want to know. This site is not just Midi as applied to the Internet but covers the entire musical midi field
Jim's MIDI Links MIDI links by artist.
MIDI Files A list of sites with MIDI files.
miningco: Midi files by music type
The Music Shoppe: the original midi ring
MIDI Search Engine A searchable database of files.
MIDI Search - Another search engine for finding MIDI files on the web.
The MIDI Directory Links to other sites with MIDI files.
MIDIWorld International Midi songs by catagory.
AUM~Sparky's Top 100 Midi Downloads
The MIDI Mirage Search this collection of MIDI files.
midiWORLD Classic, rock and alternative midi tunes.
Midi Menagerie
Per's MIDI Page - A collection of high quality MIDI files.
The Midi City - Mostly pop/rock.
Top MIDI's from the 80's 80's songs, TV, and movie themes.
Multi-Midi Zone Rock, pop, and TV/film theme MIDI files.
Listen to 70's and 80's MIDI Rock, pop, disco, and more.
The Midi Zone60's-90's rock.
MIDI Central
MIDI Composers' Exchange All original songs.
The Midi Market
Music Odyssey
Cyber Cereal Midis
Classy MIDI MIDI files for the SoundBlaster AWE32/64.
Midi net
Riverwater - Songs from many popular artists.
Scott's Mini-MIDI File Site
Uncle Dave's Christmas MIDI Files
Ultimate MIDI Page Another listing of MIDI file sites. MIDI files by category.
Realtime Piano MIDI Sequences Classical piano MIDI files.
Music for Pianos Classical piano.
The Internet Piano Page Classical piano MIDI sequences.
Classical Guitar Midi Archives MIDI files of songs by classical guitarists.
Classical Guitar Archives
Dave's J.S. Bach Page Bach;s work in MIDI format.
The Midi Music Website
Rock Midi Central Classic rock MIDI files.
Midi Country Country MIDI files.
The High Quality Midi-Archive
The Midi-Place - A large collection of MIDI files.
IridiA's Midisite Popular songs and some originals with ratings.
Anti-Elevator MIDI files A selection of high quality rock, alternative, and Beatles' songs.
Free Techno MIDI Music Some original techno tunes.
Midi File Central
MIDI-Warehouse MIDI files covering rock, country, R&B, and movie theme music.
Midi Center
Free Midi-Web
MIDI ONE MIDI file collection.
FunkyFiles MIDI Page
PHat BeaTS - Rap and R&B MIDI files.
The Sound of Mathematics - MIDI files of algorithmic music.
The Very Best MIDI
Gary's Midi Jukebox MIDI files with a new addition each week.
MIDICity Over 400 songs, including Madonna, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Gloria Estefan tunes.
Pat's midi MIDI files including TV and movie themes.
MIDI Music Madness TV and film music.
Cyberspace Inn's Midi Zone Movie and TV themes.
MidiWorld Light rock, TV, and movie themes.
Classical Midi Organ Stop Sequences created on a MIDI pipe organ and piano.
David Grund Jr.'s MIDI Album Original tunes.
Composer Central Original MIDI songs.
The DownBeat Cafe Jazz.
The Midi Zone
Primeline Midi Library Ragtime and Classical pieces.
Dr Steve Hajioff's Midi Collection Classical, rock, and theme songs. alternative music.
The MIDI Depot Movie themes.
Joakin's MIDI Page High quality MIDI files.
Felipe's Home Page
Warren Trachtman's Ragtime MIDI Page
FGO Midi Jams MIDI files for guitarists to play along with. Classical and general MIDI files, mirrored at in /pub/ftpmail/ (not a complete mirror), at in /pub/midi/SONGS, and at in /pub/sounds/midi.
SYNTAX MIDI Software Laboratory Shareware sequences including a collection of guitar backing files, and song backing for soloing over or playing with.
MIDI Pal A page for original GM songs.
Gerd's MIDI Page Public domain MIDI files. in pub/sound/midi in /midi/scores. in /misc/netjam/submissions. in /pub/D70/Midi.
Internet MIDI Archives - some files from

Commercially Made MIDI Files

Here's a few sites that sell MIDI files, which may be of higher quality than you find on the 'net. Academy of Digital Music Professionally produced MIDI files of classical music.
Audio Production Midi Sequences
Comtracks UK Ltd.
DoReMidi Multimedia Solutions MIDI files for multimedia programs and web pages.
Drumtrax - A commercial library of drum patterns from real performances, including a selection of world rhythms.
File Factory - Produces and sells top quality MIDI files and Music Styles for Roland instruments and GM. Demos available.
Grand Illusion Sequences
Hands On
Keyfax - Twiddly.Bits MIDI samples/riffs for putting together realistic MIDI compositions.
LA Drum Studio MIDI drum tracks.
Magic Tracks Demo sequences.
Midi Hits Sells backing tracks with a complete on-line catalog.
midi-LOOPs - Produces MIDI files for use on web pages.
Midi Music Dot Com A searchable collection of around 5000 MIDI files available to purchase, plus some sequencing tips and notation services.
MIDIPal Sells a large variety of MIDI files, many produced by Yamaha and Roland.
Midi Song Plus
The Music Hot-House Sells MIDI files and creates custom files for web sites.
Pro-Midi No complete listing yet, but they do have a couple of demos. Based out of Australia.
Pyratts Productions - Sells MIDI sequences for live use (they lack the melody). New songs added weekly along with .wav examples, and they also take requests.
Rainbow MIDI Sequences - Sells professional and customized sequences.
Tempo Engineering - Sells drum grooves and offer custom drum programming.
Track Busters
TUNE 1000 - Sells fully licensed professional Standard MIDI Files with Lyrics including MIDI Harmony.
Weston Music Productions - Christian MIDI files.
WorksMIDI - Bills themselves as selling very high quality MIDI files.