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I have decided to start building a new PC. The first thing I am going to get is a new case. I have 3 AT cases I could use. But I want to move to an ATX case.


I currently have 6 computers although only 4 of them are in use. Three are work computers (supplied by my job). Two of these are at work, a Dell Optiplex GX1 and a Dell Latitude CPi. The Optiplex is a 350 mhz Pentium II desktop. The Latitude CPi is a 266 mhz Pentium II laptop. I also have a work supplied Dell desktop at home. It is a 100 mhz Pentium. My own computers all older and slower, are a Gateway 60 mhz Pentium. An old PC Brand 386, and an even older Heathkit 100Z.

That Heathkit is what got me started in computing, it took me about three weeks to get it working. Soldering the floppy drive controller took most of the time. I still consider it to have the best keyboard I have ever used.

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