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My homepage is on Tripod. Tripod is part of the is part of the Lycos Network. Overall I like their service. You get 11 meg of storage at no cost. I have over 30 pages and have only used 1.2 meg. Tripod gets a popup window that opens when anyone opens your page, to advertise their site.

Also part of the Lycos Network is Angelfire. Angelfire offers 5 meg free for your pages, not as much as Tripod but if you use Angelfire's graphics they don't count towards your 5 meg of space. So if you like a lot of graphics Angelfire could be for you. And nothing says you can't use both.

Another provider is Xoom. Xoom provides unlimited space except that mp3's are not permitted.

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Slashdot: News for Nerds
Speedy 3D
Happy Hacker: "...the Internet is safeguarded not by law enforcement agencies, not by giant corporations, but by a worldwide network of, yes, hackers. "

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