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Hi, this is my homepage....this website was started on March 8 1999. Rather than develop a complete website off-line, I have decided that it might be fun to carry out all development in the public domain. So as you visit week by week you will notice changes, some subtle, going on. I hope that maybe this development will assist some of you in the design and construction of your own website.



I will start with the usual stuff for a personal website and introduce you to Oh yes, I'm Mick.

When you are bored with looking at the pics go and visit some friends of mine

One for the ladies

A business card from a Hong Kong bar which ex-servicemen....or BA aircrew will recognise.

One of the things I did in my younger years was 'inspect' public drinking places. This of course was boring, so I used to collect beer mats. if you want to see these. I have several hundred to get on here so this will take patient. If you are a collector and are interested in obtaining any of these I am at
While you are here why

don't you enhance your life.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.