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Pumpkin Pie's Page

Here's Pumpkin Pie - our other feline friend!  
She's a bit prissy, but we love her just the same!

A Poet's Companion

She sits beside me in silent wonder,
twitching her amber nose
at each stroke of my pen
This feline companion, sharing the birth of verse

Eyes darting to and fro
like two shiny marbles
in a circle of curiousity,
as ink stains paper, paper fills wastebasket

Wastebasket topples
from her merriment at the products of my defeat
She pays no mind to the passing of time,
I pay with time to the passing of mind

And still she sits, patiently
ears perked to the dutiful sound of transcription
her tail neatly draped
around her slender form like an exquisite stole

On occasion, more often than not,
she nestles in close
smothering the parchment with her silken wrap
startling me

with a sandpaper caress of tongue
begging witness to her faithful watch
And on occasion, more often than not,
I cease my poetic preoccupation

to stroke her coat and deliver the praise
she so rightfully deserves

copyright 1997