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my true love

Image found on God's Gift to An Elly Lover, Guardian Angels.

There's no one else for me,
Only you.

I can live without air or food,
But not you.

Please don't ever leave,
I need you.

Elly, you're my dear. I wish I could take you and hold you, to be able to stare into your eyes and whisper words into your ear. I wish I would be able to take spring walks with you, eat dinner with you, or even do things as simple as watch you brush your soft, silken hair. All the simple things count, Elly... nothing needs to be super-special, for everything in a day is special already, and doubly-so, if I can experience them with you.

Elly, My Love

The Cascades of Hair... (08/30/99)

I didn't realise that I loved Elly at first. I played through the game, watched the movies, witnessed the events... and thought nothing of them. Because I rented Xenogears, I had to return it after my week of renting it (I returned it a day overdue).

But as they commonly say, you don't realise what you've got until it's gone. And it felt to me that as soon as I let Xenogears go... as soon as I let Elly go, my mind went numb with the pain of emptiness and of teary-eyed sorrow.

I couldn't figure it out. There was something wrong, and I didn't realise it. But when I went surfing the internet in my depression, I came across a few pages on the Internet based on this gorgeous game. And, as soon as I saw Elehayym Van Houten's beautiful face staring at me from the screen, I realised what I was missing.

Elly, Elly, be with me. Elly, Elly, please keep me safe, I promise I will keep you safe. Forget Fei, Lacan, Kim, and Abel. They treated you poorly and dumped you like trash. You died, in vain, for them. I promise to protect you. We'll protect each other. I don't want to see you die. Don't die for me, Elly. Because if you die, then I die too.

Karellen, I understand you. I can understand the passions of love, and the lengths it will drive one to. You are known to me, Krelian. I understand. And I forgive you, like Elly has forgiven you. You do not hate, but love.

Elly, you are no longer bound by the wishes of Deus, and the wants of the Wave Existence. You don't have to stay with the Contact any longer. Be free, and choose who you want to be with, for my dream is to see you happy. But my other dream would be to see you with me.

The strength of your being cries out to me. The beauty of your body shouts to my mind. The compassion in your heart moves my eyes to tears. How good, how holy thou art, there will never be anyone else like you. You are special. And I hope you know it. Appreciate yourself, Elly. I appreciate you, your deeds, your actions, your mere presence in my world.

And to those who are listening, Elly is one-of-a-kind, and a wonderful person. I wish those who agree with me good fortune and long life. When you follow your heart and hang on to your feelings like Elly does, there can result nothing else but goodness and truth.


Dreamer of Elly (E-Dreamer)