Crystal Amber
Welcome to Crystal Amber! It's a real pleasure to have you here.

Crystal Amber is a site devoted to the fast growing group of muscular female artists and celebrities from the Asian Continent.

Although most of us are quite used to seeing American and European actresses engaged in the deliberate display of prominent biceps and abdominals, the same cannot be said for their Chinese, Japanese, and Korean counterparts.

It is quite easy to buy into the old stereotype of the weak, soft-spoken, and servile Asian female; after all, the image has been promulgated in more than a few films, books, and television programs over the years.   Indeed,  there are those who would continue to assert the validity of the stereotype, based on past and present Eastern cultural mores.

Nothing could be further from the truth...

The contemporary Asian woman is more assertive than ever before; incredible amounts of strength and determination that were previously limited to the home environment are now continuously being used to attain success in the arts, sciences, and humanities.

This increased display of power and self-assurance has also had its share of physical manifestations.  It makes sense - the same discipline that has led to various forms of professional and creative achievement must also result in a higher level of muscular development when applied in the area of personal fitness.

Ectomorphic builds combined with a diet that is traditionally low in fat provide many Asian females with the opportunity to develop satisfactory levels of muscular definition without having to worry about excessive bulkiness.  This has been confirmed, primarily as actresses, singers, and models featured in various forms of print and electronic media throughout Asia have engaged in increasingly rigorous fitness programs for the purpose of maintaining on-camera readiness.

Sadly,  the phenomenal success that is often attained by many of these performers has often been obliterated, covered, or masked by publishers adhering to the previous aesthetic standard that frowned upon female muscular development.   Examples abound of artists who have attempted to proudly display their hard-earned results, only to have those results removed through the use of airbrushes, harsh lighting, and/or the strategic placement of clothing.

Needless to say, the hapless Asian celebrity femuscle aficionado has often been left in a state of extreme disappointment.

However - a new day is dawning!  Media displays of female muscularity are on the rise and the use of the dreaded airbrush is somewhat abated.  It is for this reason that Crystal Amber offers this humble attempt to make available some outstanding examples of female celebrity muscle in Asia.