Notes From Mani & Parag


Mani's 25th BD note.JPG (71099 bytes)
Note from Mani, 1998

Parag's 25th BD note.JPG (46995 bytes)
Note from Parag, 1998

PINSK.jpg (50981 bytes)
Eric, Mani, Parag
in Paris

PINSKY2.jpg (41374 bytes)
Eric & Parag in
Europe- celebrating!

PINSKY3.jpg (45487 bytes)
Mani, Eric, Parag
in Europe

PINSKY4.jpg (131460 bytes)
Eric & Murphy the
cat at U of Michigan

PINSKY5.jpg (86176 bytes)
The "Spain" summer
class, group picture

PINSKY6.jpg (78996 bytes)
Mani, another roommate
& Eric at U of Michigan

PINSKY7.jpg (122540 bytes)
The Sigma Phi