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USHL Teams in alphabetical order

Rules of the Game!

Welcome to the USHL rules of the game, here you can post your questions about rules, referee signals or maybe you saw a Muskie fan give a referee a signal and you want to know what it was, just ask your question below.

Type your question in the box provided, don't forget to leave your name and were you are from.

Here are some other questions and answers:

Q. What is ICING?

A. When the puck gets shot down the ice and crosses two or more lines and reaches the opposing teams goal line (without entering the net) then the linesman will blow his whistle as soon as the defensive team touches the puck. Icing can be waved off if the linesman thinks a defensive player could have played the puck before the puck crossed the goal line, or if the Offensive team catches up to the puck before the Defense.