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Birthday Poems

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Hello, I'm glad that you stopped in today. I hope that you enjoy your visit.

~A Happy Birthday Song~
We are coming here to celebrate
With you your special day
We are hoping that your birthday
Is great in every way
Friends have gathered together here
With gifts to you we bring
We also have birthday wishes
As Happy Birthday to you we sing......
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Friend
Happy Birthday to you!!
Copyright 2005 Ethel GG Kent


~May You Have A Happy Birthday~

Happy Birthday to you, my friend
May your happiness never end
May all your birthday wishes come true
And all sweet gifts be given to you

May love be shown from near and far
For the loving and caring person you are
You deserve a very happy day
May your birthday be special in every way

Copyright 2005 Ethel GG Kent

~Excitement Of A Special Day~

There's excitement in the air
Can you feel it everywhere
It is an extra special day
And I have come here to say

A Happy Birthday to you
May all your wishes come true
May smiles be upon your face
As your blessings you embrace

I wish to you now all this
As Happy Birthday to you I wish
And may you have many more years
Filled with joy, laughter, and cheers

Copyright 2005 Ethel GG Kent

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