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      Evan is our first child.  He was born in July.  I remember that day well.  My wife, Therese, her father, and I went to a matinee, "The Perfect Storm" , when Therese went into labor.  We saw the whole movie, although Therese missed  20 minutes of it.  She disappeared into the restroom.  When she returned from the restroom she said, "What did I miss and I went into labor."  We went home to get her things before we proceeded to the hospital.  While we were at our home getting things for the event, I was anxious to get her to the hospital.  When we finally arrived at the hospital, they stuck us in the Triage room.  Apparently, they had a record day for deliveries.  We finally got a room at around 9:00 PM, At 2:38 A.M. Evan was born.