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Dark Spells


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A Curse

This curse is placed while burning an image of the victim (Photograph,drawing, personal object, etc.) in the flame of a black candle aninted with acursing oil.

"There has been unfairness done to me I Summon the elements I evoke themI conjure them to do my bidding The four watchtowers shall lay thier eyes and minds There shall be fear and guilt and bad blood There shall be submission and no pity Name shall be blinded by the fear blinded by the pain blinded by me binded by me Cursed by me So mote it be!"


A Simple Curse


You will need:1 Black Candle

Perform this spell at the same time each night. Light the candle. Visualize a bubble around your victim. Mentally fill this bubble with the color black. Do this for as long as you can. Put out the candle. Repeat this spell each night at the same time until the candle burns out. This spell causes negative energy to surround the person to affect their health and other areas of their life.


A Simple Hexing Spell


You will need: Black Candle Cursing Oil

Anoint the candle and as you light it say: "Damn the foe who has harmed me, May evil return to it's source ten fold Let the sufferings intended for me be visited upon the perpetrator"


A Voodoo Curse


You will need: 6 Black Candles Musk Incense Hair From Victim Picture of Victim Black Glass Goblet Vinegar

Light the incense. Light the candles and say:"I conjure and summon thee Loas of Destruciton"

Pour some vinegar in the goblet. Look at the picture and visualize thisperson's life being cursed and miserable. Place the picture in the goblet and

say:"Spirits of darkness find Destroy life"

Drip some wax from each of the candles into the goblet while saying:"Find spirits of destruction Fill the mind with torture and pain!"

Place the hair into the goblet while saying: "I conjure thee, may destruction and pain be your only life. May the spirits of darkness fill your body with their vengeance!" Leave on your altar for one week. Repeat the above incantation each night


Black Arts Spell

To stop an enemy from bringing harm.


You will need: Dragon's Blood Oil Rue Oil Poppy Nightshade Thyme Bitter Wine Black Candle

Do this spell on New Moon. Mix the oils and herbs together with 3 drops of  bitter wine. Anoint the candle with your victims name and seal it with an 'X'. Chant these words thirteen times:

"Darksome powers of the night,Gather round my candle's flame, Send my enemy in shaded flight, Send my enemy away in shame."

When the candle finishes burning, throw the remains over your shoulder into running water and to not look back.


Lemon Curse

You will need: 1 Lemon 9 Coffin Nails

Picture of Person to be cursed or their name on a piece of paper Jar With Lid Borax Chili Powder Sulfur Red Pepper Ammonia 9 Pins With Black Heads.

Cut a slit in the lemon and put the picture or paper with the victim's name on

it inside. Use the pins to seal the lemon shut. Put the lemon in the jar and

fill the jar with the other items. Put the jar somewhere where it will be safe

while it rots.


Lucifer Curse

Light 3 black candles at midnight and repeat the following three times:

"Spirits of the abyss, hear my call

all most powerful one and all

Lucifer my thoughts do sing

through the universe thy now ring

Take thine enemy, take him smite

Break him, scorn him in the night

From the mighty depths of hell

cast your darkness on his shell

Oh Lucifer, oh shining star

Touch him, burn him from afar

Revenge now will have it's day

for thine enemy starts to fray

So mote it be!"

While you are doing this curse, think of your vistim and how the curse will

affect him. Allow the candles to burn out.

It is recommended that you allow your anger and hatred of the person to

build as you do this spell. I do not agree with this practice. All spells will

work better if you do not put any emotion in them. By placing your

emotions in the curse, you are opening yourself to backlash.


Smitten, Battered, Beaten, Torn Curse

This is a VooDoo Spell of torment and pain affliciton.

You will need:

2 Black Candles

VooDoo Doll

Pins with Black Heads

Add any personal items you have of the victim such as nail clippings, hair

etc. to the doll. Or you can glue a picture of the person's face onto the doll.

Light the two black candles on your altar. Hold the Voodoo doll and

visualize with intensity that it is your enemy before you. Slam it to the alter

and using a pin, stab the doll in the place where you wish to afflict pain. Use

another pin and pric the doll once again in a place where you wist to afflict

more pain. Each time you stab at the Voodoo doll make sure you are

visualizing that your are actually inflicting pain on your enemy. Do not touch

the pins after you have placed them. While doing this, recite:

"Smitten, battered, beaten, torn

I prick at thee as if a thorn

Suffer now I will not wait

With this pin I seal your fate

Pins so sharp and made of steel

I strike at thee, these pins you'll feel

Smitten, battered, beaten torn

I curse you now, your pain is born!"

You may repeat this again for a few days if you wish...adding more pins

and leaving the pins that are already there alone. Do not touch the pins after

you have placed them. If you touch any of the pins after they have been

placed, the Curse will come back on you.


The Curse Of Bad Luck

"Spirits of the night and bats that fly by the light of the moon

Come forth from the astral realm and jinx Name for all time!

Darmastro Aspecti martain!"


Three Nights of Hell

This spell is said to inflict serious pain and sores on your enemy for a period of 3

days. After 3 days, the spell is lifted he is made well again. Place a picture of

your enemy in front of you. Light a Black Candle and tilt it so that the wax

drips on the picture of your victim. Visualize the wax burning sores into the

victims body. As you do this, recite three times:

"As I do this candle spell

Bring my enemy 3 nights of hell

Candle black, black as night

Bring him pains of flesh tonight!

Lesions on his skin will grow

Afflict him with a painful blow

Sores and pain afflict him now

For 3 nights he'll wonder how

Dukes of darkness, Kings of hell

Smite my enemy, bring him hell

When 3 nights of pain have past

Make him well, well at last".

Sit for a while and think about the sores that will afflict your enemy and the

pain he will suffer. When finished, extinguish the candle.

After 3 nights have passed, tear up the photo as you say:

"When 3 nights of pain endured,

I lift his curse rest assured

Darkness leave him, go away,

The curse is lifted now, today!"


To Curse An Object to Bring Bad Luck

Hold the object to be cursed and say:

"Demons of misfortune and time of hate

Make forth this object that whoever has it will be cursed!

Darmastro, aspecti, Lucifer, novas!"


To Curse Land

Speak at the land you wish to curse:

"By the spirits of my ancestors and wrath of dark demons

May this land not yield fruit or food for no one

And everyone who lives here be cursed until I change my mind.

Gargsatar, artrellastray frokus!"


A Curse To Ruin Someone's Life


You will need:

1 Black Candle

Picture of Victim

Musk Incense

Graveyard Drit (preferably from a fresh grave)

A Bowl

Light the incense and candle. Look at the picture of the victim and say:"I cure you. I summon, call and conjure all the dark ones to fill your mindwith rage, to ruin your life, to pull you apart, vein from vein. I commandthis. So Mote It Be!"

Place the picture inside th bowl and pour the graveyard dirt over the pictureas you visualize his life being ruined. Place the candle in the bowl on top of

the graveyard dirt as you say:"Destroy"Put the candle out.Each night, light the candle and visualize the person's life being destroyed.

Say:"Destroy"Put the candle out.Continue to do this each night until the candle burns out.

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