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Original Chaos! Comics



Armageddon! 1-4, 4-Memorial Edition

Bad Kitty 1-3

Bad Kitty: Reloaded 1-4

Bad Kitty: Mischief Night


Chaos! Bible

Chaos! Chronicles

Chaos! Gallery

Chaos! Quarterly 1-3

Chastity: Untold Tales Premium Glow in the Dark Edition

Chastity: Theatre of Pain 1-3, 1-Onyx Edition

Chastity: Rocked Preview Book *Signed*, 1-4 (Variant 1)

Chastity: Lust For Life 1-3

Chastity: Reign of Terror

Chastity ½ Ashcan Preview

Chastity ½

Chastity: Love Bites

Chastity: Shattered 1, 2

Chastity: Heartbreaker

Chastity: Crazytown 1-3

Chastity: re-IMAGINGED

Cremator Preview Book, 1-5

Dead King: Burnt 1-4

Evil Ernie: Pieces of Me- Regular, Glow in the Dark and Signed Chromium Mega-Premium Edition

Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild 1*Signed*, 2*Signed*, 3, 4*Signed by Tim Vigil*, 5

Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild! First Print *Signed by Pulido 05/16/2009*

Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild Director's Cut

Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild Encore Presentation 1-5

Evil Ernie: Resurrection 1-4

Evil Ernie 0: New Years Evil Regular and Platinum Editions

Evil Ernie: Revenge! 1&2*Signed*, 3, 4

Evil Ernie: Relentless

Evil Ernie: Straight To Hell -1, 1 Regular and Chromium Editions, 2-5, Ashcan

Evil Ernie: Wizard ½

Evil Ernie: Destroyer! Preview

Evil Ernie: Destroyer! 1-9

Evil Ernie: Monthly 1*Signed*, 2*Signed*, 3-10

Evil Ernie: Depraved 1, 2, 3*Signed*

Evil Ernie: War of the Dead: 1-3, 3-Memorial Edition

Evil Ernie Returns *Signed by Pulido, 10/01*

Evil Ernie: Baddest Battles (That Never Happened)

Evil Ernie Vs. The Movie Monsters Regular and Premium Editions

Evil Ernie Vs. The Super Heroes

Evil Ernie Vs. The Super Heroes 2

The Haunted 1-4

The Haunted, Vol. 2 1

Homicide: Tears of the Dead Regular Cover

Homicide: Tears of the Dead Premium Edition

Jade 1-4

Jade: Redemption 1-4

Lady Death: Dragon Wars

Lady Death #1 - 15th Anniversary Gold Edition Motor City Comic Con #35 of 100 *Signed by Pulido 05/16/2009*

Lady Death: The Reckoning 1 Encore Presentation & French Edition, 3 French Edition

Lady Death: The Reckoning- Revised TPB

Lady Death: Wizard ½ *signed by Pulido 05/16/2009*

Lady Death: Between Heaven & Hell 1-4

Lady Death: Between Heaven & Hell TPB

Lady Death: The Odyssey Sneak Preview

Lady Death: The Odyssey 1-4(of 4)

Lady Death: The Odyssey TPD

Lady Death: The Crucible Wizard ½, 1-6

Lady Death 0: Death Becomes Her

Lady Death: Retribution

Lady Death: Monthly 1 Regular and Premium Editions, 2-16

Lady Death: The Rapture 1-4

Lady Death: Judgment War Prelude, 1-3, 3- Memorial Edition

Lady Death Vs. Purgatori

Lady Death: Dark Millennium 1-3

Lady Death: Untold Tales of

Lady Death: Tribulation 1-4

Lady Death: Love Bites

Lady Death: River of Fear Premium Edition and Standard Edition

Lady Death: Alive 1, 3, 4

Lady Death/Medieval Witchblade

Lady Death/Medieval WitchBlade: Preview Edition

Lady Death & Bad Kitty

Lady Death: Last Rites 1*Signed Motor City Comic Con Edition*, 2-4

Lady Death: Mischief Night

Lady Death and Bedlam

Lady Death/Chastity

Lady Death: Heartbreaker

Lady Death & Jade

Lady Death: The Gauntlet Ashcan, 1, 2

Lady Death: Goddess Returns 1, 2

Lady Death: Dark Alliance 1-3- Never Completed

Lady Death and the Women of Chaos! Gallery

Lady Death by Steven Hughes

Lady Death in Lingerie

Lady Death: re-IMAGINED

Lady Deaths Little Black Book *Signed*

Lady Death Swimsuit Special Regular and Velvet Editions

Lady Death Swimsuit 2001 Lady Death Cover

Vampirella-Lady Death

Lady Death/Vampirella: Dark Hearts

Vampirella vs. Lady Death: The Revenge

Lady Death vs. Vampirella II

Vampirella vs. Lady Death: The End

Lady Demon 1-3

The Omen: Save the Chosen Preview

The Omen 1(All 6 covers)-5

The Omen: Vexed


Purgatori: Vampires Myth Preview, 1-3

Purgatori: The Dracula Gambit

Purgatori: The Dracula Gambit Sketchbook

Purgatori: Monthly 1-7 (#3 Signed)

Purgatori: Goddess Rising 1-4

Purgatori vs. Lady Death

Purgatori vs. Vampirella

Purgatori: Empire 1-3

Purgatori Versus Chastity Ending Alpha, Ending Omega

Purgatori 0

Purgatori: Love bites

Purgatori ½ Ashcan Preview

Purgatori ½

Purgatori: The Hunted 1 Regular and Premium Editions, 2

Purgatori: Darkest Hour 1, 2

Purgatori: Mischief Hour

Purgatori: Heartbreaker

Purgatori: God Hunter 1, 2

Purgatori: God Killer 1, 2

Purgatori: re-IMAGINED

Smiley: Anti-Holiday Special

Smiley: Have A Psychotic Day

Smiley: Spring Break Special

Smiley: Whacky Wrestling Special

Suspira 1*Signed*-4

The Undead! Diamond Exclusive Edition, Standard Edition



Vandala II


Chaos! /WWF


Chyna II Regular and Diamond Exclusive Editions


The Rock

Stone Cold Steve Austin 1-4

Undertaker Preview Book Regular and Photo Covers

Undertaker: Wizard 0

Undertaker: Wizard ½

Undertaker 1 WrestleMania XVI, Regular and Photo Covers, 2-10 Regular Covers

Undertaker Halloween Special Regular and Photo Covers

Wizard 91: Chaos!-WWF Undertaker Cover


Chaos! Movies

Halloween Regular, Glow in the Dark and Chromium Covers

Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes Regular and Premium Covers

Halloween III: The Devils Eyes


Chaos! Misc.

The Lost 1-3 Never Completed

Monster Matinee 1-3

Nightmare Theater 1-4

Previews Presents Queens of Halloween Ashcan

The Supernaturals Preview Tour Book

The Supernaturals 1(Rare Ghost Rider Mask)-4

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense

Chaos! Comics/DDP

Evil Ernie In Sante Fe 1-4

Hack/Slash: The Final Revenge of Evil Ernie (Both Covers)

Purgatori 1-6

Avatar Comics

Lady Death: Abandon All Hope 1/2, 1, 2

Lady Death: Death Goddess

Lady Death: Leather & Lace 2005

Lady Death Preview

Lady Death: Swimsuit 2005

Lady Death: The Wicked

Medieval Lady Death 2-4

Boundless Comics

Lady Death Premier

Coffin Comics (2016)

Lady Death: Chaos Rules 1


CrossGen Comics

Lady Death: A Medieval Tale 1-12

Lady Death: Wild Hunt 1, 2

Dynamite Entertainment

Chaos 1-6 (2nd print #2)

Chaos! Holiday Special 2014


Bad Kitty

Chastity 1-6

Evil Ernie 1-6

Evil Ernie, Volume 2: 1-6

Evil Ernie: Godeater 1

Lady Demon 1-4

Purgatori 1-5

Smiley The Psychotic Button Special