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The GMC Motorhome

cutaway23.jpg (34394 bytes)

23 Foot Cutaway View

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26 Foot Cutaway View

And so the Motorhome was in the marketplace, and did fairly strong in it considering that the Gas Crisis was in effect.  People liked how easy it was to drive, how smooth it rode, and how airy and good looking the car was.  However, GM failed to realize that in a car, front wheel drive is fine, but since most of the weight in a motorhome is in the rear, that front wheel drive hasn't many traction benefits.  And so, some people lost traction going over hills in winter.  Also, there were some early problems with the air bag suspension, which were fixed later on.  Most people today have replaced their air bags, since the rubber cracks over time.  
gmcmhbirch.jpg (15429 bytes)

1976 GMC Motorhome 23 ft Birchwood

eleganza_II-1.jpg (65605 bytes)

1976 GMC Motorhome 26 ft Eleganza II

Not much else changed over the rest of the Motorhome's lifespan, except for the addition of models, such as the 23 foot Birchwood, and the top of the line 26 foot Eleganza II. For more information on the models, please see the listing and the floorplan layouts on the bottom of this page.


gmcmh5.jpg (85274 bytes)

See-Through View of 26 ft. Motorhome

In 1978, Motorhome production was stopped.  Prices had edged close to $40,000 due to early options becoming standard.  Most people then looked elsewhere for motorhomes that had the same amount of features and more.  The plant in Pontiac was converted to make the full-size G-Vans, and that plant now makes Sierras.
gmcleftf.jpg (63842 bytes) Today, there are still many GMC Motorhomes on the road.  Their owners are people who like to travel across the land, and see it's sights.  There are many clubs that exist to support and unite that community, and are very friendly to those interested in GMC Motorhomes.
WMCBP1a.jpg (161580 bytes)

The Wheat Motor Company (WMC) Motorhome

slide13.jpg (11323 bytes)

The WMC Fifth-Wheel Trailer

However, the GMC Motorhome isn't quite dead yet.  Donald Wheat has formed the Wheat Motor Company, and purchased the tooling from GM to manufacture the Motorhome.  The original project was to have begun manufacturing in the mid 1980's, but setbacks had canceled the attempt. However, the company is going strong, and production is scheduled to begin October of 2001.  Along with the original lengths offered, there will be a longer model, at about 29 feet, and there will also be a fifth-wheel trailer made from the Motorhome shell.  We wish Don the best of luck and hope to see the classic GMC Motorhome design live on into the future.
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23 Foot Floorplans 26 Foot Floorplans Models/ Production Numbers

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