We dont need another hero, or do we?
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We dont need another hero, or do we?
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We dont need another hero, or do we?

Think back to when you were young, who was your hero? Was it a movie persona, a comic book hero, a radio personality, or maybe it was good old Dad? In todays modern world it is easy to identify with a hero, there are literally hundreds of thousands of them in the world today.

What heroes were there thousands of years ago? Put yourself back in time, who would be your hero then? With no TV, radio, or computers, people were limited to two choices either men of power, and good deed, such as Nimrod the mighty deceiver, or Sampson a mighty worker of good for the people of Yisrael, or mighty ones. Real or imaginary these Mighty Ones were given great honor, attributed with controlling almost everything in a mans life. There were gods for every season and every occasion; there were gods for the weather and planets. These gods were represented by objects of wood, stone, gems, and metals.

Have you ever wondered where these gods went, or why?

Did these gods just disappear with the growing of knowledge throughout the world, or did something else happen? We must ask ourselves why people decided to place their lives in the hands of mysterious powers beyond their comprehension. Could it be that they were aware of a presence and power that was beyond them? What else could possibly explain the fact that the people entrusted their very lives to forces unknown? Why have so many innocent children been sacrificed to appease these so called gods? Look to the Aztecs, Mayans, and other civilizations that regularly sacrificed people to their gods. Can this be attributed to anything other than a real driving force behind their actions?

Think about how many people were religious, believing in a higher power, or gods. It was the many and not the few.

Who really rules this world? Is it man or something else? Even today many people believe in a higher power, or gods. Do you think people today have as much zeal and faith as those of old? Most people seem to be lackluster in their worship, preferring to socialize, and maintain man made traditions and beliefs that have been passed to them from some speculative sources. Could it be that the force that men feel pulling them towards the knowledge of the higher power is being drowned out? Drowned out by the attractions and distractions of this world, television, radio, video games, and music, as well as the multitude of ads we are subjected to. Ads touting sexual promiscuity, the importance of drinking alcohol and smoking to our social status, and the value of materialism to our place in this wonderful world we live in.

We truly live in a world of sensory overload. We have to ask ourselves, who is the prince of the power of the air, is he alive and well today with his minions?

Have the gods of old been lost or just replaced? You be the judge. Take a good look around you today. Do you see people who wash their cars with religious frequency, spending hours polishing and waxing? Or do you see the young people spending thousands of dollars fixing up their cars with mega-watt stereo systems and custom paint jobs? Do you see the office worker going to his high paying job so he can afford to pay for his twenty room house with the indoor pool and four car garage? Have you seen the woman with the closet full of expensive clothes and shoes? Do you hear on the news about the rich who keep getting richer, and the poor who keep getting poorer? Lets think of the other examples and ask ourselves, what do these people worship? What is their driving force? Do you see these same people giving money or their time to the needy? They have been drawn away from thinking of a higher power. Just like the people of old, who were drawn away by false gods, the people of today are wrapped up in materialism, status hounding, greed, and selfishness, too busy to stop and take a look around, or listen to the calling.

Take a look at yourself, are you like those people, or are you modest, preferring to live a life of comfort rather than luxury?

Who are the heroes of todays world? Most people would identify with movie or comic book heroes. How many men alive today would qualify for this title? How many men of the past would qualify as our hero?

There are a few people that are not of this world, who havent succumbed to the ceaseless bombardment by the prince of this world. These few people have a hero, a hero from the past, a hero who will return, and depose the evil ruler of this world. Sent by the Almighty Creator.

Our hero will restore order to the world. No more deception, Evil be gone! We look forward to his return, and his rule as King of Kings.

Is this hero real to you? If not maybe you should take a step back from the world and see through the smokescreen the adversary has created.

He has the many believing that the things of this world matter, always preoccupying peoples minds with fluffy and trivial thoughts, which are here today, gone tomorrow.

Fantasy or reality, you make the choice. Believe in the things of this world, or believe in the things of the coming world?




Shalom in YHWH's Precious name




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