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Fatich Terim to take control of Fiorentina

Galatasaray  when led by Terim has achieved fantastic UEFA Cup final victory. Turkish club was probably the most serious discovery in European Football this season . Turkish people consider Terim as a national hero.Leaving, Terim could not restrain tears, as if excusing himself in front of fans and players. 

" I have a feeling that I farewell to my son, - Terim revealed with shivering voice. " I can not explain my feelings in words but know that'll miss you a lot, - he added. 

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"If someone

makes a
"good " bid 

for Nicolas Anelka,

the Frenchman will

be sold immediately,- 

declares Sans.




president:" I will 

not sell Rivaldo or

Figo to anyone"


Fatich Terim  

to take control 

of Fiorentina


Barthez joins 

United to become 

Premiership's highest

paid player


Figo - Beckham

swap sensation


$23.24 million 

deal for Italian 








All pictures are courtesy of Reuters Limited