Ada Cemetery  The Ada Witch is buried here. Sometimes you can see a misty blue figure floating within a 3 mile radius of the cemetery on 2 mile between Egypt Valley & Honey Creek.

Albion - Riverside Cemetery  A mysterious lady in white has been spotted in the cemetery.

Ann Arbor - Huron High School theater  According to legend, back in the late 70s' a student named Mary was working on some light fixtures and fell to her death from the catwalks, and landed on the stage below. Stagehands & actors have reported seeing a girl in a light pink dress on the catwalks. In the prop room where all the seniors spray painted their names, Mary's name appeared above the door in red paint 17 feet from the floor and upside down, shortly after her death.  

Battle Creek - Oak Hill Cemetery  Around midnight every Sunday night, a statue of the Virgin Mary seems to weep. The story is over 60 years old, and the locals have nicknamed her Weeping Mary.

Belleville - Soop Cemetery  One of the most active cemeteries in the state!  It was established in the late 1700's and named after the founding family of the town. Back in the 1970's, serial killer John Norman Collins murdered  a local girl, raped her and laid her nude body over a tombstone here, with her clothes folded neatly beside her. There is also the grave of a witch named Elizabeth buried here. Many local ghost hunters flock here to capture orbs, vortexes, and ecto clouds on film. There are more than plenty to go around. Others come to make rubbings of the witches grave. Many people have reported hearing beastly growls if they entered the graveyard alone at night. Others have seen strange shadowy " creatures" crawling on the ground throughout the property, and some have even seen the apparition of a young girl w/ long blonde hair.

Belleville - Union Cemetery  Located on Textile Rd., many people have reported seeing blue orbs streak through the graveyard, mainly in the front section where the older graves are. There are many faint whispers heard throughout these grounds, and  some have reported hearing chains rattling on many occasions , at the front - right of the cemetery near the woods. Sometimes, if you go there between  4 & 6 AM, it sounds very congested ( like in a mall )  and you can hear many people whistling back and forth as you walk towards the front of the cemetery, it's very mystical & amazing the first time you hear this . But, the closer you get to the front,  the louder the whistling gets and it turns into chanting . Not sure what happens if you stay after the chanting starts, people usually leave.

Belleville - Hawks Head Cemetery  Not sure exactly where this is located , but we heard it is very small, old & secluded. Al Capone's mistress is buried here.

Bloomfield Hills - Fox and Hounds Restaurant  One of the most expensive restaurants in the state. Every night around 11:30pm, the pots and pans in the kitchen fall out of the shelves. This happened 12 times and then the cooks  put them on the ground. In the morning the pans would be back on the shelves.

Boyne City - The Hill House  One of the oldest houses in the city. As the story goes, a man went insane and murdered his wife and two children in this house. Some people have heard footsteps walking around them , and large branches breaking. Some have reported feeling an extreme sadness here, without every hearing the story of the house.

Boyne Falls - Jail cell  The old cell was once the Boyne City jail in the 1800's, prisoners were tortured and starved to death in this cell.  It was later moved to Boyne Falls and sits in front of a small park near the town gas station. Orbs w/ distinct faces , and ecto clouds have been captured on film at the cell and the playground.

Cheboygan - Hykes Tomb  An old farmer went insane and killed his family and then himself. If you go to the site at night you are overwhelmed with fright. And you should never take a stone from the tomb, or you will pay for it later & it won't be pretty! Many people have experienced electrical malfunctions  and cars not starting, 2 people drove over the tomb on purpose and their truck died. The people in the car behind them had the steering wheel jerked and they crashed into a tree.

Clarkston - Clarkston Cinema  Apparitions have been spotted around the building , and shadows of people move across the screen. There is a ghost of a little girl that sits on the stage. Many people report hearing scratching and bumping noises every night.

Coldwater - Halsted House  Haunted by the ghosts of 2 children who are seen on the stairs.

Dearborn - Greenfield Village  Many of the homes here are haunted. The most active are the Firestone Farm & the Webster house. A man committed suicide in the barn, and the Webster home is a little disturbed.

Dearborn - Greenfield Village  The museum has the car that President Kennedy was shot in. In the evening on the anniversary of his death, he can be seen standing next to his car waiving to the security officers, and he leaves a single rose on the hood of the car. A cold wind is often felt, and some say he told them that Oswald did not kill him, that there were two men.

Dearborn Heights - Crestwood High School  Man people have reported seeing apparitions walk the halls at night, and many voices can be heard coming from empty classrooms. Many students have reported hearing voices behind them during the day, and things are moved periodically. The reason for these hauntings is unknown.

Detroit - Coca Cola plant  A supervisor was shot by a disgruntled employee back in the 50's. There have been many sightings of him yelling at workers and keeping the line running when supervisors are gone.

 Detroit - General Motors Plant  A man was saved from being crushed, by a the ghost of a man that died that way in 1944.

Detroit - " The Whitney"  Originally the home of David Whitney, and today it is a very posh restaurant. Doors open & close on their own, table settings are moved, the elevator operates alone when no one is there, there are many cold spots, and a few have even seen what they think is the ghost of David Whitney himself.

East Lansing - Fairchild Auditorium  The ghost of a young boy roams the halls of the auditorium, and many strange noises can be heard coming from the stage area.

East Lansing -  Mayo Hall @ MSU  Many students have reported feeling a strange presence in the basement  corridor that links the two dormitories. Many have seen the ghost of a woman near the piano in the West Lounge, believed to be Mary Mayo. On the 4th floor is the " Red Room" that is locked off. It was allegedly used by students in quasi - satanic rituals. The window can be seen by the third floor gable room.

East Lansing - Holmes Hall @ MSU  Many people have reported seeing a male figure enter the elevator on the sixth floor, the door opens immediately after it closes, revealing an empty elevator. Also, appliances seem to come on by themselves.

Farmington Hills - Farmington Cemetery At night you can see a white figure standing in the shed at the back of the cemetery. The ground is very soft, but outside the gates is very firm.

Flint - Capitol Theater  Many people have reported hearing moans and tapping on the wall. When people come to perform, all of their equipment goes dead, even though the power is on. Then, eerie singing can be heard and many dark shadows can be seen moving about the balconies.

Forester - Forester Cemetery  The ghosts of young boys run around the graveyard at midnight almost every Wednesday night. This is thought to be because of a fire long ago that killed some school children.

Forester - Lake Huron  Haunted by the ghost of Minnie Quay. When Minnie was 15, she fell in love with a sailor. Her parents disapproved and ban her from seeing him. He died at sea, and when she heard the news, she dressed herself all in white and jumped off of the pier. Her ghost is seen walking the beach, crying for her lost love.

Garden City - Garden City High School's O' Leary Auditorium  There's a patch in the ceiling where a boy fell through and died, sometimes if you look there you can see two glowing eyes. He has thus been nicknamed " Red Eyes", but no one has seen him yet . Lights flicker on and off, specially the spotlights. The crawl space door to the catwalk opens and slams shut even though it is kept locked, and curtains open and close during practices and performances.

Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids Home For Veterans  They first opened their doors in 1886, and housed many Civil War veterans. To this day, many people have seen apparitions of men in Civil War garb walking the grounds.

Grand Rapids - St. Stephens School  Around the 70s', a fire broke out in the downstairs gymnasium, trapping a young girl named Susan in the girl's bathroom. Many students have reported hearing screams from a stall in the bathroom, but no one is there.

Grand Rapids - Holmdene @ Aquinas College  This old mansion was formerly the Lowe Estate, and is haunted by one of the Lowe children who drowned on the property. Every night when the security guards turn all the lights off and lock up, they mysteriously turn back on by themselves. Also, water faucets turn on and off.

 Hamilton - The Junction  The Junction is an insane asylum in the Allegen Woods. It is said to be haunted by the former patients.

Hawks County road 451  This is the site of the 1970's triple murder by two insane adolescents from Onnaway. The Halfway Station is haunted. The station is located halfway between Hawks & Millersberg, and is avoided by all. It is said that the two murderers appear behind your car if you circle the station 3 times at midnight.

Holly - The Holly Hotel  Ghosts of people and former guests, and many strange noises.

Jackson - Vander Cook Lake Castle  A white mist is seen as you approach the castle.

Kalamazoo - Old State Hospital  Red lights, noises and writing on the walls take place here every night between 11pm  and 12 am . Neighbors say that different things happen nightly, and have even seen a figure in the window.
Kellogsville - Kellogsville High School  Back in the 1960's a young girl died of a brain tumor in the 9th grade math classroom. Her presence is felt all the time, and random things happen periodically.

Lansing - Capitol Building Rotunda  Haunted by the ghost of a man who was killed while painting it.
Madison Heights - Lamphere High School  A killer was on the loose in Madison Heights during the 60's. He used to bury his bodies in a landfill that is located next to the high school and is now a sledding hill. Every once in a while, you can hear insane laughter around the school.

Manistee - Ramsdell Theatre  Doors open and close and light fixtures fall to the ground on the stage area and throughout the theater. In a promotional picture, there is a distinct image of the founder T.J. Ramsdell, floating in the air near the balcony seats.

Marshall - International House (bed and breakfast)  Haunted by the ghost of a lady in red that walks the halls. She won't let anyone leave the door open to one of the bedrooms. It is thought that this room was her bedroom when she was alive. She is sometimes seen in the window at night.

Marquette - Landmark Inn  Many of the rooms here are named after famous people frequented the hotel. One of the room's is thought to be haunted by Amelia Earhart.

Marquette - Northern Michigan University The Forrest Roberts Theater.  Haunted by a former janitor that died of a heart attack in the elevator. His ghost has been seen walking around the theater.

Milan - Milan Oakville Waltz Rd.  Legend has it that on this road in 1910, a young woman about 23 got in a car accident here w/ her newlywed husband in the car, and they both died. If you go out to the site where they crashed and shut your car off, you can hear the screeching of the tires. when you drive away, when you least expect it, you can see her walking alongside the road in her wedding dress.

Newaygo - Newaygo High School  A girl was in the woods behind the school smoking a cigarette and was bit by a poisonous snake and died there. Many have seen the apparition of a girl leaning against a tree in those woods.

New Baltimore - Morrow Road  This area is ancient Indian burial grounds, a green light is sometimes seen that chases people away. There is one very prominent spirit that is around, a woman wearing a blood covered gown, carrying her dead baby.

Niles - Silverbrook Cemetery  Legend states that a witch from the 1800's is buried here. Many have heard her cries in the cemetery at night, it echoes in the temple located in the center of the graveyard.

North of Eagle River in the U.P.  A large light can be seen at the end of  Robin's Road off of Highway 45. The light changes colors and moves closer, but when you get up to it , it disappears. A blue light has been seen coming up the road, and when you go to leave you will see what some call " The Hitchhiker". No one has ever seen his face and If you stop to pick him up, he will disappear. People have also heard train whistles and deafening screams, this is believed to be because a conductor hung himself on a train, and the red light you see is his lantern.

Plymouth - Johnson Controls  The corporate office is  haunted by the ghost of a woman who was murdered by her husband in the purchasing dept. . Many have seen her ghost and have instantly soiled themselves.

Portland - Old School Manor  Haunted by the ghost of a girl that was crushed behind the bleachers of the old high school gym, she is seen roaming the halls.

Presque Isle - Light House  The wife of the past keeper haunts the lighthouse. She murdered him for his cheating. To this day she  terrorizes the visitors of this historic place.

Reading - The Old Abbot Mansion  The old house is located on Abbott Rd., and is said to have many strange things happening. Legend states that when the last member of the Abbott family was on their deathbed, they sold the property on one condition, that the house would be torn down and the land used for farm land. This was never followed through. The shades in the house raise and lower themselves, lights turn on and off, a gruesome face appears in one of the windows, loud banging on the floor at 3 AM, dusty footprints appear on every other step leading upstairs and only a visitor to the house can wipe them away. There was a tenant whose dog died such a gruesome death that the police said that even a human hand could not have done this. The young son of the tenant left his shirt on the floor and a mysterious light started glowing around it, shortly after this the young boy was accidentally shot and killed. There are no birds or other animals that go near this place.

Redford - St. Agatha High School  Footsteps and keys rattling can be heard at dusk. A former principal died there, and his apparition is sometimes seen. Many people have experienced a strange feeling in the corridor, that makes their hair stand up instantly.

Redford - Redford Cemetery  Ground - shaking combustion's, faint cries of a woman yelling for help. And something large will follow you around the cemetery jumping from tree to tree.

Roberts Landing - Roberts Landing Road  Two adults and a child have been seen walking this road at sunset. They are said to have been returning home from a party when their home was destroyed by fire. They keep returning in their car, which has also been seen.

Schoolcraft - The Harrison Cemetery  Known for the " Glowing Tombstone ". At a distance you can see one stone that glows in the dark, but if you get within 500ft of it, it's goes dim.

Shelldrake  Shelldrake is a very small town that is not on any map, it is located 4 miles north of Paradise. Few people live there and no one will talk about the hauntings. Shades in houses open and close, lights turn on and off, and an old sea captain can be seen when boats pass and then he disappears. They have had many fires and boating accidents.

Straville - Marrow Road  Go there around 2 AM, park near the bridge, roll down your windows and place your keys on the dash board, and wait. As soon as you see him ( a glowing transparent light that comes from the woods) , it's only about a second and he's in your car before you can get your keys and start the car !

Traverse City - Bowers Inn  A captain of a great lakes shipping liner built this mansion for his wife Genavieve. His wife was in poor health,  and the nurse that was hired to care for her started having an affair w/ her husband. When Genaveieve learned of the affair, she hung herself in the elevator shaft. Many people have reported seeing her ghost appear in the antique mirror of the lady's restroom.

Westland - Eloise Mental Hospital  Haunted by the former residents of the asylum. Ghosts of many of the tortured patients roam the halls of the asylum that were converted into office buildings. Growls and moans are heard by the playground that was built for the workers' children. Voices are heard by the workers and teenagers that go here for a thrill, and many paranormal things have been captured on film .

Westland - William Ganong Cemetery  Also known as Butler Cemetery. This is one of the scariest cemeteries in Michigan.  There have been many documented photos of specters crossing the street into the cemetery, glowing eyes, orbs and strange mists. Frequent car accidents occur in front of the cemetery.

Wyandotte - 22nd St. off North Line  3rd block on the left. You have to look hard, but there is an apparition of a nun standing there praying. She is always there ! The story is that she did something very wrong, and standing there praying is her punishment. At night it's easier to find because a green light will shine down from the window.

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