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Possible spoilers ahead!
Last Updated May 12th
In an episode that revisits Janeway's first day aboard the U.S.S. Voyager and then fast forwards 500 years beyond it when her ship is destroyed, Captain Braxton of the 29th century Federation Timeship Relativity contacts Seven of Nine to go back in time to solve the mystery of who planted the "temporal disrupter" which ultimately destroyed the U.S.S. Voyager. But when the new starship captain, Janeway, catches the mysterious Seven aboard the brand new U.S.S. Voyager, she detains her, an interference that could contaminate the time-line. A.k.a "Time Bomb." Starfleet temporal officers from the 29th Century come back in time to the 24th century to get Seven of Nine, as someone has hidden a "time bomb" in Voyager's past and only Seven's implants can detect it... Seven of Nine must masquerade as a Starfleet officer in Voyager's past when 29th Century scientists discover a time bomb lurking on board the ship when it was being constructed above Earth. In the ultimate test of her humanity, Seven must conceal her Borg identity and also prevent the pollution of the timeline by not informing the Starfleet of the past of Voyager's future.
A complete synopsis (act by act) is now available. Don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled!
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     This episode does not involve the Equinox storyline, which is exclusive to the season finale (and next year's
     premiere). Voyager responds to an automated distress signal, and it turns out to be the bomb, which is "sentient"
     and feels it can only be satisfied if it blows up. Through some discovery, Voyager learns they can implant the
     personality of the bomb into the Doctor: they try to give the intellegence a body. It takes over the Doctor,
     holds Torres and Kim hostage, and threatens to destroy the ship if Janeway doesn't help him complete his
     mission (blow up some alien thing). Kim finds out that the launch was a mistake, but the bomb doesn't want
     to hear about it. He just wants to blow up his target.
     Directed by John Kretchmer.
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Equinox[Season Finale]
Voyager encounters another Federation vessel, the "Equinox", that was also pulled
    to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. The Equinox has abandoned the Prime Directive in favour of utilising anything to get
    them home, and for the past few years have been harnessing the power in an alternate subspace domain. However, using the
    power kills an alien race living there. The aliens are terrifying and are unlike most species encountered.  Leading into the cliffhanger for the season, Voyager is under threat as the aliens think that Voyager has been using the power that kills them for their systems.  It turns out that Burke (one of the crew on the Equinox) was a pal of B'Elanna's when she was in Starfleet Academy, and Tom becomes jealous when he starts calling her BLT - his nickname for her.  Brannon Braga says that he wants the new aliens to "give 9 year-olds nightmares".  The cliffhanger could quite possibly be this: The U.S.S. Equinox discovers that one big jump from the subspace domain could  get both them and Voyager home, and in the dying stages of battle the pair jump to warp and head for home as the screen fades to black - do they make it out of there alive, and more importantly, do they make it home?  8472 was to be the surprise aliens, but someone blew the secret and so Brannon decided to change the story for new aliens.  John Savage guest stars in this episode.  At the end of the episode, an alternate, "evil" EMH from the U.S.S. Equinox steals the forcefield technology that Voyager has established to keep the aliens at bay. He then goes on to capture Seven of Nine, free the Equinox crew from Voyager's brig and transports back to the Equinox, and heads off, using the alternate domain to harness energy, leaving Seven on board at the Equinox crew's will.  Voyager will come under heavy attack at the end as aliens board the ship, believing them to be in league with the Equinox.  Janeway must convince them that they are wrong, and it is quite possible that the aliens will sacrifice some of their own to track down the Equinox, and maybe even to send Voyager home...
     Written by Brannon Braga & Joe Menosky. Directed by David Livingston.
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Season Finale-Equinox
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