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Kate Mulgrew Leaving Voyager?  Say it ain't so!
By the way she IS NOT leaving YAY!!
Is Voyager going home??
An Interview with Executive Producer Brannon Braga
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Executive Producer Brannon Braga posted the following message at AOL, responding to
     criticisms of big continuity errors in "Dark Frontier":
Hello all. Brannon Braga posting. I've read the postings on our two-hour with great interest, and I wanted to respond to the issue of "nitpicking." First of all, we enjoy the way viewers analyze and dissect the episodes. It
keeps us on our toes and shows a great deal of intelligence and attention to detail on the part of our audience. What more could we ask for? Secondly, it's important for you to know that we spend a great deal of time tracking continuity and figuring out the potential plot holes. Needless to say, when one of you points out a
mistake, it drives us crazy. If only we could go back and fix them! But we NEVER ignore continuity, as it has been suggested by some of the more cynical people on this site. We take tremendous care in crafting these
episodes. It is absurd to think that we are lazy or simply disregard the Trek time-line, as it were. "Dark Frontier" was a project of passion for us -- we tried to create the most exciting, detailed, emotional two hours that we could, considering the time contraints of television. We hope you enjoyed it. As for the "mistakes" --what would you discuss here if there were none?
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