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The Focus is an European car. It debuted in Europe in '99. It was so well received that Ford decided to bring it to this side of the ocean, to once again try for a world car - this might be the one! Fastforward to 2003 - SVT transformed the peppy car into a true sport's car capable of 15.8 sec 1/4 mile times, due to the 170hp svt-Zetec.

The Focus has won the best compact car of '99 in Europe which is quite an accomplishment viewing it's European competition. It also won the 2000 best car in its class in North America. That is a feat just by it self!

Zx3 Design study!

   A drive in the Focus and you know it's roots right away.
Even the Ford sales people weren't ready for the difference in how to sell it!

    It handles well, power is adequate for the weight in standard form, great in the optional 2.0 Zetec (ZX2), braking is amazing, handling is it's strength, styling is it's own.
It is one of Europe's best compact / mid - sized car and it's priced like the old Escorts not bad at all!

The ZX3 Focus on Rally Trim!

It is available in three body styles, the hatchback ZX3 (Performance model - like the Rally car), the Sedan (four door) and the Station wagon. The aero dynamic front is the same for all the side and back are the differences off course.
     It is roomy inside, but compact on the outside, you will feel confortable driving it or just being a passenger. some of it's features include:

2.0 - SOHC- 110 hp 2.0 - Zetec DOHC - 130 hp
4 - OD trans. 5 speed manual trans.
CFC free Air  Remote Keyless Entry
Power Doors Power Windows
Anti-Theft system Cd player stereo

All this and more is available in the Focus.

If you own a Focus please let us know your experiences and send us a focused :) picture of the Focus!
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