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Video Reviews

This page is for reviews of posing tapes, such those produced by Women's Physique World, Ray Martin, and other companies. Contributions are welcome, even if the video has already been reviewed here; the length and style of reviews are entirely up to the author (though I reserve the right to remove objectionable content). If you would like to contribute a review, send me a message.

All reviews other than my own are used with permission of the authors.

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Women's Physique World

81 - Charla Sedacca / Janice Graser
95 - Athena
104 - Tommie Moreau
176 - Joanne McCartney
177 - Janice Ragain
191 - Juliette Bergmann / Athena
196 - Lenda Murray
253 - Debbie Muggli
255 - Paula Suzuki
283 - Sharon Marvel / Joanne Lee
289 - Stacy Moller / Summer Kalish
298 - Jennifer Greenbaum / Jacque Till
304 - Lora Ottenad
306 - Yolanda Hughes / Heather Foster
312 - Chris Lydon / Marianna Komlos
317 - Debi Laszewski / Jacquie Galler
322 - Christa Bauch
328 - Brenda Raganot / Valerie Gangi
333 - Dawn Adams / Kathy Unger
334 - Andrulla Blanchette
348 - Kelly Felske
350 - Michele Maroldo

Ray Martin Company

11 - I Want To Show You My Biceps - Christa Bauch
13 - Muscle Posing Only - Michele Ralabate
37 - Cheerleading Muscle - Karen Fazio
80 - Strength Sisters - Denise Gerard, Lauren Hart, and Valerie
95 - It's Been A Good Night - Lora Ottenad
112 - Muscle Music Of The 90's - Joanne Lee
117 - Major League Muscle - Melissa Coates
142 - House Of Biceps - Christa Bauch

Fast Twitching Video

Hard & Flexy - Andrulla Blanchette

Builtmore Productions

Polynesian Persuasion
Maxine Legroom 6


Th-resa Bostick - "Th-resa's Too Hot"

WPW 81 - Charla Sedacca / Janice Graser (2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This video was made in 1987, when Charla and Janice (who are sisters, as most people reading this will already know) were probably the two most promising competitors on the amateur scene. Had she been able to qualify, Charla would have been a serious threat to place in the top six at the 1987 Ms. Olympia. For some reason, neither of the two ever went far as pros - Charla competed just once as a professional, and Janice's pro career ended after several low placings. This tape has four roughly half hour sections - Charla posing, Janice posing, Charla and Janice freezing their butts off while posing together in the Meadowlands (slightly off-season), and a dual interview. The WPW catalog mentions gym work, but there is none of that on my copy of the tape. Are there multiple versions of this tape, or did WPW just screw up when they printed the catalog?

Anyway, this tape has become a true WPW classic, for one reason - Charla's absolutely incredible biceps (or is that two reasons?). She was a very attractive woman, her overall physique was excellent, and her conditioning here is superb (she was in contest shape, at 5'1" and around 114 lbs.), but her biceps are so incredible that they completely overshadow everything else on the tape. There are plenty of woman with bigger arms nowadays (though at nearly 15", hers look enormous relative to her small frame), but 12 (!) years later, I still have not seen anyone with better arms (particularly since she also had outstanding triceps). Charla poses outdoors in a yellow bikini, a red leotard with heels (Fall 1991 WPW back cover), and a black dress (the best of the outfits, in my opinion), and indoors in a sundress. Since they know a good thing when they see it, WPW put a heavy emphasis on arm shots. But the rest of her physique was not neglected, and there is some particularly nice leg and glute posing in the leotard.

Janice was also quite attractive, also with excellent biceps (it's genetic, after all) and a good overall physique, but she comes up short in the inevitable comparison with her sister. Still, several of the outfits are very good, particularly the denim mini / halter (Nov/Dec 1987 Women's Physique Publication cover) and the white tights / black halter. For the tandem posing in the Meadowlands, Charla and Janice wore matching purple leotards. They had a very windy, somewhat cold day, but they managed to stop shivering long enough to get some nice footage, with a heavy emphasis on biceps shots.

I wouldn't recommend buying the tape solely for Graser, but for biceps fans, this tape is an absolute must for the classic Sedacca footage. And the Graser segment is certainly a nice plus.

WPW 95 - Athena (1 1/2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

Another of the classic older WPW tapes, this one features Athena (Annis), one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the WPW camera. They taped her in 1985, and twice in 1988. For some reason, the 1988 footage appears first, starting with the off-season version. Though obviously not ripped, Athena was pretty hard here (not nearly as off-season as on video 191), with particularly good size and shape in her arms and legs. Her back looked like it needed some more work, though, and the choice of outfits doesn't allow any ab posing. She's an excellent poser, very comfortable in front of the camera. She poses in front of a red backdrop in several outfits (blue leotard and dresses), and indoors without the backdrop in some more dresses (skirt / gray blouse, and the standard WPW gray, long sleeved dress).

The off-season footage is good, but the contest shape portion of the tape is even better. They shot Athena at the 1988 Jr. USA's, and she was in incredible shape. She was an easy winner of the lightweight class, and probably would have won the overall, but unfortunately, she was disqualified for hitting an illegal moon pose. It's hard to believe that she was really a lightweight - she looks much bigger, particularly in the arms and legs. Her back, which looked unimpressive in the off-season shoot, is much better here - some of the back shots are among the highlights of this part of the tape, in part because of her excellent biceps. She still could have used some more lat width, however. With a contest tan, she looks even more attractive than in off-season shape, if that's possible. She poses in white shorts / halter, black mini / white tank top, a red dress (the best segment on the tape - you simply can not take your eyes off of her in this outfit), a leotard, and a bikini - about half an hour of truly classic posing.

The 1985 footage comes last, and starts with a short pump-oriented lifting segment. This is followed by about fifteen minutes of posing outdoors in a bikini and a dress. This is worth a look, but it certainly pales in comparison to her 1988 footage. However, considering that Athena was still in her teens at the time, this is pretty amazing stuff - you don't have to look very hard to see the potential that was there. Her arms were already good enough for the national level.

This tape is a must for anyone into the older (late 80's) material. Actually, it still stands up quite well today. They just don't make them like this any more.

WPW 104 - Tommie Moreau (2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This was WPW's first video with Tommie, made in 1988. It starts with Tommie in fairly hard, off-season condition, posing indoors in many, many dresses (I lost count), and outdoors in a leotard and a bikini. This is followed by a relatively short (approximately 30 minutes) segment taken in contest shape, where Tommie looks absolutely incredible - very massive in every bodypart, ripped, and vascular. About half of this portion of the tape was shot in a hotel room with Tommie wearing a bikini, and unfortunately, it suffers from inadequate lighting. However, the rest of the contest shape footage is fantastic - they shot her in the hotel stairway in two dresses (including an awesome segment where she walks up and down the stairs in a short black dress and heels), and outdoors in a leotard and a bikini. It looks like they used a camcorder for this part of the tape, because the camera bounces around more than usual, and the general quality of this footage is a bit below the usual WPW standard (slightly grainy). Then there is another off-season segment with Tommie posing in a bikini near the ocean; I don't know if this was taken at the same time as the indoor off-season footage, but I thought her off-season shape seemed a little better here. The tape closes with the usual interview.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with this tape. There's really nothing seriously wrong with it, but Tommie's contest condition was so good that I would have preferred more of that and less off-season. And as mentioned above, the quality of the contest shape footage could have been better - there's really only about 15 minutes of it that's worth watching. Also, although Tommie's posing was generally pretty good, she rushes a bit in places; you can hear the photographers telling her to slow down several times (though for some reason, this only seemed to be a problem during the first off-season segment). But Tommie's contest shape condition is outstanding....even by current standards.

Note - Although I have not seen it, I think the current version of video 104 includes material from some of WPW's later (1989) work with Tommie. My review is based on the original version of this video.

WPW 176 - Joanne McCartney (2 1/2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This was WPW's last video with Joanne, from 1990. She was in near contest shape here, and was the largest I've seen her. The tape starts with about fifteen minutes of Joanne posing in a hotel lobby, in the famous WPW cinnamon dress and a bikini. Her arms and legs both look incredible in the dress; the bikini segment is OK, but not particularly noteworthy. Then they took her outdoors for over an hour of posing in various outfits on railroad tracks and a nearby bridge (in tights / halter and several mini skirts), and in a small waterfall (in a white leotard). The two longest segments are a yellow mini (my favorite outfit on the tape), and the white leotard; both run fifteen minutes or more. There are plenty of excellent upper body shots (her arms - including forearms - are particularly impressive), and several of the minis also allowed for some nice ab shots. However, the emphasis is definitely on Joanne's incredible legs - great quads, and the best calves I've ever seen. They did did several nice walking scenes, which are really outstanding. This outdoor footage was apparently taken with a camcorder, so the picture bounces around a bit, but the video quality is still pretty good. My only real complaint is that they may have gone a bit overboard with the closeup shots in a few places.

Then there is about 45 minutes of additional posing - indoors, and on the deck, at that condo WPW uses so often. Again, lots of emphasis on legs; outfits include several more dresses, a bikini, and a leotard. Joanne looks particularly good in the last outfit, a black evening dress. The tape then concludes with an interview, which runs about 20 minutes. I found this interview to be a little more interesting than usual. Joanne talks about her powerlifting experience (she had done pretty well, with a squat and deadlift in the mid 400's), her move into professional wrestling, and fairly candidly about the IFBB and the WBF.

WPW has an earlier video (119) available on Joanne, with footage from 1987 through 1989. I have not seen it, so I can't make a full comparison - however, I have seen video 100 (from 1988), and the original version of 119, which have some of the footage now available in 119. Both 100 and the original 119 are pretty good, but if these are typical of the current video 119, then 176 is definitely the one to get first. If you simply want to look at a great set of calves, you can't go wrong with either tape, but Joanne is noticeably bigger on 176, particularly in the upper body. Needless to say, I heartily recommend video 176, especially for leg aficionados.

WPW 177 - Janice Ragain (2 3/4 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This tape is a compilation of several video sessions from 1990 to 1993. Though Janice has been retired from competition since 1989, she has stayed in terrific shape. Throughout her competitive career, she was known for her outstanding arms, and any doubts about whether her arms have lost anything are erased immediately, as the tape opens with her pumping up with some curls in WPW's standard cinnamon dress. Aside from a fifteen minute interview, the tape consists entirely of posing, in an array of outfits too numerous to mention. However, I will say that I particularly liked the first two (the cinnamon dress and a white sun dress); actually, the cinnamon dress appears again later in the tape as she poses by (and in) a stream. But the best outfit, in my opinion, is red tights with a tight, long-sleeve black top, which provides great arm shots and even better glute shots (for those of you not familiar with Janice, her glutes are some of the best ever).

Some of the posing further into the tape looks like it might have been intended originally for Ray Martin use. One scene starts with a very short bit of "muscle talk" ("I hope you like my arms..."), and there's another where they shot her doing her hair in a mirror. Fortunately though, regardless of the intended use, there are no corny Ray Martin skits. One particularly unusual scene was shot when they took her out to dinner, video camera in hand. She went into the restaurant with her arms covered, but they managed to persuade her to take her jacket off for a brief arm shot. This must have made for an interesting dining experience for some of the other patrons!

I'm a long time Ragain fan, and I enjoyed this tape a lot. She's not as hard as on the old video 51 from 1986, but she's just as big, and as pretty as ever. Though she was fairly big by mid-80's standards, she lacks the muscularity of the present day women. However, her physique (arms in particular) is a case of good shape and decent size being as good or better than freaky size and so-so shape. If you like the combination of mid-range muscularity and great looks, you'll like this tape.

WPW 191 - Juliette Bergmann / Athena (2 hours)

Review by Jabber

There's more footage of Juliette Bergmann than Athena Annis.... [Athena] is more massive and not as cut (certainly not compared to the WPW-95 contest footage of Athena but even when compared to Athena's off-season footage from WPW-95). For Athena only, the WPW-191 tape does NOT compare favorably to the ultimate classic WPW-95 tape. WPW-95 (Athena Annis) was my first (femuscle tape that is), so I'm quite fond of it. :-)

However, I've also seen many tapes of Juliette Bergmann over the years. WPW-191 has got to be the finest I've EVER seen Juliette Bergmann, EVER! And that's no mean feat as WPW-118 was pretty good (of Juliette). I'd heard that Juliette retired from the fbb world before this taping, but...Seriously, she has NEVER looked better. Not ripped but the most pleasing LARGE muscle shapes everywhere... As good as Athena is, I barely glanced at her, but concentrated on Ms. Bergmann almost exclusively...a MUST!

Review by Steamer

I bought this tape partly due to Jabber's glowing review, and partly out of a basic need to have Juliette (one of my all-time favorites) in my video collection. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Juliette was retired when this tape was made (1990 and 1991). I don't know why or how she stayed in such great shape, but she looks incredible - not in contest shape, but probably within five pounds of it, and bigger than ever. And all the trademark Bergmann attributes are still there - some of the best calves ever, the huge, full biceps, the wide lats, the tiny waist, and of course, the exotic good looks. She's also a really nice poser, and simply exudes sex appeal. Anyone who thinks that all female bodybuilders are unattractive should have a look at this tape. This tape could find a permanent home in any serious female bodybuilding fan's VCR.

I also agree with Jabber that Athena *has* looked better. She's still very attractive, and she shows some good muscle size, but she's *very* off-season. I'll say one thing, though - she really filled out those fishnet tights nicely. The black dress and the denim mini aren't bad, either. There's also about ten minutes of heavy lifting, but don't expect to see any world records set. She's strong, but certainly not super strong like some of the other women WPW has taped. It's probably not worth getting this tape solely for Athena, though if you're a fan of hers, it's certainly still worth a look.

WPW 196 - Lenda Murray (2 1/2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This tape has three distinct parts - contest shape in 1989, off-season in 1990, and contest shape in 1991. In the 1989 section, Lenda was about 135 lbs., right after winning the Junior Nationals. Though not as big as during her pro career, she still had plenty of size, along with unmatched shape and proportions. The first (and best) outfit is a white dress - really a white skirt with a white halter top. Among other things, she hits some really nice side bicep shots while seated, and of course, her awesome back shots. The original 1989 version of this had the original sound (for some reason, all of the original 1989 has been replaced with classical music), and you could hear the WPW guys gasping (for good reason) when she hit her rear lat spread. Other outfits are the standard WPW silver dress, a white bikini, and a leotard. The 1989 footage runs close to an hour, and includes an interview.

The 1990 segment follows, and features some rep-oriented gym work, and posing in a leotard and some dresses. Lenda has added a considerable amount of size, and though she's definitely not close to ripped, she shows good hardness for 160 lbs. This part is fairly short (15-20 minutes), and is followed by a short guest posing appearance, also in off-season shape.

However the real reason to buy this tape (as if the 1989 footage isn't enough) is the 1991 footage, taken shortly before the 1991 Ms. Olympia - about 45 minutes of the most incredible posing you'll ever see. Lenda had really bulked up to do battle with Bev Francis, and in my opinion, never looked better. Except for her notorious high calves, she was full, massive and defined everywhere - her back, arms, shoulders, and thighs are all incredible. The outfits include a very short black & white striped dress, a black dress, a bikini (March 1992 WPW cover), tights / halter, a long-sleeved brown dress, and a leotard (March 1992 WPW back cover). All of these are so good, it's hard to pick one as the best. The 1991 footage ends with another interview.

This tape is a true classic. No video library should be without it, unless you just don't like Lenda - in which case, you're probably hopeless :-). This is one tape that I may eventually risk wearing out.

WPW 253 - Debbie Muggli (2 1/4 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This video was taken right after Debbie placed third in the 1994 Ms. Olympia. She is in contest shape at 5'5" and nearly 160 lbs. The tape starts with the interview, and Debbie looks so good here that the interview is actually worth watching for once. She's wearing a sleeveless black dress, and she gestures with her hands a lot while she talks, so you get to see some good bicep flexing. The interview is followed by posing in several outfits - a black leather swimsuit (sort of), a skirt / halter combo, the black dress from the interview, and outdoors in a bikini (January / February 1995 WPW cover). The black dress and the bikini are particularly outstanding. Debbie is massively developed from head to toe, but her biceps and legs are particularly good. I never realized just how good her calves were until I saw this video. Also, despite being one of the most massive woman ever, she did not sacrifice sex appeal, and that definitely comes across on the tape.

Some gym work follows, with Debbie wearing a leotard. The lifting is rep oriented, and is probably better than the average WPW gym footage. The gym work is followed by more outdoor posing, by the abandoned caboose and railroad tracks. And speaking of cabooses...Debbie poses hers (among other things) in a really nice cut-off shorts / halter combo (July / August 1995 WPW back cover) and another bikini.

I rate this video as a must have for almost any serious video collector. This and the Lenda Murray video (196) are probably the two best that I have seen. The only reason not to get it is if you prefer the less muscular, fitness look.

WPW 255 - Paula Suzuki (1 1/4 hours)

Review by Steamer

This video can be summarized with two words - "back" and "biceps". Paula was actually pretty well developed overall, but the focus here is on her incredible upper body development - the type of size and thickness you'd expect from a woman who has officially benched 352 lbs. There is a gym segment featuring rep-oriented work, then several posing sequences, all with Paula in contest shape: indoors in a one-piece swimsuit, then outdoors in dresses, shorts / tight short-sleeve top (my favorite part of the tape), and leotard. Paula is a very good poser, and does a great job of working with the camera. This tape would *not* be a good choice if you prefer a lot of leg shots - Paula's legs are good, but that's not the emphasis here. But if you like extreme upper body development, this tape is a gem.

Review by Fbb_fan

This tape starts with the interview, which begins with a close-up of Paula flexing a huge bicep in a short, tight-sleeve top - a preview of coming attractions. A substantial portion of the interview was spent discussing Paula's powerlifting career (she is one of the best bench pressers in the world). At the time this tape was shot, her best bench in competition was 325. I think it's interesting that when the interviewer asked if she thought she could ever hit 400, she thought that was out of reach; now, it looks like it's not a question of "if", but "when". The interview is followed by pump-oriented gym work, with Paula wearing a black leotard. With her powerlifting background, I'm sure WPW would love a chance to shoot her lifting heavy in off-season shape.

All of the posing that follows shows Paula in contest shape. First, she poses indoors in an olive green swimsuit. For some reason, WPW chose to leave the natural sound intact here, but I think this is a case where dubbing in music would have been wise - there's too much background noise. Following this, she poses outdoors in a gold dress, a black dress, white shorts with a very tight, short sleeve blue top (the same outfit worn during the interview), and a white leotard. For some reason, she wore flat shoes rather than heels while posing in the dresses, but this isn't a big problem because there's a heavy focus on upper body shots. Also, I thought that the black dress was a poor choice - the cut makes her look too blocky. However, the gold dress and the blue top were extremely good choices. As you probably know, Paula is well known for her incredible back, and these two outfits were very well-suited for back poses - both outfits conform nicely when she hits her lat spreads. She also hits some excellent close-up arm shots using an outdoor light fixture as a prop, and there are some great close-up chest shots (all that benching has built incredible pec thickness). One of the best parts of the tape is the closing scene in the blue top - they zoom in so close that her right bicep fills up almost the entire screen.

If you like women with extreme upper body development, this tape is for you. Paula's legs aren't bad, actually; there are probably many women who would be quite happy with legs as good as hers. However, her upper body is so overwhelming that her legs seem a bit underdeveloped by comparison. There's not a lot of leg posing here anyway, so if that's what you want to see, you'll be better off with someone like Joanne McCartney. I've heard some people criticize Paula's looks, but I actually found her to be reasonably attractive. She smiles a lot, and seems quite comfortable posing on camera. As I mentioned above, I thought the gold dress and the outfit with the tight top were particularly nice, and I'd recommend getting the tape just for those (there's probably at least ten minutes of posing in each of these outfits).

WPW 283 - Sharon Marvel / Joanne Lee (2 3/4 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

The time on this video is split about equally between the two women - about 80 minutes each. Sharon Marvel is up first, in the last of her many WPW appearances. It starts with about 40-45 minutes of contest shape footage, taken just before the 1995 Jan Tana. In my opinion, this was her best contest shape ever - even better than for the 1993 Ms. Olympia. It's hard to believe that she only took 10th place showing in the Jan Tana; I'm sure this result had something to do with her decision to retire from competition. The first sequence is the longest (about 15 minutes) and best, with Sharon posing outdoors in a red leotard and heels. She seems to have more upper body size than previously, and of course, her lower body is as good as ever. They strike a nice balance here, not really over-emphasizing any one particular bodypart - a good decision, given her tremendous overall development. Well, maybe there's a little more emphasis on legs, but you'd expect that with her. They conclude this segment with her walking around a bit, which really shows off her lower body nicely. The weather was apparently very hot (Virginia in July), so they moved indoors for the rest of the shoot, where they continue with another leotard, and two nice dresses. Again, a good balance of poses, highlighted by several demonstrations of the Marvel "thigh flap".

Following a short interview, there is about 25 minutes of footage taken about two months later, when Sharon had bulked up to about 160 lbs. (compared to 140 in contest shape). Apparently, she had not been working out much since the Jan Tana; she looks moderately hard, with so-so definition, but a great shape as always. She looks much more relaxed here than I've ever seen her on tape, which is a nice plus. One negative here is that her tan was basically non-existent. There's probably more emphasis on her legs in this segment, for good reason; her lat spread also looks particularly impressive. The outfits in this segment include a red leotard, a denim dress, and a skirt / black tank-top combination. There's another nice walking sequence in the last outfit. Since this was Sharon's final WPW video, they conclude with a nice retrospective, showing clips from their various shoots with her over the years (and there have been many).

I've seen three other Marvel WPW videos - 74, 161 and 246. If picking one for contest shape, I'd go with 283 if you prefer size, but probably with 161 if you like more of a "girl next door" look - great condition, but less size. For off-season shape, I'd go with either 161 or 246 before 283. I think there's more off-season posing on those than on 283, and she's definitely in better shape, without sacrificing her characteristic off-season shape and fullness.

Of course, if you get this video (283), you also get Joanne Lee. This was also WPW's last shooting with Joanne, and as in video 243, she was in contest shape - this time, fresh off her 7th place showing in the 1995 Ms. Olympia. All the posing is outdoors, starting with a black bikini. This begins with Joanne applying oil to herself, after which she poses, first standing, and then sitting on a park bench. For some reason, I didn't particularly care for the cut of her bikini, though her condition here is certainly hard to fault. Posing continues in three dresses - a nice blue one, and two black ones (one sleeveless, and one with short sleeves). There's a definite emphasis on arm shots (for good reason - her arms are huge), with some excellent close-ups, and there are also several nice walking scenes, including one that lasts about two minutes. Although Joanne is probably best known for her upper body, her legs are very good, too. The final posing segment takes place on the railroad tracks (a setting they have used many times - with Debbie Muggli and Diana Dennis, among others), with Joanne wearing a yellow leotard and heels. This is the best outfit she wears on the tape; the cut of the leotard makes the walking scenes particularly good. :-) An interview closes the tape, and is what every WPW interview should be - short.

If I were picking a tape just for Joanne Lee, I'd probably pick this one over WPW-243. A possible plus (not for me, but some people evidently like it) is that 243 includes some gym work, but I like the posing on 283 a bit better. The main reason for this is that she's a bit bigger on 283; I'd say that the choice is outfits is about equal between the two.

WPW 289 - Stacy Moller / Summer Kalish (2 3/4 hours)

Review by Jabber

Although I personally worship the ground Summer Kalish walks on, Stacey Moller's cuteness (head to toe artful muscles) was beyond comprehension at times. The most phenomenally perfect yet almost delicate looking hand-crafted abs you'll ever see. And WPW was at an all-time creative genius in realizing how incredible her abs were with unusual outfits including a sweater scene close-up that would knock the socks off an abs lover...

WPW 298 - Jennifer Greenbaum / Jacque Till (2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

The tape starts with Greenbaum in off season condition at about 180 pounds (at 5'4"), looking surprisingly hard. There's maybe 20 minutes of gym work (heavy lifting), including a somewhat embarassing moment when Jennifer forgot that the camera was picking up sound. I'm a little surprised that WPW didn't edit that out. The off-season footage concludes with about 20 minutes of posing near an indoor pool in a leotard and the standard WPW cinnamon dress, and outdoors in a short black dress with long, tight sleeves. In the cinnamon dress, she takes a dip in the pool for a "wet" look. In my opinion, the black dress is the highlight of this part of the tape; unfortunately, it only lasts four or five minutes. There's a short segment with her walking that is outstanding. As always, her legs are unbelievable - great shape and size in both the quads and the calves. Her upper body has good size; however, I don't particularly care for the shape of her arms.

The contest shape footage is next, starting with a 20 minute interview, and followed by another 20 minutes of posing. Once again, Jennifer shows some freaky leg development (I mean that in a good way) - massive, ripped to shreds, and fairly vascular. In addition to the great quads and calves, she also has tremendous hamstring development. She poses indoors in a short black dress and outdoors in a blue bikini. Jennifer is a good poser, and works very well with the WPW camera men. One negative (both off-season and in contest shape) is that the effects of steroid use are clearly evident. There are some shots of her from the side in the bikini where you can clearly see her lower abdominals bulging forward (a common side effect of HGH). Also, her face (even off-season) and voice are somewhat harsh.

The Till segment runs about 40 minutes, including a short interview; there is no gym work. All posing is in contest shape. I thought she looked pretty good here - her legs in particular are excellent, and she's kind of cute. Her upper body is decent - nicely shaped and well balanced, though not especially massive. WPW definitely put more emphasis on leg shots, and for good reason. Jacque poses in a bikini, and a few other outfits - one outfit includes cutoff, and there is a dress or two.

As a general recommendation, I would not suggest buying this tape - it is definitely not a "must have" like the Lenda Murray tape. Nor is it a tape to get if you want to see a lot of bicep action. However, it is a very good bet for those who like extreme leg development, as long as Greenbaum's look doesn't scare you away.

WPW 304 - Lora Ottenad (2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This tape starts with about 45 minutes of Lora in contest shape in 1996 - first posing indoors in several dresses, and then outdoors in a yellow bikini. Lora is not as ripped as some women get in contest shape, but her condition here looked pretty good to me, and at 5'8", 169 lbs., she has plenty of size. She is also an incredibly beautiful woman, and with a background in exotic dancing, she's not shy about posing, and works well with the camera. The bikini segment, which last about 15 minutes, is particularly outstanding; among other things, the walking scenes (with heels) are awesome. Her physique is pretty well balanced, and they mix the posing up nicely. Her back poses are some of her best shots, due in part to her fantastic glutes. Her quads are also excellent; her arms are big, with good triceps, though her biceps could use a better peak. Oh yes - WPW also made sure to get plenty of chest shots...

This is followed by about 15 minutes of very heavy lifting in her 1997 off-season shape. Lora is more strict on form than many of WPW's other heavy lifting subjects, so her curl poundage (where cheating makes a big difference) isn't as high as some of the others. This is a plus, in my opinion - I prefer to see the lifts done properly, rather than seeing a lot of cheating to move more weight. Lora then works up to a fairly easy 275 on the bench press, and then takes a shot at 315. Unfortunately, it's impossible to tell if she got 315, because her spotter (Andrea Hurwitz) had her hands on the bar. Lora gets off the bench thinking she missed it, but Hurwitz claims that she did it; Hurwitz certainly didn't convince me. Still, it's pretty decent weight. Then on the leg press, she goes up to 1800 (!) pounds.

After the lifting, it's off to that old train car that WPW uses so often for more posing. Lora starts by posing in a nice white dress inside the car, and although she's around 180 lbs., she still looks pretty hard. In this condition, her back shots are even more impressive than in contest shape. The rest of the off-season posing is in bikinis outside the train car. Obviously, she's smoother than in contest shape, but she still has decent definition; you can even see some detail in her abs in some of the shots. The tape concludes with the usual interview, which runs about 15 minutes.

My preference is generally for the contest or near contest shape look. However, this is one case where I can't decide whether I prefer contest shape or off-season; Lora is so gorgeous that it just doesn't seem to matter. You might be disappointed in this tape if you go for the hard as nails, ripped to the bone look - even in contest shape, she's not in that kind of condition. But otherwise, if you want a tape of an attractive woman with a lot of muscle, this tape is one that I highly recommend.

WPW 306 - Yolanda Hughes / Heather Foster (2 3/4 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This tape has about 70 minutes of Yolanda in 1996, and approximately 95 minutes of Heather from two shootings, in 1996 (contest shape) and 1997 (off-season). Yolanda was slightly off-season at about 160 pounds (at 5'6.5"), compared to 154 in contest shape. The tape starts with 20 minutes of Yolanda lifting heavy in the gym, with a guest appearance by Renita Harris. The Muscleville USA site says that you have to buy the tape to see how much over 300 she benches, but in fact, she only goes up to 245. She also goes over 1000 on the leg press, and does some heavy curls. Harris is no slouch, benching 185 for a few reps, and curling (slightly cheating) 105 - not bad for a fitness competitor. Yolanda then poses for about 30 minutes in three outfits - a red dress, a black leotard, and denim shorts / halter. Despite not being in contest shape, her thighs have particularly good definition. There are also some really nice back and glute shots. The Hughes part of the tape concludes with a 20 minute interview.

The Foster part of the tape begins with about 45 minutes of posing in contest shape (5'5", 151 pounds) at the 1996 USA's. She poses indoors in a denim shorts / vest combo, a pink leotard, and a pink bikini, and then outdoors in the bikini and briefly again in the denim outfit. The bikini is probably the best of these outfits, and this alone covers about 25 minutes. Heather's physique is well developed all over, but there is a heavy emphasis on upper body shots, particularly arms. She also has a tremendous back and very impressive, thick pecs (no implants). For upper body posing, this part of the tape compares favorably with any WPW tape that I have seen. This is followed by an off-season segment from 1997, when she was bulked up at about 180 pounds. First, there is about 20 minutes of heavy gym work. She goes up to 315 (near miss) on the bench, does some very impressive heavy curls (easy strict reps with 115, only a slight cheat at 135, heavy cheating at 155), and lat pulldowns. Apparently, a hip or leg injury prevented any lower body work. She then poses indoors for about 15 minutes in a black dress. She is very, very massive here, but not very defined, and this is not nearly as good as the contest shape posing, in my opinion. Needless to say, the tape concludes with an interview. Just before the interview, they measure her right arm, and it checks in at a legitimate 17". Keep this in mind the next time you see some woman claiming 19" arms, because arms don't come much bigger than Heather's.

The Hughes part of the tape is reasonably good, but to me, Heather Foster is the star of the tape. I would definitely recommend this tape, but mostly for the contest shape footage of Foster - a particularly good choice for those who like a massively developed upper body.

WPW 312 - Chris Lydon / Marianna Komlos (2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This tape was made at the time of the 1997 Women's Extravaganza; both Lydon and Komlos were competing in the bodybuilding show. The tape starts with a tandem, rep-oriented gym session, which runs about 30 minutes. Gym work has never been my favorite part of WPW tapes anyway, but I'd have to rate this as below average gym work; neither woman really seemed to get pumped. Next, Lydon poses for about 25 minutes in a pink bikini and a black dress. Her condition is pretty good, but she isn't very big (particularly lacking in the upper body) - more of a mid-80's (or current fitness) look. However, she is quite attractive, and has good legs. Her interview follows, and runs about 20 minutes.

Next, Komlos poses for about 40 minutes in a red bikini, white shorts / green halter, and a really nice gold dress. She's somewhat bigger than Lydon, but somehow, it's hard to believe that she was in contest shape; she lacks hardness, and has more of a slight off-season look. Nevertheless, she's one of the most attractive women WPW has photographed in a long time, and she seems extremely comfortable in front of the camera. Her biceps, chest, and calves are probably her best bodyparts. In addition to the usual WPW posing, Marianna does a few unusual strength moves - a straddle hold on an outdoor light for about a minute and some handstand pushups. She also started to do a "flag", but the tree she was going to use for support didn't seem up to the job. The Extravaganza routines of both women come next, and the tape concludes with Marianna's interview, which runs 15-20 minutes.

In many respects, this tape has the feel of a mid-80's production, as both women are very attractive, but neither is either highly ripped or extremely massive. Consequently, this tape would be a good choice if you prefer the more attractive, but less muscular women; if you want state of the art muscularity, look elsewhere.

WPW 317 - Debi Laszewski / Jacquie Galler (2 3/4 hours)

Review by Jabber

For truly wild biceps posing, WPW- Debi Laszewski and Jacquie Galler blew me away. Ms. Laszewski I really like and has one of the most erotic front double bicep shots ever (in her off-season her biceps are just huge and enhanced looking), but Ms. Galler? Thin, unusual looking, not pretty, but VERY SEXY looking with wild hair (I've always preferred sexy to pretty any day myself) with bicep footage that will blow you away, if that's your fancy... If WPW did 10 more tapes on Ms. Galler's arms only, I would buy all 10 tapes... as I was begging for more outfits - preferably sleeveless sweaters and short-sleeve T-shirts with her upper arms covered and partially covered.

WPW 322 - Christa Bauch (2 hours)

Review by Fbb_fan

This tape starts out with about 20-25 minutes of gym work. Ordinarily, gym work is not my favorite part of WPW tapes, but this gym work is exceptionally good. This is partly due to Christa's outfit (black spandex shorts and a yellow halter), but mostly, it's due to her fantastic condition. Her last contest was the 1995 Jan Tana (this part of the tape was shot in 1996), but despite her retirement, she was virtually in contest shape. The gym work is pump / rep oriented, and hits just about everything (lat pulldowns, curls, dips, leg extensions, etc.). For me, the barbell curls are the highlight of the gym segment - Christa's biceps are some of the very best ever, and the curls give her an incredible pump. This is easily the best gym footage I have seen; I usually give the gym work just a single viewing, but this is definitely worthy of repeated viewing.

The gym work is followed by about 45 minutes of indoor posing from 1996. Christa's arms are probably her best bodypart, but she has one of the most completely developed physiques you will see anywhere. She's also a very attractive woman, and probably looks a good ten years younger than her actual age (late 40's when this was done). The first outfit is a nice black dress, and although there is a definite emphasis on her upper body (particularly arms), they also get plenty of leg shots (Christa is not lacking here, either). This is followed by a bikini, a dark lingerie outfit with long gloves, and a really nice red leotard. Christa's arms look good regardless of her attire, but for some reason, the lingerie outfit was particularly good for arm shots. Also, being semi-transparent, it made for some nice chest shots. If you think implants are a necessity in women's bodybuilding, you might change your mind after seeing this tape. In the red leotard, Christa does that "bouncing pecs" muscle control thing, which is something you don't see women doing very often. The 1996 segment concludes with a roughly 10 minute interview.

This is followed by a shorter (20-25 minutes) 1997 posing segment. Needless to say, her condition was about the same as usual - practically contest ready. They shot her outdoors in two nice outfits - a dress with a tight black long-sleeved top, and a black shorts / halter combination. The first outfit still makes for great arm shots in spite of the long sleeves, since her arms look like they're about to burst through the fabric. They also got in one of those nice walking scenes that they often do. However, I liked the second outfit even better - this is the best part of the tape, in my opinion. Her arms look simply unbelievable in this segment, especially while she is using a nearby tree for a prop. This outfit also provided the opportunity for some outstanding ab shots, and as most of us know, Christa's abs are another of her many strong points. In both of these outfits, there's a much greater emphasis on upper body shots than in the 1996 footage. For some reason, the 1997 posing has a slightly grainy look to it. It's certainly not bad enough to ruin this part of the tape, but it appears that WPW didn't use their best equipment here. The tape concludes with Christa's guest posing appearance at the 1997 Strength Extravaganza. Here, she takes the stage dressed as a traditional German barmaid, then gradually strips down to her posing suit.

I may be somewhat biased, since Christa is one of my three or four all-time favorites, but this tape is one of the best that I have seen - nearly on a par with the Lenda Murray (196) and Debbie Muggli (253) videos. The footage on Christa's 1993 WPW video (230, with Gabriella Spuhn) is outstanding, but this tape is just as good, if not better. Her conditioning *might* be a hair better on the earlier tape, but she is also in superb condition on 322, despite her retirement. Also, she's probably a bit bigger on 322. If you are a biceps fan, a Christa tape should be at or near the top of your list, and you can't go wrong with either 230 or 322 unless you prefer a heavier, off-season look.

WPW 328 - Brenda Raganot / Valerie Gangi (2 hours)

Review by Jabber

Brenda is almost too sexy, too perfectly cute, of Oriental descent. She recently killed the competition at the 1998 NPC Nationals (very well deserved and long overdue), as she was perfection in symmetry. This tape was from 1997, however, when she was nearly as good. Even with all the sex appeal that she exudes, you can still see her abs standing out at attention, with deep ridges easily caught by the camera. There's one prolonged close-up of her deep deep ridges while she's lying on her back which is almost worth the price of the tape alone. However, Valerie Gangi was the highlight. Abs so hard in the early footage on this tape, it was breathtaking (and you KNOW I'm an abs fanatic). Very thick muscles all over, and her expression and face just to me is so incongruous with a girl in such good shape ('specially her midsection) it adds to the appeal. Some of the best abs footage ever. Later in the tape, you see her really, REALLY thick (unfortunately kinda steroid'ed out looking - but I'm getting to enjoy that look, too) where the thickness in her arms and shoulders are just wow. The abs aren't shot close-up enough at the end, however.

WPW 333 - Dawn Adams / Kathy Unger (2 hours)

Review by Jabber

Dawn's been known for her abs, but I've seen her in better shape on other tapes, I bought the tape for Kathy Unger no question. FINALLY, WPW tapes Kathy "abs" Unger. Unfortunately, she wasn't in contest nor rock hard shape in this tape. After seeing the perfection of Ms. Raganot and the unreal condition of Ms. Gangi (abs just exuding power), could Kathy compete with that? Well, her posing style and look was really interesting and distinctive (there IS no one like the distinctive Ms. Unger), but it was her proportions and unusual posing style that really made this something else. Her abs are so muscular and thick they actually protrude! Because she's not completely lean here, when she "hits" the shot (she always has been known to crunch her abs viciously!), it ain't there (i.e. don't expect this footage to compete with Ms. Gangi's), but it is her unusual proportions and thick muscular waist (on a not short squatty fbb but a rather tall lanky one) that really is intriguing. Plus, as thick and solid-looking as her abs were, she did a vacuum pose (why is that so rare?) and also did a rolling motion with her abs (sucking in, protruding her abs - where you still see distinct plates of muscle) that was truly neat to watch. Also of note, she wasn't ashamed to do a crab pose! I'm glad WPW and Ms. Unger finally saw eye to eye to get this unusual and ultra-distinct fbb on tape, finally!

WPW 334 - Andrulla Blanchette (1 hour)

Review by Steamer

One of the big selling points of this video is supposed to be the gym work, which features very heavy lifting. I'm not a big fan of the gym stuff anyway, but I must say that it doesn't really live up to the hype. For example, Andrulla goes up to something like 1100 lbs. on the leg press, but her reps at that weight can charitably be described as "partials". And her form was so bad on the curls that she literally almost fell over backwards at one point. It must've given her a good back workout, though! If you had her doing strict curls, she wouldn't get even close to 180 lbs. To me, the gym work should either be "pump" stuff, or heavy lifting with reasonably good form. But just throwing heavy weights around with ultra-sloppy form doesn't impress me in the least.

The posing part of the tape is pretty good, though. Andrulla was about 145 lbs - about 5 lbs. over contest shape (6 weeks after the Ms. I), so she still looked good - not ripped, but very hard. She poses outdoors in a two piece outfit (bikini? sort of, I guess...) and a white dress - very, very thick physique, excellent arms, back, and thighs. Then there's the usual WPW interview. I was a little disappointed in the amount of posing on this tape. The gym work last about 20 minutes, and the interview is about the same - maybe even a few minutes longer. That only leaves about 20 minutes of posing. What posing there is is excellent, especially the part in the white dress. Maybe they just cut the posing short because of that thunderstorm that came up. :-)

WPW 348 - Kelly Felske (2 hours)

Review by Freaker

Kelly is phenomenal, especially if you like muscular chests. It seems like at least 1/3 the tape is chest posing - they definitely knew what to focus on. She's got some great size and vascularity in her arms, too. And she's really easy on the eyes, a very pretty woman for her 46 years (!!). The first hour of the tape is outdoor posing in various outfits, followed by her routine at the USA last year, then some off-season workout footage. She also does some indoor posing in her off season shape, and there's a short interview at the end. I don't buy a lot of tapes, but I'd say the Felske tape is definitely worth it.

Review by Fbb_fan

WPW had two shootings with Kelly - in contest shape at the USA's in July, 1998 (139 lbs.), and in two months later at 154 lbs. The contest shape footage is first, and runs nearly an hour. There are three outfits - denim shorts / black halter, red bikini (30 minutes; contest day, and the day after), and a white dress. Although her overall conditioning is phenomenal, most of this is upper body oriented, with lots of closeups. Kelly's legs were ripped and somewhat vascular, but lack the size needed to be truly outstanding. However, her upper body is excellent - ripped and extremely vascular, with one of the best muscular (as opposed to implant enhanced) chests around, and excellent back and forearms. Her biceps aren't huge, but have good shape and definition. However, to me, her delts are the most outstanding feature of her bicep poses - she has some of the best delts I've seen. She's also a very attractive woman, and doesn't look anywhere close to 46. The WPW cameraman was particularly enthralled with her arms, so there are lots of bicep closeups.

After her routine from the USA's, there is about 20 minutes of gym work at her heavier weight. This was one of their heavy lifting sessions, and she's particularly impressive on the lat pulldowns (she says in the interview that her back is her strongest bodypart). 20 minutes of posing follows, in a black dress, a black two piece (sort of a leotard), and denim shorts with a white top. Again, there is a heavy emphasis on upper body shots, and she has decent definition for off-season shape. The tape closes with a 20 minute interview.

If you like upper body posing and a ripped, vascular look, this tape is a good choice. It might have improved things a little if they had worked another outfit or two into the contest shape section (perhaps instead of using the bikini again on the second day). Also, despite being quite attractive, Kelly doesn't seem to exude sex appeal the way some of the women (Bergmann, Murray, Muggli, Masino, Ralabate, etc.) do. However, these are relatively minor complaints - overall, a solid effort from both Felske and WPW.

WPW 350 - Michele Maroldo (2 hours)

Review by TheJackal

Among those [WPW bicep oriented videos] that I have is THE best in terms of subject's attributes (those arms!!!) and the production.

Michele's in awesome condition (although taped in "off season" condition)... she's chiseled, but not extremely cut. She's also quite attractive with beautiful blue eyes and long strawberry blonde hair with nice highlights. She has a seemingly great personality--with no annoying background music overdubs, it comes through when the cameraman chats her up (and during the interview). Her only minor flaw: she may need a touch of finishing school with emphasis on feminine grace...when they did the cool walking to and fro scenes, the tune "Walks like a man" ran through my head. As her recent poor placings in regional contests were revealed during the interview, I surmised this minor flaw probably bleeds over into her posing routines and costs her presentation style points. After your check out her bod, you'll agree--it's the only possible explanation. She has a world caliber physique. Apparently, she's only been in a few contests. When she refines this area...look out Ms. Olympia--she's gonna be a contender quickly!

More on production values: WPW did it right. Like I said, no music dubs. WPW executes their standard format: gym work with interspersed posing of the pumped body parts (they concentrate on the upper body, especially those guns) followed by posing in various outfits (a bikini, dresses, and hot pants/halter outfits). However, the good news (and departure from the standard) here is they did lots of "Martinesque" muscle pumping and shot from many and varied angles.

Who's would I compare her biceps to? They are a delightful cross between Vicki Gates and Charla Sedacca--size and peak.

Enough drivel from me--GO GET THIS TAPE!

Review by Fbb_fan

Michele certainly has an awesome set of arms - some of the biggest and best ever. However, overall, I was disappointed with this tape - not because of anything WPW did wrong, but for my taste, Maroldo's physique simply doesn't live up to the hype. She's somewhat blocky and thick-waisted, which is particularly apparent in the bikini footage. Also, her face looked kind of harsh during the close-up shots (I suspect this was related to her condition - her face looked much better when she recently appeared on the Maury Povich show), and it would help if she at least tried to smile occasionally. But worst of all, she's just not a very good poser. She even needed some coaching from the WPW guys to hit a proper double biceps pose. With arms like that, you'd think that would be one pose she'd be familiar with by now. And the walking scenes? Well, let's just say that I agree with TheJackal's assessment - basically, she has arms like a blacksmith, and she walks like one, too. If you're a bicep nut, and you don't care about the rest of the physique, this tape is a must have; otherwise, don't bother.

Ray Martin 11 - I Want To Show You My Biceps (Christa Bauch, 70 minutes)

Review by Fbb_fan

As Ray Martin customers know, the Ray Martin approach is perhaps vaguely similar to the WPW style, but attempts to add more of a "sensual" element. Though I liked this video, I wouldn't call it a success from a stylistic point of view.

The video starts with about five minutes of Christa flexing her incredible biceps in a tight, long-sleeved black top. This section is very good in places, and only so-so in others - black is a tricky color, and when Christa hits certain poses (like bicep shots with her arm in front of her torso), her arm doesn't stand out well, due to the lack of contrast with the rest of her body. This is followed by a rather long (about 12 minutes) segment where Robin Parker applies some sort of oil to Christa (wearing a black bikini), in preparation for the posing to follow. Since Christa is just standing there, but isn't actually doing much of anything, this starts to drag after a few minutes - I ended up watching most of this on fast forward. Also, although a look at Robin could have been a nice plus, it wasn't, since she was wearing a very baggy sweatshirt. The posing scenes that follow are worth the wait, however.

There is another oiling segment later in the tape; Christa is wearing a blue bikini this time. This second oiling scene is much better than the first - the difference is that they did a lot of close up shots and moved the camera around enough to keep it interesting. The trademark Bauch ab punching scene takes place during the oiling segment, with Robin Parker and some anonymous guy (we only see his arm, which is probably just as well) doing the honors. After Christa hits her poses in the blue bikini, she switches to a red leotard and poses in front of a nice wood wardrobe chest. Unfortunately, this wasn't the best choice of background, since the wood is nearly the same color as her skin. She then changes to the last (and in my opinion, best) outfit - black spandex shorts and a pink top - and poses her legs for several minutes. Though Christa is probably best known for her biceps, her legs are also outstanding. The tape then closes with a nice arm posing segment in the same outfit.

Christa is one of my favorites, and in the condition she was in (contest shape, or very close to it), it would be hard not to like this tape. However, I prefer the standard WPW approach, without the "cutesy" stuff. I don't buy a lot of Ray Martin tapes, but I have the impression that they typically include even more of this. For example, on this tape, the dialog was minimal, presumably because Christa's English was somewhat limited. But this is probably a matter of individual taste. In any case, the video quality is outstanding - as good as on WPW tapes, perhaps even a little better than their norm (the lighting is absolutely superb). Overall, a good choice for bicep fans.

Ray Martin 13 - Muscle Posing Only (Michele Ralabate, 1 hour)

Review by Fbb_fan

Though produced under the Ray Martin name, this tape really is more like a WPW tape in most respects. There is no gym work or interview, but it lacks the typical Ray Martin feel - aside from one brief (about two minutes) makeup scene, it's WPW-style posing in various outfits. Michele was in outstanding contest shape here, with excellent size and proportions for her height (4'11"). She poses by a pool in a green bikini, indoors in a black dress and denim shorts / bikini top, then outdoors in a pink bikini (May/June 1994 WPW cover), and again in the denim shorts / bikini top. Michele's her physique is very well balanced, but her arms and quads are probably her best bodyparts, and they seem to get the most attention. The quality of Michele's physique alone is enough to make this a great tape, but what really makes the tape outstanding is her posing. She works the camera so well that you almost feel like she's right in your living room, and she's also one of the sexiest posers I have ever seen (of course, the fact that she's gorgeous helps in this regard). Even in the closing segment, where she's walking along a dock with her back to the camera, every move she makes seems calculated to make the viewer want more. In my opinion, the Ray Martin Company ought to try more tapes like this - forget the silly skits, and put the emphasis on sensual posing. It's an approach that certainly worked well on this tape.

Ray Martin 37 - Cheerleading Muscle (Karen Fazio, 2 hours)

Review by Jabber

One of the cutest girls Ray Martin has EVER filmed (and that's saying a lot) is Karen Fazio. She's shown in less off-season and more off-season shape. Not ripped looking ever, just extremely pleasing sexy muscles on this brunette. But it is the more off-season requisite massage scene that is of interest. The extra, while massaging Karen lying on her back, asks her to tense her stomach. Remember, she's off-season looking (very cute muscles though) and it's subtle, but if you watch her abs closely, you'll see them move and read just slightly. It barely looks like she's flexing, but, while lying on the ground, the extra thumps her with his fist in the abs pretty darn hard (it certainly looked) a couple times. While her dialogue isn't as stellar or cute as tough 'Valerie's in the other tape, it's obvious these blows do not affect her in the least - Karen just nonchalantly comments she has abs even in the off-season. What's interesting about this, to me, is how hard and strong a woman's abs can be even when she doesn't look really ripped and muscular in the midsection. She can easily take a blow...

Ray Martin 80 - Strength Sisters (Denise Gerard, Lauren Hart, and Valerie, 90 minutes)

Review by Jabber

Although Denise and Lauren provide a virtual overdose of heavy duty sexy muscles during most of the tape (with Lauren quite nicely defined in the mid-section - no real posing of it though), it is the end that is classic. An unknown 'younger sister' (Denise Gerard and Lauren Hart are supposed to be sisters) named 'Valerie', who's much less cut and defined, but a bit taller and quite cute has just finished armwrestling the heavyset extra on the tape (polishing him off with cute but not defined arms). The extra comments how even her abs are muscular and strong looking (he's kind of in awe that she just beat him at armwrestling). She says the classic line, "Oh that's the strongest part" referring to her abs. Although DAMN if she doesn't pose them, she boldly gets up and offers the extra "You can give me a shot - punch me as hard as you want". The extra, although reluctant in the beginning, really punches her over and over again, and you see close-ups of his fist bounce off this girl's tight midsection. The dialogue is cute and the sound the punches make is worth the price of admission alone. The tape closes with 'Valerie' doing very strict push-ups as the camera fades...

95 - It's Been A Good Night - Lora Ottenad

Review by Fbb_fan

The tape opens with Lora indoors in a skimpy two-piece outfit, talking to the camera while she stretches and performs some strength moves. She does some lifting using special guest star Christine Marshall as a barbell. Don't believe the claim that she "curls" Christine - in reality, she cradles her and does sort of a shrugging type of motion. A second guest star is added for calf raises. To me, the most impressive part of this whole segment doesn't involve lifting the special guests at all - it's when Lora does a split, and then does a handstand out of the bottom of the split. Try this yourself if you don't know how much strength this requires (and don't forget that Lora weighs about 175 lbs. here).

Some WPW style posing follows, outdoors in a bikini and a nice black dress. This is a can't miss combination of a great looking blonde and plenty of muscle - nice quads, good glutes, and plenty of upper body size. The dress is particularly good, and features a lot of upper body close-up shots (for some reason, her skin has a noticeable pinkish cast in this dress, apparently from some filter RM uses on their camera). Lora does a very nice job of showing off her physique (a background in exotic dancing probably doesn't hurt). The posing must run about half an hour, and the tape is worth getting for this alone. Then in the closing scene, Lora is wearing short denim shorts and a halter while she chats with Renee O'Neil as they share a smoke (cigars). The conversation isn't particularly interesting, but serves mostly as an excuse for Lora to hit various poses (alternately flexing her pecs, among other things). The tape closes with a little posing in this last outfit without the chit-chat.

As in WPW-304, Lora is not really ripped (it appears that this tape may have been shot around the same time), but she looks terrific - plenty of size, nice muscle shapes, and great looks. I'd still go with WPW-304 first, but this is one of the better Ray Martin efforts, and one I highly recommend.

112 - Muscle Music Of The 90's - Joanne Lee

Review by Fbb_fan

Joanne's earlier Ray Martin tape (which I have not seen) apparently has a story line involving 1960's British invation music. This tape makes a weak attempt to continue the story, as Joanne announces that this time, she wants to pose to "her music". Technical difficulties prevent this at first, so while the DJ attempts to get things straightened out, we are treated to some WPW style posing. There is a fairly long segment with Joanne posing outdoors in a bikini, highlighted by lots of upper body shots, and a nice walking sequence which showcases Joanne's impressive glutes. However, I must ask the obvious question - why do some women look so pink in the outdoor Ray Martin scenes? They don't look pink indoors, or when WPW shoots them outdoors. They must have been using some sort of filter at one time that produced this effect. I haven't noticed it on the more recent tapes, so hopefully they realized that it wasn't working out particularly well.

Anyway, Joanne then goes back inside and poses in a nice red leotard. Again, there's an upper body emphasis, with plenty of close-ups. This is followed by a trip to the gym, for a mostly upper body, pump-oriented workout (50 lb. dumbbell curls apparently don't qualify as "heavy" lifting for her). Finally, there's more posing (indoors again) in a nice skirt / blouse combination.

I would have been quite happy if they had just dropped the music story line completely, but unlike a lot of the Ray Martin skits, it's pretty harmless and doesn't detract from the tape. Joanne's condition is good, though probably somewhat off of contest shape, and the outfits are excellent. I'd probably go with WPW-283 as my first choice for a Joanne tape, but this one is definitely worth getting if you like her.

117 - Major League Muscle - Melissa Coates

Review by Fbb_fan

What a concept - Melissa appears here as herself, without the "Gina" disguise! This tape was apparently made sometime around the 1997 Ms. International. Melissa looks to be within a couple weeks of contest shape, in arguably the best condition of her career. There's no story line - just Melissa posing indoors and talking occasionally to the camera / viewer. I wouldn't describe it as "muscle talk" - basically, she just talks about how hard she has been working, how much her physique has improved, and how great she looks. Somehow, one gets the impression that this is one of her favorite subjects. She does a nice job with the posing, however, and the outfits are pretty hot. The pink leotard, which Melissa says is making its first public appearance on the tape, is particularly good, and shows off her fantastic glutes rather well. Actually, to my surprise, her lower body in general really steals the show here. Her legs are shredded, and noticeably bigger than in her earlier tapes. It's not that her biceps got worse (they definitely did not) - they just didn't improve as much as the rest of her physique.

This is probably Melissa at her biggest, but in my opinion, not necessarily at her best. Though it's her best condition strictly from a bodybuilding standpoint, I thought she looked better earlier in her career before she went all out to bulk up and gain a pro title. Some women can put on plenty of size without hurting their looks (Debbie Muggli and Annie Rivieccio come to mind), but Melissa apparently isn't one of them. She's still attractive enough, but not the incredibly beauty she was when she graced the cover of WPW back in 1994. With that in mind, I'd give this tape a positive recommendation - not a "must buy", but one that probably won't disappoint.

142 - House Of Biceps - Christa Bauch

Review by Fbb_fan

This is the fifth Ray Martin video featuring Christa. This one has a story line, where a local gym salesman (played by Mike Bogen) comes knocking on Christa's door attempting to sell her a membership. In the beginning Christa is wearing a sweatshirt while Mike rambles on about three pound pink dumbbells, and the amazing results she can expect using them (with the lofty goal of working up to six or seven pound dumbbells after several years). But when she strips down to reveal her incredible physique, Mike is nearly (but unfortunately, not quite) at a loss for words. Most of the rest of the video revolves around Christa flexing her amazing arms, while Mike feels them and attempts to pretend (with little success) that he has never seen a woman with visible muscularity before. There's also some arm wrestling (guess who wins?), some silly tests of strength, ab punching, and so forth. In between, there's a fair amount of flexing (they somehow managed to work several outfit changes into the story line), with a heavy emphasis on arms. Christa is virtually in contest shape, as usual, and looks as good as ever.

With one exception (a sleeveless black body suit near the end of the tape), the outfits are pretty standard stuff (leotard / bikini). There's nothing wrong with Christa in a leotard or bikini, but with several other good tapes of her already available, something a little more out of the ordinary would have been nice. If you are a Christa fan, as I am, you'll probably want to see this tape, but I found that one viewing was enough. I found both the story line and Mike Bogen's presence to be distracting. Nothing personal against Mike, but I'd rather have seen more of Christa posing, and less of him. I suppose this is probably more a reflection of my general distaste for the Ray Martin "skits" than anything else. If you happen to like the skits, this is an opportunity to see Christa do something different from the plain vanilla posing on her WPW tapes, but if your interest runs more toward regular posing, you'll be better off with the other Ray Martin or WPW Christa tapes.

Fast Twitching Video - "Hard & Flexy" (Andrulla Blanchette, 40 minutes)

The first half of this video shows Andrulla working out in the gym. The first few minutes are not particularly exciting, as Andrulla warms up on the treadmill wearing a baggy t-shirt over her workout wear. But things improve considerably when she finishes the cardio work and the t-shirt comes off. The next fifteen minutes or so show her going through an upper body workout, featuring lat pulldowns, cable rows, barbell press, dumbbell laterals, barbell and dumbbell curls, and dips. This is vaguely similar to WPW's workout scenes, but I thought it was better in several respects: 1) although Andrulla went fairly heavy on some of the exercises (e.g., 135x11 in the barbell press), there was no blatant cheating to allow heavier weights to be used; 2) most of the original sound was replaced by light music (a big improvement over the typical noisy gym environment); 3) she does only one or two sets of each exercise, rather than repeating the same movement over and over. As in the WPW videos, there is plenty of good flexing between sets, mostly concentrating on the muscles she has just pumped up. Andrulla's upper body is very thickly developed, and there are lots of good arm and back shots.

The second part of the video (posing) starts off with the camera following a trail of abandoned clothing up a stairway to a bedroom, where we find Andrulla on the bed ready to pose in a nice black lingerie. Actually, this isn't the first we have seen of this outfit - there are short teasers mixed in with the gym footage, between exercises. She does a good job here of mixing a more sensual posing style with hardcore flexing. The camera moves in and out a bit, but sticks mostly with close-ups. There still seems to be an emphasis on her upper body, but we also get plenty of shots of her legs, which are also top notch. After about ten minutes, Andrulla removes her stockings and begins to oil herself - first her legs, and then a bit on her upper body. She then poses a little more before we cut to the final outfit - a bikini. The posing here is much less sensual - more like you see on typical WPW videos. There's a nice mix of upper and lower body shots, and both close-ups and full-length shots. I would have liked to see a little more of this, but unfortunately, this segment only lasts three or four minutes. Then we go into the closing credits, which show clips from various parts of the video (and a few that were not shown).

This tape certainly does not leave much to complain about. The video quality is excellent, as good as anything on the market, and the production is smooth and professional. The sound level could stand to be a little higher however; I had to turn up the volume well above the usual level. The background music was unobtrusive, and as I mentioned above, I think dubbing over the gym noise was a good move. Andrulla appeared to be nearly in contest shape, and of course, her physique is one of the very best in the world. She's also a good poser, and seemed quite comfortable in front of the camera throughout the tape. A few things I think might have improved the tape are: 1) at least one lower body exercise in the gym; 2) more posing in the last bikini (or another similar outfit); 3) skipping the treadmill warm-up. Overall, this is a well-produced tape of one of the very best physiques in the world today, and all Andrulla fans will certainly want a copy.

Builtmore Productions - Polynesian Persuasion

Review by Jabber

This video's come under a little bit of criticism, due to the fact that the ethnic background of each of the women may not indeed be Polynesian. Quite frankly, although the criticism may be warranted, it doesn't detract from this being a great video for the fan of the non-Caucasian fbb's (most of which are of Oriental descent).

The video starts out with the massive Paula Suzuki. You know any video where I say she's only 2nd best has got to be something (ah, but who's better? read on). Paula just looks incredibly thick and wide here. She wears a leotard in the gym, starting out with lat pulldowns, showing oodles of back muscles. Then she does wide grip chin-ups from the rear, the patented Builtmore slo-mo (love it or hate it) employed here. Then from the front, I got a kick out of seeing the medial head of the tricep - very impressive. Unlike the WPW tape gym segments, there was no posing after each exercise, and there was dubbed music (you couldn't hear Paula grunt, for example). Then Paula did seated machine rows, mind you, this was not a heavy workout, she just did some stretches and prances around the gym looking REAL thick here.

Then comes the arms... Dumbbell bicep curls, some close-ups, and Paula shows great triceps, too. Then barbell curls, she has incredibly thick shoulders, too. Finally she poses her arms for an extended period of time (I ain't complaining and it IS worth the wait). Then she does seated concentration curls, first her right arm, then her left. Builtmore employed an interesting from the floor angle perspective while filming her here. Then more two-arm seated curls. With workouts like these, you can see why her legs are smaller proportionately. Then (a favorite of some guys), Paula fixes her hair for an extended period of time, showing incredibly chunky biceps. Then comes one-arm preacher curls, left, then right - juicy biceps, indeed.

Then Paula does standing cable curls for her biceps, I'm not sure what the official term for this exercise is, but it's good for posing (the front double bicep shot). Then one-arm cable curls, then she does the standing cable curls for her biceps pose from the rear. If you've 'almost' overdosed on her biceps, she then does some bench presses, but they were curiously light (for her). Watching her put on her wrist wraps was the most interesting part of this exercise. Then she did lat posing, and some hack squats, also with a light weight. But in this segment, we notice her inner thigh muscles are quite cute.

Finally, Paula does posing outside the gym, on a motorcycle. I found this segment to be a bit uninspired (unlike the previous segment), it was too dark; the lighting wasn't right.

The second woman is Vernice Cooper, a black fbb whom I hadn't heard of before. Although I found this to be the low segment in the tape, that doesn't mean it was bad. Wearing a small bikini, Vernice did lots of standing shots, and although she notoriously really didn't pose them, I liked her abs, especially when shot in the upward direction (from that low Builtmore perspective). The best segment of Vernice possibly was with her in a two-piece white workout gear; it was quite cute, and the contrast of her dark skin against the light outfit was intense. As in many other segments with Builtmore, some of the same footage was repeated over and over, but a bit differently (different lighting, etc.), basically extending the segment to seem like more unique footage was taken of it than there actually was.

Okay, the BEST segment was none other than the incomparable (and incomparably and unfairly cute and sexy) Becky Rampey. She started out in a robe, where you only see her thick calves. I personally would've liked to see this robe segment for an extended period of time - as I find the allure of clothing with tons of muscle underneath to be an avenue few videographers explore completely. But underneath was a sight to behold. She wore a two-piece bikini, and a silly crown of flowers (but she's so cute she can get away with anything!). She rubbed oil on herself after she disrobed (again the disrobing was painfully quick - there could be a whole tape devoted to Becky disrobing and unveiling the uncut gems (and cut gems) of her muscular body underneath - ya thinks I like this gal? Sheesh!). In off-season shape, she showed incredible thickness - you can't accuse this girl of being small. Some segments, in Builtmore tradition, were repeated over and over again. They paid special attention to her left bicep. But I paid special attention to her thick abs.

On the beach, she wore her robe around the waist and there were those interesting upward pics of Becky (from that low perspective again). There were some abs posing, and Becky has an incredibly thick muscular chest in the off-season. Plenty of walking and standing poses galore. Definitely one of the most dreamy women I'd ever seen. If Builtmore did 20 more different videos starring Becky Rampey, I'd buy all 20 of them! Can my praise be any higher? :-)

The next segment was painfully short, because the subject (an unknown to me) was painfully cute. Her name was Delia Cabalo, and she was a very gorgeous sexy not thickly (but definitely enough) muscled Oriental fbb. She did some gym posing in a black and red striped halter top and black shorts. I don't think this girl knows how good she looks. Luckily Builtmore does...

The final segment was a bit of a surprise to me. In a couple pics in WPW magazine, I'd seen someone named Carol Mooney, and I was impressed with her Oriental good looks and upper body thickness. When I heard she was also on this tape, I highly anticipated this segment. Carol wore a black halter top and black and blue striped shorts. Strangely enough her upper body, especially her chest and torso, wasn't thick at all in this footage. But her calves and thighs, while not really big, were very sexy the way they were posed (making a leg lover out of me afterall :-) ). I didn't find her bicep poses all that great here, but her right tricep (thick) and leg poses surely kept my attention fully. In addition to her great thighs (not big, just really cute), she did some crab poses (a favorite of mine) and had incredible hip adductor muscles that Builtmore effectively captured on film.

For a posing video, I found this one plenty interesting.

Builtmore Productions - Maxine Legroom 6

Review by superACG

I just bought this video, and I've already watched it more times than I watched Dani!

It starts of with Shannon, who seems like every man's fantasy. Not only is she very good at posing, she also is very friendly and talks with the viewer making them comfortable. My only beef with this segment is that it wasn't long enough. She should have her own video all to herself...

The next segment I don't watch very much, her name is "legs" and it is about 10 minutes of her putting on boots and lotion. I wasn't impressed by her legs, so I fast forwarded through it. It follows with the women of, which has moved to paradise models. The first woman impressed me very much; a twiggy body, but very strong! She lifts a big guy on her shoulders and wrestles him for a tiny bit. Yes, she flexes, and BIG biceps swell from those tiny arms! Another girl follows; she is a bit bigger and has impressive biceps as well as forearms. A cute blonde does leglifts and she has very toned arms as well, but she doesn't flex (too bad).

The next segment is with "Pillow" a bodybuilder from the earlier era. She really knows how to pose and flex, seemingly "teasing" the viewer with her facial expressions. She is very sexy and flexes everything, especially her biceps! Christine follows with a "cycling" segment. She lays on a couch and does cycling motions with her legs. Another girl that didn't impress me...

Finishing it all of was Yvonne McCoy. Yes, the woman with the HUGE calves. I was impressed only with their size. I thought Shannon's were better because they were "soft" less very feminine. Yvonne's are very vascular and almost scary! If you know what she looks like, then you know she isn't the most attractive woman, so Nercy stays away from her face.

A very good video, but I only watch Shannon, the models, and Pillow. If you have an extra $50, then go ahead and get it, but I don't think that the price is worth those three segments. I am getting legroom 8 next! Shannon is in that one!

Th-resa Bostick - "Th-resa's Too Hot"

Review by Yggos

Story: Th-resa seems to be stood up by her man, so to entertain herself (and viewer) she goes into a series of seductive posings, dances, and suit. Very Revealing. Contains a little "accidental" nudity and lots of bubbles.

Bottome line: Believe me, I'm a hardcore Th-resa Bostick buff (no pun intended), so it's hard for me to objectively review this video, but I will try. Th-resa does alot of glute action (and I do me ALOT). She in my opinion has the best glutes in the biz with Collette Guimond in close second. The only problem is, this video suffers from very low lighting and too many cheese shots and not enough flexing shots. The videographer seemed to be like a newbie to his/her hi-tech video equipment constantly switching to a gray scale repeated shots of her doing her dancing and such, which hurt the video alot due to low lighting. And Th-resa needs to do more flexing. So what saved the video? The subject of course. Th-resa shows off the most outstanding part of her magnificent body....her glutes. This video should've been called "Too much Butt". But believe me, this is a good thing. It flexes, it jiggles, it cuts juilian fries. And, regardless of whether she didn't flex the rest of her body or not, Th-resa is INCREDIBLY THICK in this video. Like a previous admirer in this group announced, her body is the kind a comic book artist would construct. It's freakily huge. Magnificent.

Pros: Th-resa's many MANY glute shots. The red lingerie sequences.

Cons: Too low a lighting. The tub scene with all the bubbles obstructs the view of her muscle...very annoying

But is it worth it: About four months ago when this video came out I was one of the few people in here bitching about it's 100 dollar tag. Too much money even for the whole Godfather collection (which I still watch periodically) so why would I spend it for a fbb video, regardless of whether I like her the most. Mostly, i bitched because you had fbbs just like her (ie Denise Masino) who makes names for themselves and don't have to charge so much for their videos. I talked to Th-resa personally about this and she said it would go down which it did half no less. So for the new price tag, hell yeah it's worth it. Most def. I can't be unbiased in saying this because she's my fave so I will say this: to most of you fbb fans out there, you'll be in two categories. One, the guys who like the constant flexing and able to just get to the muscles bulging and such..this video is not for you. Two, the guys who just like to see their favorite fbb get down, just to see the muscle in action regardless of the activity. You'll love this video.

Glute shots: 60-80 percent , Arms (biceps, forearms, shoulders).: 5-10 percent , Legs: 20-40 percent. Back: 10-20 percent. Abs: 0 percent.

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