They all came, to have a great time!
some came alone, some came with their gang...
Balloons and piņatas... a nice yummy cake
 and a lot of funny things to make!

To the sound of "Macarena" we danced all night.
What a group of party-puppies! We did all right!
What??? You don't believe me? You want to see?
...get ready to PARTY... just fallow me...

Look at this gang!
Shadow, Rascal and
Buffett Boy keeping
an eye on the piņata!

Chelsea, Meshia and Chloe came too...

The sisters Sunni and Gracie.
This girls really know how to party!

Squeaky brought some gifts and Cake!

My very good friend Biscuit... she's a party girl!
Check her out!

Miss Tuxie girl
Look at the Birthday
snow-ball she got for me!

And all the way from Australia...
Jendi and Jangles!
They are always where the action is!

This is Joey.
According to my theme party he came very "Mexican".

Don't they look sweet?
Don't let them fool you, Luna and Stella can Party too!

Sam is looking at Max, cause he really looks like he's having fun!
Check that smile!

Casey played some music for us...
I'm so glad he came!

My friend Woody, he's always so well dressed!
All the girls wanted to dance with him!

Look at Gypsy...
Hope she liked the cake!

My aunt and uncle in Italy send this beautiful picture!

This is CJ.
Her birthday is the same day as mine!

And my lovely friend Peachy... I love her too!

Someone who just couldn't
miss the Party...
It's Nyssa!!!

Thanks for coming friend!

Hey Paco, I'm glad
you made it!

This wouldn't be a Party
without you!


Thanks to all!
I had a wonderful time!!!


Now check my Birthday cards...