The suspect

Name: Fidel R.

Alias: "furry", "baby", "the dogest"

Age: 2 yrs. 6 months


The crime

Parents bed wet on a rare incident.  

$900.00 matress ruined.


The acusers

Claudia and Javier, parents of the suspect, 

owners of the wet bed.


Cold facts

One december night at this family home.   Suspects parents were busy getting all ready for a big party they were giving.

At 07:25 p.m. Suspects mother enters the room only to find out her bed had a wet spot right on the middle of it. 

07:26 p.m., Suspects father arrives to the crime scene.

Immediately starts calling Suspect. 

Suspect dosnt respond.

07:28 p.m. Suspect is found under the bed, on a guilty attitude.  When questioned, hidden tail between legs and ran away.


Evidence against Suspect

Suspect is known to hate cold.  Air conditioner on the room was on.

Suspect loves to be on parents bed all the time .  There was no one else on the room at the time.


The sentence

The dog, once found guilty by both of his parents had to remain on a room during the party.

He missed to be with all the people he loves on a great party (he loves to mingle!), and its a fact he even cried for a while...


Final notes

Till this day, dog pledge he's innocent and falsely accused.

Dog's mom completly forgive him.

Dad is not so sure...