Short History

7000 BC - 5000 BC First immigration wave: Wandering tribes from an unknown origine arrive on the shores of Rainbowisland
2000 BC - 1679 BC Golden age of the Proto-islanders. They colonize the entire coastline
1678 BC Second immigration wave: For reasons unknown, Ancient Belgians land on the South-eastern coast of Rainbowisland
1400 BC - 1300 BC Ancient Belgians spread across the island
Proto-islanders are swallowed up by Ancient Belgian settlements
54 BC Julius Caesar invades Ancient Belgica
Ambiorix defeats Caesar
54 BC - 51 BC Continued Roman invasion of Ancient Belgica
51 BC The great battle of Belgica takes place
Ambiorix taken to Rainbowisland
Eastsea tribe attempts counterinvasion but fails
50 BC - 21 BC Rainbowisland ships sail all over Europe in search of allies
27 BC Gorrix and Lirix leave in search of allies
26 BC Roman invasion of Lismenst and Ta Valta
25 BC Roman invasion of Rainbowisland
23 BC Gorrix and Lirix return to Rainbowisland and assume command over all the armies
13 BC Battle of the Rainbow
first use of the word "Rainbowisland"
Declaration of "Pact of Unity"
2 AD Last Roman legion in rainbowisland defeated
7 - 17 Southrealm fleet blocades southern islands
17 Southrealm army forces Romans off Ta Valtan islands
17 - 89 Southrealm fleet blocades "Holy Island" (= Lismenst)
87 Rome gives up on Lismenst
89 Lismenst Romans surrender to Southrealm
212 Ta Valta revolts against King Brutus II "the unready"
Roman style republic established
215 Lismenst revolts against King Brutus II "the unready"
Local nobleman takes over as warlord/king
855 Danish vikings begin to raid Kastel, Forria and Eastsealand
925 - 978 First Viking war: royal family of Eastsealand wiped out
Forrian army finaly drives out the Vikings
979 Eastsealand becomes province of Forrian realm
Forrian realm renamed to Forria and the Eastsea
1010 - 1014 Second Viking war: Kastelland fleet invades North-Denmark
Kastelland invaders driven out
1088 First Crawrealm ships arrive in Ireland to trade
1142 - 1144 Third Viking war: massive Danish invasion in Kastelland and Forria and the Eastsea
War ends in land for peace deal: Danes allowed to settle as subjects of local monarchs
1145 Third immigration wave: Danes allowed to settle in Natria, Forria and Kastel
1269 King Charles VII of Gaul dies, his sons start the "200 year war of succesion"
1269 - 1462 200 year war of succession
At the hight of the war (1402), there were about 110 noblemen and women who claimed the throne of Gaalirealm
1462 Gaalirealm government declares that Prins Charles is now the sole monarch of Gaairealm
Prins Charles becomes Prins Regent Charles VIII of Gaul
"200 year war of succesion" ends
1578 Spanish/Portugees fleet sunk in battle off the Eastcoast of Kastel
1622 Trading with England starts to increase
1678 Alliance signed between the United Empire and the United Kingdom
1682 Kastelland sets aside land for the English to stations marines in
1682-1828 Fourth immigration wave: English marines and their families move to Rainbowisland
1688 Southrealm and Puipilland set aside land for the English marines
1722 - 1729 First Dutch war: Netherlands try to eliminate Montana as naval power
Crawrealm allies with Montana
United Empire stays neutral
1755 - 1758 Second Dutch war: Netherlands attack UE ships in the Carribian
1792 French Republican warships attack Southrealm merchantships
United Empire, Crawrealm, Gaalirealm and Montana declare war on France
Gaalirealm joins the United Empire
1792 - 1815 Napoleonic wars: UK and all of Rainbowisland allied
1793 - 1815 Fifth immigration wave: Refugees from the Napoleonic wars arrive in Rainbowisland
1805 Montana marines, Kastelian marines and Faroerian Rebels land in Denmark
Denmark freed from French rule
1828 UK tries to pull back it's marines from Rainbowisland
Most marines refuse to move to England
1830 - 1831 Belgian war of independence
United Empire, Crawrealm and Montana declare war on the Netherlands
Dutch fleet decimated
1831 Belgium becomes independant
1832 Crawrealm joins United Empire
1897 "Flemish" is now the official name for the most common language in Kastelland, formerly know as Belgican
1900 All realms of the United Empire change the name of Belgican to Flemish
1912 Montana accepts change of Belgican to Flemish
1914 de facto unification of the 8 realms into one nation: United Empire of Rainbowisland and Montana
1914 - 1918 unified Rainbowisland armed forces fight alongside Belgian forces against the German Empire
1918 official unification of the 8 realms
1940 Germany invades Belgium
Rainbowisland declares war on Germany
Belgium occupied, as a result Rainbowisland is obliged to split
Montana leaves the United Empire (to rejoin when Belgium is freed)
1940-1945 Second world war
1941 Italy declares war on Rainbowisland
1942 At the request of the US, Rainbowislands declares war on Japan
Fleet sent to the pacific
1944 Belgium liberated
Montana rejoins the Union
Rainbowisland uses worlds first jet fighters in battle of the bulge
1946 Rainbowisland tests atombomb on an old ship in the South Atlantic
US claims espionage, diplomatic ties broken
1954 diplomatic relations with US opened again
1957 Rainbowisland declares absolute neutrality in cold war
1981 Warsaw Pact demands access to Rainbowisland ports
Soviet fleet suffers heavy losses, demands are dropped
1984 Rainbowisland breaks neutrality, NATO ships granted access to ports