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fz;zpy;tUk; fhl;rpbay;yhk;

fz;kzpia cUf;Fk;

VGtz;z $hy';fs;jhd;

vz;zj;jpny cjpf;Fk;

,j;jsj;ijg; ghh;g;gth;fs;

be";rbky;yhk; Jof;Fk;

gpypk;rpl;o nghfr;brhy;yp

tpHpapuz;Lk; tpul;Lk;...*

This page uses Tamil Font "Amudham" If u cannot read those letters ...

Pl. download the amudham font by right clicking here and click "save target" and save in \windows\fonts\

Then the page will automatically refresh and u can read those "Kavithai's"