I guarantee these facts to be of no real use to you. This list is under construction so its not really 111 facts yet.

1) I have read 'Neverwhere' by Neil gaiman 5 times since I first discovered it a little over a year ago.

2) I have seen 'The Fifth Element' over 30 times. I've only read the book they made from the movie twice.

3) I believe in Aliens.

4) But I don't believe that UFOs are alien ships, I think that most unexplainable lights are the cause of Faeires.

5) But I do have a fear of being abducted by aliens.

6) I have 10 pairs of Mary-Jane shoes. 4 of which are almost identical.

7) I trip less in platforms then I do in flat shoes.

8) I collect lunchboxes and Pez. I have over 20 of each.

9) Other than Pajamas, I only wear skirts or dresses, I haven't worn pants outside in over 6 months. I haven't worn Jeans at all in about a year, except 1 case where I tried on an old pair for about 10 mintues.

10) The Legend of Zelda was my first video game.

11) I believe in Vampires. That is, something that feeds off life energy to survive, not I'm-so-goth-im-dead Mansonites. Or specificly a certain little slutface who lives down the street from me.

12) I believe in Bigfoot and sea/lake monsters, and I can't even comprehend why some people refuse to believe in them.

13) I believe in Ghosts.

14) I don't believe that religious miracles such as Stigmata or visions are the cause of or proof of God.

15) I don't know my own heigh, weight, or pants size.

16) I do know my shoe size.

17) I have a rabbit named Go To Hell Herman, named after an imaginary friend in the movie 'Drop Dead Fred'. We ususally just call him Hermes though.

18) Once I fell down the stairs and dented the wall with my head.

19) I write down my dreams in the morning. Usually.

20) Eleven is my lucky number because years ago I had a dream they replayed the cartoon 'The Pirates of Dark Water' but they skipped over some treasures and went right to Eleven.

21) 'The Pirates of Dark Water' was my most favorite cartoon growing up, and I'm still very much obsessed with it.

22) I don't have a favorite color or something, I don't know why people do. But if I had to pick one, I'de say grey, because of that Counting Crows song.

23) I don't like drag queens but I like cross dressers. Drag queens are mega bitchs...

24) I collect the fortunes from fortune cookies. Or atleast I try to.

25) I like lists, if I'm bored I'll do something useless like list everything on my wall or all my CDs or books I don't own.

26) I've started referring to myself as an old school gamer because I just don't own any recent systems. Too expensive.

27) I've been learning Tarot cards for the past 4 years, but I've gotten lazy and forgotten most of the cards meanings.

28) I also have Runes (which I never bothered to learn) and pendulums (Which I quite like, but are rather useless) and know a bit of Palmestry.

29) I like being angry. I will go and search out websites thats make me mad and then ramble to who ever is online about why I'm so angry.

30) 'Pepper' by The Butthole Surfers is the best song ever, this is not a fact about me, or even just an opinion, it's a basic fact of life. I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

31) I don't like poetry. I don't really like reading it and I don't like writing it. I will only write it if forced to, but it's mostly junk, although I did write one good one, it was the personification of a porno magazine.

32) I can't read my own handwriting. My letters are just stupid. Lower case F's go all the way down to the next line, so do N's, and Y's sometimes just go straight through whole words.  Like I said, my letters are just stupid. Oh and I use this squiggley thing that means either & or pretty much any short word. I made it up, on accident.

33) My favorite genre of music is early 90's alterna-grunge/wuss rock, but pretty much only if it was a radio hit, bonus points if they were a one hit wonder band. Actually I think it's called college rock. Sadly most of them are still going on as bands, but they've since had kids, and turned Christian rock.

34) I hate romantic crap. Candle light dinners, poems, and walks on the beach are lame and any brain dead monkey could think them up. The only way I use the word romantic is when it has that other meaning, "of, characterized by, or suggestive of an idealized view of reality" and even then it's usually limited to certain ways of dying or dilapidated buildings.

35) Drowning is the death I refer to as 'romantic'. With freezeing to death coming in at second.

34) I just plain like dilapidated buildings. Old crumbling Victorian houses, shacks with the roof caved in, ruined castles, empty warehouses. It's all good.

35) Once, when I was like 11, we were digging around an old trash site at this state park (there used to be houses there around the turn of the century, so there's lots of cool old junk) and I found a big bone. Like a femur or something, my parent's said it was probably from a cow, but I'm convinced otherwise. It was cool, I wish I kept it.

36) There's a dead bird on the roof outside my bedroom window, it's been there for 6 months or so. It's all bones now, unless the rain swept it into the gutter.

37) I wear petticoats, often, at least once a week.

38) My current thing-to-make-that-I-will-never-really-wear is wire crowns and circlets. I think I made a dozen and a half of them so far, before that it was Gothic Lolita head band things (which I only managed to make 3 of, they're hard work), and before that it was horns (about a dozen).

39) I like shopping at Good Will. But I honestly find it too expensive. 4$ for blouses and skirts, and 8$ for dresses and coats. It's just too much for other people's old clothes.

40) I like to buy dresses from there that I will never really wear. I've got a navy buisness dress thing with a huge lime green collar and a wonderfully tacky 80's mini dress with big pointy shoulders and a strip cut out the sleaves and a triangle cut from the front. It's hard to explain but terribly wonderful and futuristic.

41) I like makeing new clothes that I figure are post-apocolypticy out of old cloths.

42) Even though I believe in alot of things like Big Foot, Ghosts, and Aliens, I'm incredibly skeptical about eye witness accounts and things like that.

43) Some career paths I have considered going into are: Truck driver, Librarian, & Cobbler (that's a shoe maker/fixer if you don't know). Truck driver and Libarain seem the most appealing, I just want to be a cobbler so my friends can say "Hey, I know a cobbler."

44) My sister has a friend who has a friend who is currently getting sued for egging 50 Cent's (yes the rapper) house. 50 Cent lives like 2 hours away from me. It makes me giggle to think of big tough gangsta 50 Cent getting all afraid of some eggs.

45) Most of my favorite bands and CDs are one's I couldn't stand at first. In the case of Schwarz Stein, I down right hated them the first time I heard them. But after about an hour I fell in love with them.

46) My earliest memory is of falling down and spraining my ankle when I was 2 1/2. But I have vauge memories of being younger, and on vacation somewhere, and looking at a wine glass and trying to figure out why the liquid doesn't go inside the stem of it.

47) I like cellos and violins. I wish I could play either, but I suck musically.

48) For 4 years I played the claranet, I hated it so I never really learned anything except how to read music a little. I loved doing it in 4th & 5th grade, but in 6th & 7th I hated it, so for those years during stupid concerts, I usually faked playing.

49) There are at least 17 clocks in my living room, only 3 of them work.

50) There are 5 stained glass lamps in the living room.

51) I'm running out of things to say, so I've resorted to counting stuff.

52) I occasionally get addicted to The Sims. Ususally for about a week or so. And I don't even really play it when I'm obsessed, I just download skins and objects and then see if they work in the game.

53) I love hats. My favorite is some dark grey Stenson with a fake rose tucked in it. I really want a top hat, but they're ususally expensive.

54) It saddens me that I'm too big to hide under the coffee table.

55) I love honey. Not the kind you buy in stores though, but the kind that comes from some bee keeper guy across town. Once his bees got to roses and it tasted like roses.

56) I love rose candy. It's little hard sugary pill like things that taste exactly like roses smell. Also Jasmine candy is good too. It's really hard to find either of them though.

57) I collect umbrellas, any kind that strikes my fancy. I have 4 of the asian paper ones, a Jack Skellington one, a black one I painted a white spiderweb on (it's terribly cool looking, but sadly I painted it on a cheap dollar store umbrella and the fabric part got ripped away from the metal part), a pink parasol, and a few random boring ones.

58) Right at this very moment I'm attempting to watch the last half hour of James and the Giant Peach (which I've never seen before, ever) and also trying to listen to 'The Perfect Drug' by Nine Inch Nails. I don't know why I'm explaining this.

59) I taught myself roman numerals, and not like the small numbers but the big one. I taught myself them because I didn't like seeing them on statues and movies and not knowing what they said.

60) In the song Mr. Jones by The Counting Crows, there are the lines "Mr. Jones wishes he was was just a little more funky, when everybody loves you, son, that's just about as funky as you can be" for some reason, that always makes me cry.

61) I ususally go to sleep around 3am.

62) I have an easier time falling asleep during the day than at night.

63) I suck at beating video games, in my life I've beaten about 3, dispite the many I have and even more that I've played.

64) The Legend of Zelda was my first video game.