Just things I hate. This is a list started one day in Mythology class with my friend Cassie, and most of it was aimed at a specific person. Since then the list has been greatly expanded upon. Oh yeah, plus I lost the original and just started all over again. So yeah, this is stuff I just plain don't like. Some of the things are the way people act, as much as I tend not to like them, I do have friends who have traits that are on this list, so don't bitch to me 'Hey, I'm a [whatever it is I hate]! You have no right to hate that!' well first off, if you have traits on this list, that doesn't mean I'm insulting you, you came to my site on your own free will. And second, I have all the right in the world to feel anyway about anything. Get over it.

People who say they love cheese in their profiles, that's just stupid.

When people change their religion to make themselves seem more mysterious or different, mainly I'm talking about Wicca or Satanism (or in some cases, both at the same time) I have nothing against those religions, as long as that's what you believe in, not just because it goes with your eyeliner and the holes in your fishnets.

People who think they are vampires. Hate to break it to you, but vampires don't go to high school and write bad poetry about how sweet blood tastes. Besides, it tastes like sucking on dirty pennies and you know it.

The misconception that anything to come out of Japan is good. Any random poorly translated anime about giant fighting robots is not in some way superior to non-Japanese stuff. Yeah, I like anime, but I'm more than willing to admit that a lot of it sucks, just like a lot of American, British, Spanish, and just about any other country's television sucks. The same applies to Jrock. I like Jrock more then the average person, but again, just because it comes out of Japan, doesn't make it better than non-Japanese music. Thinking that it better just because it comes from Japan is the same as thinking that only the music played on MTV is good music.

When musicians try and be funny. Maybe it's just the stuff that I listen to but I don't want to watch videos of my favorite musicians running around naked making fart jokes. It's embarrassing.

Hot Topic kids. I have nothing against the store, it's just a store, not a whole lot different than Wal*Mart or The Gap. It sells clothes and things. But I hate the kids that find it better than other stores and deck themselves out in the whole Hot Topic uniform. You know, those big baggy bondage raver pants (oxymoron), arm warmers, and a black shirt that has some supposed to be funny saying on them. It's not just the clothes that make them Hot Topic kids, it's also the fact that they are hyperactive and complain about 'preps' going into 'their' store.

When people bitch about labels. Get over it. Labels aren't bad, it's the stereotypes that come with them that are less than positive. It's okay for people to get together with relatively the same interests and call themselves something, it's just easier to do so. This mostly pisses me off in places like the MSN group 'Gothic Teens of the World'. Don't go to a place that revolves around a label, do the most you can possibly do to fit the stereotypes that come with the label, and then complain when people call you something you are trying your damnedest to be.

The aforementioned MSN group. God, it's so lame.


Cheesy romantic crap and the girls that fall for it.

Old food, I have such a paranoia about eating food I find in the fridge, especially lunch meats. Everyone in my house is probably sick of me asking "Is this still good? When did we buy it? Is it supposed to look/smell like this? Taste it."

Pothead skaters. They tell the most boring stories about skating and/or smoking, I don't care.

When people are too enthusiastic about their drug use. I once knew of this one kid who went around to a bunch of people asking 'Do you smoke weed?' and when some answered yes he'd go "You are so cool! Me too!". It was probably the most idiotic thing I ever saw. Or when people constantly mention the fact that they smoke, I know another kid who always says "This would be so much cooler if I was high/drunk". Ugh.

When guys are so afraid of gay guys but they love lesbians. The whole guys being afraid of gay guys is really egotistical, most of them who give you a reason for hating them say it's because they don't want them hitting on them because they aren't gay. Yeah, because you're just some walking sex object and everyone wants you.

When people do the whole "I'm so cool because I'm so uncool" thing. You know, they refuse to listen to anything on the radio, only listen to their crappy friend's garage bands because they're some how better than all the other music out there, they bitch about people shopping at the mall and stuff, and they think that not washing their clothes or hair makes them better than others.

When rich kids try and rebel by acting punk, it's easy for them to get into trouble and not have jobs and sit around all day when mommy and daddy are their to bail you out. Yeah, reeeaaal punk rawwk, grrrr.

The movie The Queen of the Damned, just everything about it. From the special effects, to the acting, to the interpretation of the book, to the idiotic fans.

Barnstorming for the Atari. God, that game just sucks! You control a plane, and you just fly straight, moving up a little bit if a tall tree gets in your way, if for some reason the plan is going to fast (that plane crawls across the screen), or you just went away to get something to eat and you hit a tree or a barn or something, you just bounce back. And the fuuunest part is: It never ends! You just keep going past the same barn followed by the same trees followed by the same oil thing for hours on end! It doesn't even get faster or harder or anything.

I hate when kids say they like Tim Burton films, because most of the time, they've only seen two of them. I'm not saying that Tim Burton sucks (I adore him), and I'm not saying all of his fans have only seen the same two, just most of the people I've encountered who say they like his movies have only seen The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands.

The remake of the Planet of the Apes (Ooooh that's a Tim Burton film, I bet most people who say they love him don't know that!). It was just terrible. It was so bad I almost cried. Honestly.

Evanescence, god, their music is awful. I wouldn't hate them so much though if it wasn't for the obsessive Amy Lee fans, hate to break it too you, but she has the most average voice I've ever heard, there is no way in Hell that she's revolutionizing anything for women singers, if she's doing anything at all, she's making them look like a bunch of cheap whiney babies.

The Vampire Diaries book series, I got them from a church tag sale because they were the only thing there that wasn't old encyclopedias. I read them over a few weekends. Worst books ever. Why the fuck would some like 500 year old vampire want to go to school? And I don't know who the Hell the target audience was because who reads vampire books and also relates to the most popular, prettiest, richest girl in school? And that girl was a slut. I'm not just saying that because she was boring and lame and I hated her, she really was a bitchy slut. After the first book I just stopped paying attention when I read and started fantasizing about horrible ways she could die.

Inu Yasha has got to be the worst anime series I've ever seen, I know I haven't seen a whole lot, but I don't care, Inu Yasha is still a stupid show. It's boring, corny, and could there be any bigger cliché than an anime about a girl who always wears a school uniform and follows around a cat boy demon ninja?