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Upcoming Flamenco Shows below this:    
Class Schedules below Shows: Many websites now have great listings, and more links:
The Flamenco Society of San Jose, P. O. Box 7173, San Jose, CA. 95150 ph:(408)971-8468/ fax:(510)792-8354, email: flamencos
Flamenco Romántico,  Marianna & Federico Mejia:
Santa Cruz Arts Journal
La Nina Productions: The Bay Area Flamenco Partnership, many local productions of great quality!
(510) 368-0294  

Also Chris Carnes memorial page, a Los Californios, The Alta California Orchestra Page a Zincali Middle Eastern Music Page, Omar Ait-Vimoun Page and a community links: Music books of  work by Diego del Gastor, fotos, and all sorts of other links are to be found on:
(click here:) // Guitar teacher: Cedar Matyola

Upcoming Flamenco Shows
* Flamenco-Sevillana Fiesta! * (Often Every last Sunday night of the Month!)
Monthly Open Flamenco-Sevillana Fiesta, usually located at a  Santa Cruz restaurant, such as The Crepe Place, Santa Cruz *  1134 Soquel Ave. The last Sat. or Sun. of the month. For details on the next juerga  *
Call or email Noga on weekdays for info: (831) 420-1118

also:Juan del Valle occasionally Friday night, 8:00 pm
DonQuixote’sRestaurant 6275 Highway 9, conveniently located in downtown Felton.  Reservations Recommended : Call: (831) 335-2800 ---  To be notified of future Flamenco shows at Don Quixote's, email Juan del Valle,

WORKSHOPS with visiting performers:  email Amit : :

If you know someone who'd like to learn Flamenco, or who just wants to know about my fiestas, email me & I'll connect them... For those who read entire emails (congrats!), the last fiesta was amazing and we had live music & Flamenco dancing until after 1 am... so if you have something else appening Sat. night, come over to our fiesta afterwards - we'll probably still be celebrating!
  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Manolo Vargas: Check, for current 2005 show dates at
the  M a t x a i n   R e s t a u r a n t   e n   S a n   J u a n   B a u t i s t a ,   C A:
Manolo Vargas from Sevilla Spain.. For CLASSES, shows,and personal flamenco history, pictures, video,  etc., you can see it all at his website:  

(As far as I know, email: to get posted here):
Flamenco Arts: Diana Alejandre - 510- 795-8031
  Noga:* I teach private voice & rhythm lessons for all ages!
* ... also Sevillanas!(Flamenco-style partner dance) No partner
or experience necessary; co-ed, all-ages, lots of fun!
See me at the Last Sunday of the Month Juergas
or email me: or call Noga: 420-1118


Andrea "La Canela" :
Maestra Canela, professional dance intructor, has been a Santa Cruz resident for 28 years, immersed in flamenco, professionally and  with flamenco events, to the delight of our community. Come see for yourself!
 SCHEDULE: 831 320 5171

Private lessons also available
La preciosa Ladisla Varnaez de Pinhiero:
, long-time dance partner of José Manero,
Wed, 9-11 am, at the Senior Center on Market St. $6 + Live guitarist!!!! Classic Choreographies.  

Flamenco Romantico Academy of Gypsy Flamenco Arts Is now offering  Flamenco classes
Taught jointly by Marianna and Federico Mejia
All classes will have guitar accompaniment.Our classes are meant to be a complement to other Flamenco classes offered in our area.

For more information contact: 831-477-2825 e-mail:

Juan del Valle,
is taking over  for LA ROMERA
Email him for further info and encouragement

The Flamenco Society of San José : is a non-profit organization, which has been bringing flamenco entertainment and cultural enrichment to the Bay Area for the past 18 years. We feature nationally and internationally known artists, as well as showcase young, up-and-coming artist from the local areas. The Society is best known for promoting both traditional and modern flamenco forms with all its element of song, dance, and guitar. 476 Park Avenue, Suite 234, San Jose, CA 95110 408/971-8468 Contact: Eddie Diaz - Phone: (510)792-8355 or Fax:(510)792-8354
ph:(408)971-8468/ fax:(510)792-8354, email: flamencos
FLAMENCO SOCIETY OF SAN JOSE offers: GUITAR and DANCE classes (toque y baile)
Tuesdays:  Roundhill studios, 2890 Homestead Road, Santa Clara, CA
Exit Lawrence Expressway from 101 or 280, travel east on Homestead to the studio; nearest cross street is Kiely

The Flamenco Society of San Jose, P. O. Box 7173, San Jose, CA. 95150
ph:(408)971-8468/ fax:(510)792-8354, email: flamencos    

San Francisco: Yaelisa, Artistic Director, Caminos Flamencos, (510) 834-8277


Did you like the eclectic performers? Info on many of them can be found on:
Christina con Los Cuatro Vientos: con Juliana Navarro " la Zoharita" y
     el Libre
en Festival de Baile y Música International: los 3-5 de Mayo, 2002, Cotati. Y Flamenco Universal:

Click here for more Picturesof Viva España community shows

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