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Our School's History ...

Flos Carmeli Institution of Quezon City was conceived in 1972 when the owners of Fairview Subdivision, Mr. and Mrs. Bonifacio Regalado offered to the first superior of the Sisters of Mt. Carmel in Philippines, Rev. Mo. Marcella Forest, O. Carm. (Past Superior General of the Congregation in the USA) a piece of land in their Subdivision. The Regalados then built a school in their 1.4 hectares property to be managed by the Mt. Carmel Sisters. The Regalados being devotees of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, the school was given the name Flos Carmeli Institution of Q.C. Flos Carmeli means Flower of Carmel a title given to Mother Mary.

With an optimistic approach towards giving the Fairview Community a fair and just share of their money's worth, the Sisters of Mt. Carmel thought he energetic principal Sr. Fidelis launched into a full blast campaign of adding a grade level yearly. it was a very bold attempt to progress from 180 students to a thousand and more.

As years went by, the enrollment grew, the faculty and staff also increased in number. Twenty five years might be a long time in coming with the figures but not with the quality of education the students get from this very exclusive Catholic School this side of the world.


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