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Danny Butch (b. circa 1965)

Spike, Happy Days.

Genie-bottle maker.


  • Now known as the artist Mario Della Casa.
  • CEO of, home to the the ClassicGenie Bottle ($329.99), the Evil Sister Bottle ($279.99), and other designs inspired by the 1960s sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Enjoys blinking his eyes and making wishes when opening genie bottles, a la TV's Jeannie. "This might sound nuts to you, but...," Della Casa writes on his Website. "There is no better feeling than to hold a bottle in your hands for the very first time, and pull off the top and make that first wish! It's a major rush!"
  • Also available at, Elizabeth Montgomery oil paintings, genie jewelry and photos of Della Casa's late dog, Jake.
  • As a child actor, appeared in four episodes of Happy Days as Fonzie's cousin, Spike, the precursor to Chachi (Scott Baio).


  • OFFICIAL SITE: GenieBottles
  • Autographed picture
  • Sitcoms Online: Happy Days
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