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Thoughts, information, commentary on Hollywood's former child stars | Joal Ryan, Editor

"Jodie Sweetin's Cross to Bear, Costarring Keshia Knight Pulliam"

Last time I checked E! Online, the most read news story was an article about Jodie Sweetin giving birth. In an age where old news is whatever happened five minutes ago, how is it that a five-day-old article was continuing to command the audience, and outstrip items about Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson and even Rob Lowe's ex-nanny?

Is it because Jodie Sweetin is the most famous person in the world? Is it because 26-year-old new mothers are oddities?

Of course not. It's because in our Nick at Nite mind's eye Jodie Sweetin isn't Jodie Sweetin, she's 7-year-old Stephanie Tanner -- forever and ever, amen. Anything that Jodie Sweetin does that's of the grown-up world, however immature -- marry, divorce, get hooked on meth, confess her sins on morning TV, marry again, have a baby -- strikes us as incongruous, if not outright incredible, because, geez, can you believe that little Full House kid had a kid?

I don't know if Jodie Sweetin considers this a burden. I tend to think it's the closest thing to a "curse" that exists for any former child star. Imagine if your whole life was like an afternoon at Grandma's, where the only topic of conversation was how "cute" it was that you were "into bugs," when to the outside world you were actually a respected entmologist.

For the former child star, there is no outside world. There is only a world full of people who knew you when, and can't wait to pinch your cheeks, Keshia Knight Pulliam, when you get cast as a prostitute in the latest Tyler Perry movie.

Geez, can you believe that little Cosby Show kid knows Tyler Perry?

(Originally published by Joal Ryan on April 18, 2008.)

c. Joal Ryan