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Forrestal News - Table of Contents



Weekly USS Forrestal CVA/CV/AVT-59 AOL Chat Room

Shipmates! Join us in the USS Forrestal CVA/CV/AVT-59 private chat room this Wednesday, we will be on-line between 7:45pm and 10:45pm EDT (you must be an America On-line Subscriber to join us). If you've never chatted before, here is how to join us: Just click People Connection icon, click Find a Chat, then click Enter a Private Chat and then type CVA59, click Go and you're in. We had a surprise guest Wednesday 6/10/98 . CAPT. Robert L. "Bunky" Johnson, Jr. USN, Ret. Skipper of USS Forrestal AVT-59 1992-93 joined in. So come by pull up a chair (and a keyboard), pop the cap on a cold one, and talk with some shipmates.

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USS Forrestal moved to Temporary Home

September 14, 1998, The Decommissioned USS Forrestal left the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, which was her home for last 5 years since her decommissioning there in September 1993. Forrestal was taken in tow down the Delaware River, for its new temporary home of Newport, Rhode Island where she took her place alongside the Battleship Iowa her sister ship the USS Saratoga. The Forrestal is in Historical Donation Status, before leaving Philadelphia she was painted down to the waterline and will remain in that condition until their fate is finally determined. Currently USS Forrestal Museum in Baltimore is leading the pack to get the Mighty FID.

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USS FORRESTAL Museum News Release For Immediate Publication!


October 16, 2004

USS Forrestal Museum, Inc. Board of Directors received a letter from Maryland Secretary of Transportation Robert L. Flanagan:


Mr. William H. Natter, Jr.PresidentUSS Forrestal Museum, Inc.P.O. Box 59

West River, Maryland 20778 

Dear Mr. Natter:             


Thank you for your letter to Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. concerning pier space for the USS FORRESTAL. The Governor has asked me to respond on his behalf and I must tell that the Governor is very interested in this project.  I do apologize for the time it has taken to respond but I have directed staff at both the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) as well as the Maryland Port Administration (MPA) to examine your requests and as such I am pleased to report that we can report that we can offer a framework to allow this worthwhile project and your efforts to proceed.             


In your letter to Governor Ehrlich, you asked the State of Maryland to provide pier space so that the USS FORRESTAL can be used as a Museum. The area that we are considering for the pier reserve for the USS FORRESTAL is North Locust Point (as you have mentioned in previous correspondence).  The MPA  . . .  in Maryland’s Port of Baltimore.             


The Governor appreciates hearing from you, and on his behalf, I also thank you for your interest in this very important issue.  We look forward to our mutual progress. 




Robert L. Flanagan

Robert L. Flanagan




FORRESTAL Museum Board members will be meeting with MDOT and MPA officials in the coming weeks to draft a Memorandum of Understanding defining the pier and associated details.  Bottom line, we are getting a pier to bring our ship home!  


While this is a giant step forward on a monumental task, much more work lies ahead before we can bring our ship home to a home she so richly deserves next to another National Treasure and Monument, Fort McHenry, Home of Our Star Spangled Banner and Birthplace Of Our National Anthem.  


On behalf of the Board of Directors,  


Jack Lawler, Jr.
Vice President of Operations


USS Forrestal Museum Home page

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The USS Forrestal Museum's Board Members

are all former Forrestal shipmates and includes 4 members who were on board during the fire.

They are:
CEO/Board Chairman: CAPT.  Edward A. Grunwald, USN (Ret)
President. former Naval Avaitor  Lt. Bill Natter
Board Vice Chairman: Raymond J. Aldao - WestPac 67
Secretary:  Frank Dougherty,  Plank Owner
Treasurer: CDR.  John J. Moynihan, USN (Ret)
Curator & Historian: Kenneth V. Killmeyer - WestPac 67
Director: RADM John K. Beling, USN (Ret) - C.O. WestPac 67
Director: CAPT. L. E. Thomassy, Jr. (Ret) - C.O. 1989-90
Director: FCCS Milt Crutchley, USNR (Ret) - WestPac 67
Vice President, Operations: John "Jack" Lawler , Plank Owner


Honorary and advisory board of the USS Forrestal Museum, Inc.
Former Maryland Governor Schafer
Senator John McCain, LCDR McCain was aboard 29 July 1967 with VA-46.
Former SECNAV John Dalton
Former SECNAV Bill Middendorf
Former SECNAV John Lehman (will serve as Special Counsel to the Board)
LCDR. Hugh McCabe, USN (Ret.), President, USS Forrestal Association, Aboard 1964 - 1966

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"Remember the Spirit"

Shipmates checkout The Forrestal Association Website. The Forrestal Association is a non-profit veterans organization established in 1990, with over 1400 members. The FID Assn is committed to preserving the memory and spirit of the Forrestal.

Click here visit site, checkout crew register for old shipmates, visit Ship's Store, find out about reunions, view photos, read Forrestal Flyer and pickup an application and tell them Paul Friedman sent you.

USS Forrestal ASSN Home

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Commemorative medallions of Forrestal

Commemorative medallions of the USS Forrestal, minted by The Franklin Mint, world renowned for quality craftsmanship are available by the group trying to save the ship as a naval museum in Baltimore. For a donation of only $30.00 you can be the owner of an exclusive Bronze Forrestal commemorative medallion. The high degree of craftsmanship that the Franklin Mint put into the minting of these coins is truly impressive. The medallions have been minted in Bronze, Sterling Silver, and 24K Gold Electro Plate. The first 1000 full series sets are issued with matching numbers.

To look at the coins or to make an order

please visit the USS Forrestal Museum, Inc. website.

USS Forrestal Museum - Baltimore

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