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                                I have a confession to make to you.
                And my confession is I love you,I think of you always.
                  I long to feel the touch of your lips,the touch of your hands,
                          as you hold me close. I long to see the look on your face as I
                          say the words you long to hear. Yes! My love I love you and
                          I so much want to be your soul mate. I want to tell the world
                           that I love you with a love that's  all so true. I will spend
                           the rest  of my life showing you just how much love I have
                           in my heart for you.. But my secret it must stay..       
                    For how can I possibly tell you, just how much I love you
                             so? For how could I put into words the love I feel for you?
                             I searched everywhere for the right letter or poem that
                              I could write you that would convey to you the love I feel
                              deep in my heart. But honey there are no words that I
                              could possibly write, that would tell you just how deep
                              my love is for you. So my love I promise you this I will
                               dedicate my life telling you,showing you and writing you
                               until you can say without a doubt that you know my love
                               for you is true. Then you can tell the world Yes! I know
                                a love that's true.                                                                           
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