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                                     My Darling
                My love for you will always grow
               And this is what you need to know.
                     I never knew that there was such love
                   Until God sent me you from up above.
            My arms are longing for your touch
                They long to hold you forever so much.
            If I could wish upon a star
              I'd wish that you was not so far.
                  My body cries for you each night
             It aches for you to hold it tight.
                But in my dreams your always there
                Holding me close our bodies bare.
               If you could see deep into my soul
                Then you would know it's you I hold.
                  You are my rainbows in this fast land
                    And beside you is where I want to stand.
                  You are my sun shine on a cloudy day
                       You are the one who keeps the rain away.
                I know my love for you is true
                        For when your not with me my heart is blue.
                              My lips so want to kiss yours with passion
                          Oh my darling how I so need for that to happen.
                You are my stars that shine above
                       Honey you are the man I'll always love.


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