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Can't remember my first memory
of you. Your was always there.
And now I know I never knew you well.
But I was just a kid, and you was always
there to pick me up every time I fell.
And you always warmed a blanket to wrap
around my feet when you tucked me
in bed to say my prayers.
And I bet I never thanked you. Among
all the other things, that I took for granted.
Cause you was always there.
Yes you was always there.But we never
took the time for you to tell me your
dreams, and me to tell you mine.
And we never took the time to talk of
love and happiness. And life and death
and heartache and pain and loneliness
Why! I don't even know if you where
happy, or if you could have been.
Or if you could have one wish what
would it be? Or what would you do
differently, if you could live again?
And was you glad that you gave life to me?
And I'd give anything to tell you
the words I learned to say. Cause
before I got to tell you. You died
and went away.
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