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Mama where are you?
Can't you see I still need you?
Do you see my tears?
I still need you to chase away
my fears.
My heart is filled with such
I feel like there's no tomorrow.
Do you hear my heart crying?
Sometimes I feel like it's dying.
Without you my world is so blue.
Oh! Mama can't you see I  still
need you?
Mama where are you?
Do you know just how much I miss you?
Why did you leave me, and go home?
Don't you see, now I feel so all alone?
I know you left me without a choice
But mama I so need to hear your voice.
Oh how  my heart is aching
Help ! me mama, for I feel as if it's
I know you left me to go to a better place.
But oh how I beg to just see your face.
Mama where are you?
Can you hear me when I say I love you?
Now that your gone my life is not the
Can you feel it? Can you feel all my
Mama I hope your happy where you
I just don't understand why you had
to go so far.
Does the sun always shine in the heavens
Mama can't you see it is you I love?
Now your up there on the clouds of
a feather.
But one day I know that we will
be together.
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