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When we Make love
We will become one as our bodies
And our passion knows no existence.
We will kiss so deeply, our breath will
be so hot.
From the love and passion we will
Our lips will be so numb from the
heated love that we've tasted.
We will touch and taste each other,
with the greatest intensity far into
the night.
We will know that what we've
experienced, could only be felt from
within ourseleves.
We will love as though there is no
Our love will be so intense, with our
hearts beating so fast.
After our night of love making we
can say We played, We loved,
We laughed, and We cried.
For you see my love we would have
shared so much of  ourselves with
each other.
We would have shared, our secrets,
our dreams, and our future with
one another.
We will experience life and love as
neither one of us has done before.
We will remember our first night
of being together for the first time
vividly in our hearts and minds
for as long as we live.
 That night we made love in such a
wild and passionate fashion.
And it was all so new to both of us...
In that moment we would have
created a special bond that can
never be broken.
Or taken away from either one of us.
Because the thoughts, the dreams,
the passion, the love, the taste,
and the beautiful smell of it
all  will remain with us for the rest
of our lives.
For my love never have I  know such
passionate love,
Never have I felt such tenderness.
And never have I even known the
true meaning of true and erotic
love until I met you.
And I know that no matter how
long I live. I will never again
know such a love as the love I
Have for you.
today,tomorrow and 4ever!

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