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Thank You
My Love,
   I have never known the joy of love,
until God sent me you.
After meeting you my whole life changed.
You have shown me the true meaning of love.
And what it's like to have someone to share
all my hopes and dreams with.
You taught me how to have desires,and how
to want,need and long for someone.
You've showed me what it's like to feel
something so deep, so incredible, so passionate
that it challenges my very existence.
You've touched me in ways no-one else
ever has, reaching all the way into my soul.
You showed me what it really means to
be inlove, and what it feels like to truly
be loved in return.
So I would just truly like to say
" Thank You My Love!"
For showing me what the true meaning
of love is really all about.
I Love You My Superman!!
Today, Tomorrow, And 4ever
                            Forever And Always

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