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My Awards Page 2
I would truly like to thank each
and everyone of you for these
awards. I am very honored to
receive each one of them.
Everyone of you are some of the
nicest people I have ever had the
pleasure of meeting. And you
are very talented people also.
So please don't ever stop what
God gave you the talent to do.
Please click on the awards to
visit these special peoples sites.
I promise you won't be disappointed.
Thank YOU! so much Mr. Baxter for
this award. I feel very honored that you
would even think my site deserved
your award.
Thank you so much Lady Dawn for both of these
awards. I am very honored that you would
think enough of my work to feel I deserve
these awards. I will treasure them always.
Thank You so much Lady Cathy for these two
awards . It really means a lot to me that you
would think my site deserves such awards
as the ones you gave me.
Just look there at my beautiful
flower. Don't you think it's pretty?
If you would like a flower for your
site then just click on the banner
below. I think every site should have
a flower or plant on it.